Competition - RoKH - 29 June - Kevan stugby in Bro

7 classes with 58+4 registrations


Fee for registration: 30 kr
Price for mini-classes: 30 kr
Late notice: 30 kr
Price for late notice in mini-class: 30 kr
Out of competition: 15 kr

Period of notification
Last day for registration: 6/25/2024
Last day for late notice: 6/25/2024

Bank giro: 606-5296
Last day for payment: 6/25/2024

Contact persons
Josephine Lind - - 0763402668
Emma Gullberger - - 0736391804

When does competition end?
Competition will approximately last 4-5 hours hours if 50% compete in the final race and 1 courses are used
Competition will approximately last 2-3 hours hours if 50% compete in the final race and 2 courses are used
Competition will approximately last 1-2 hours hours if 50% compete in the final race and 3 courses are used


Cancel class


Deletion of class

Deletetion of class registration

Cross out

[Delete registration for payer]

Straight Elite - Saturday 29 June12
Straight Difficult - Saturday 29 June12
Straight Moderate - Saturday 29 June16+2
Straight Easy - Saturday 29 June4+2
Straight Easy - New - Saturday 29 June2
Straight Mini - Saturday 29 June5
Straight Veteran - Saturday 29 June7




NamePriceLast day for registrationParticipants

Registrations - 10 pcs

PayerClubPayment optionsSumLeft to payComment
Alma NilssonRoKHBank giro---
Åsa LantzGKTBank giro---
Emma GullbergerRoKHBank giro---
Idun JakobssonGKHTBank giro---
Josephine LindRoKHBank giro---
Maria OttossonRoKHBank giro---
Mathilda LarénRoKHBank giro---
Sara HedblomRoKHBank giro---
Tuva SandbergRoKHBank giro---
Wilma ErikssonRoKHBank giro---
Total1800 kr1800 kr


Income1800 kr
Income from classes1800 kr
Prizes to handout in classes14 pcs
Average value for each prize in classes51 kr
Prize pool for classes720 kr
Competitionfee116 kr
Judge compensation0 kr
Left to club964 kr

Handlers - 10 pcs

Alma NilssonRoKH6 pcs6 pcs
Åsa LantzGKT7 pcs7 pcs
Emma GullbergerRoKH7 pcs7 pcs
Idun JakobssonGKHT10 pcs10 pcs
Josephine LindRoKH10 pcs10 pcs
Maria OttossonRoKH4 pcs4 pcs
Mathilda LarénRoKH3 pcs3 pcs
Sara HedblomRoKH4 pcs4 pcs
Tuva SandbergRoKH5 pcs5 pcs
Wilma ErikssonRoKH6 pcs6 pcs


Straight Elite - Saturday 29 June

1RoKHWilma ErikssonWilma ErikssonBjörklövets Dreamy Beams
2RoKHMathilda LarénMathilda LarénSnöflingans Royal of Fortune
3RoKHTuva SandbergTuva SandbergLavendulas Fångad av en dröm
4RoKHTuva SandbergTuva SandbergSolens Baileys Orange Bliss
5RoKHSara HedblomSara HedblomWings Ch Brighter Day
6RoKHSara HedblomSara HedblomDwarfs Gt Ch Boogie Wonderland
7RoKHAlma NilssonAlma NilssonRöckner's Black Inca
8GKHTIdun JakobssonIdun JakobssonRöstebos Gt Ch Captain Phillips
9GKHTIdun JakobssonIdun JakobssonSiljas Ch Idol
10GKHTIdun JakobssonIdun JakobssonGt Ch Cream Supreme
11GKHTIdun JakobssonIdun JakobssonBjörklövets An Innocent Warrior
12GKHTIdun JakobssonIdun JakobssonRöckner's Pancake Pricklypear

Straight Difficult - Saturday 29 June

1RoKHWilma ErikssonWilma ErikssonBjörklövets Heartbeats
2RoKHWilma ErikssonWilma ErikssonThe man behind the mask
3RoKHMathilda LarénMathilda LarénSahara Hotnights
4RoKHTuva SandbergTuva SandbergBjörklövets Dream in the Light
5RoKHEmma GullbergerEmma GullbergerÄdelsten Angelit
6GKTÅsa LantzÅsa LantzSvartis
7RoKHAlma NilssonAlma NilssonHöstskimmer
8RoKHAlma NilssonAlma NilssonSnöflingans New Orleans
9RoKHJosephine LindJosephine LindFortunas Peach
10RoKHJosephine LindJosephine LindSöderskogens What's our vector, Victor
11RoKHSara HedblomSara HedblomDwarfs Jazzy Jam
12GKHTIdun JakobssonIdun JakobssonDon’t You Remember

Straight Moderate - Saturday 29 June

1RoKHWilma ErikssonWilma ErikssonRöckner's Night Blooming
2RoKHWilma ErikssonWilma ErikssonSpark in the dark
3RoKHWilma ErikssonWilma ErikssonStenvikens Ma Chérie
4RoKHTuva SandbergTuva SandbergRöckner's Limelight Puppets
5GKTÅsa LantzÅsa LantzPortsea Island
6RoKHEmma GullbergerEmma GullbergerRingmurens A Nightmare Of The Birds
7RoKHEmma GullbergerEmma GullbergerÄdelsten Jaspis
8RoKHEmma GullbergerEmma GullbergerMin egen ängel
9RoKHAlma NilssonAlma NilssonSolens Nostalgia
10RoKHJosephine LindJosephine LindFortunas Bubble Bobble
11RoKHJosephine LindJosephine LindFortunas The Shadow Isle
12RoKHMaria OttossonMaria OttossonNorrgårdens Cressinda
13RoKHMaria OttossonMaria OttossonDwarfs Dolla Sign Slime
14RoKHMaria OttossonMaria OttossonMiss Pinky's Atlantic MoonOut of competition
15RoKHAlma NilssonAlma NilssonRöckner's Hirado Island
16GKHTIdun JakobssonIdun JakobssonSweet Nothings
17GKHTIdun JakobssonIdun JakobssonBest for Last
18GKHTIdun JakobssonIdun JakobssonTropical DreamsOut of competition

Straight Easy - Saturday 29 June

1RoKHTuva SandbergTuva SandbergHalos I’m a Beliver
2GKTÅsa LantzÅsa LantzRunaways Endorna Gumi
3RoKHEmma GullbergerEmma GullbergerDwarfs Now, Then & Forever
4RoKHJosephine LindJosephine LindEighteen Visions
5RoKHAlma NilssonAlma NilssonSnöflingans KamaitachiOut of competition
6GKHTIdun JakobssonIdun JakobssonBjörklövets Gt Ch Fading Like a FlowerOut of competition

Straight Easy - New - Saturday 29 June

1GKTÅsa LantzÅsa LantzSnöflingans På 5 sekunder
2RoKHJosephine LindJosephine LindChronic Future

Straight Mini - Saturday 29 June

1GKTÅsa LantzÅsa LantzFluff Lille-skutt
2GKTÅsa LantzÅsa LantzBunny-hopp Chloe
3GKTÅsa LantzÅsa LantzGlitter-Stjärna
4RoKHEmma GullbergerEmma GullbergerCotton Candy Girl
5Maria OttossonMaria OttossonRelief

Straight Veteran - Saturday 29 June

1RoKHMathilda LarénMathilda LarénForjoy's Indigo Spell
2RoKHEmma GullbergerEmma GullbergerSilverados Athos
3RoKHJosephine LindJosephine LindFortunas Ch Mekanix
4RoKHJosephine LindJosephine LindMidas Killiantrigan
5RoKHJosephine LindJosephine LindMidas Point of Ayre
6RoKHJosephine LindJosephine LindWeywot
7RoKHSara HedblomSara HedblomMaxim's Gt Ch Grey Fox