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Litters - 23 pcs

Grenens S Ch Millennium Of Amity + Grenens Gd Ch Mari EideLatitude 643/21/2023
Grenens S Ch Landslide Victory + Valentinos Marvel RubySynonymer till Landslide Victory1/28/2022
Darwin Win Beauty One + Kings FirecatTulpankullen6/10/2021
Haugens I See Fire + Grenens Gd Ch Mari EideDahliakullen6/10/2021
Herodes + Ticket to RideTicket to Ride7/22/2020
Mellangårdens Gt Ch Echo of a Winner + Valentinos Marvel RubyBerg- och dalbanor2/25/2020
Silverados il Migliore + Ticket to RideSnöskoter2/5/2019
Rask & Rivig + Ticket to RideSolrosor4/14/2018
Regnbågens Gd Ch Fiffighetsfantomen + Sunlights Gt Ch Dodge NitroNitro 6/14/2017
Mellangårdens Gt Ch Echo of a Winner + Kings Ch Spring RoseDiamond2/4/2017
Khaos Skytwister + Lövets Palace & MainPoker6/13/2016
Khaos Skytwister + Lövets Palace & MainSky2/25/2016
Khaos Gt Ch Diamond Blackfan + Lövets Palace & MainCykel6/1/2015
Röstebos Chubby Bunny Challenge + Kings Morning Delight4/20/2024
Kings S Ch Chevron + Lövets Palace & Main10/2/2014
Kings S Ch Chevron + Lövets Palace & Main8/1/2014
Stjärnan´s S Ch Sheraton + Lövets Palace & Main4/8/2013
Grenens Gt Ch Pärlnougat + Kings Diamond Club3/4/2011
Grenens Ch Dorado + Trombens Ch Beauty Concrete9/4/2010
Nonstops Gt Ch Cafe Au Lait + Trombens Olympia9/26/2009
Sävast Ch Livshunger + Stjärnan´s Blackbird6/19/2009
Sävast Ch Livshunger + Stjärnan´s Blackbird6/16/2009
E Nuffe's S Ch Cluedo + Trombens Olympia2/7/2009

Rabbits - 84 pcs

Kings Albacore
Kings Avalanche
Kings Boondocker
Kings Buddylove
Kings Burn
Kings Catching Fire
Kings Ch Cervelo
Kings Ch Magiska Mikko
Kings Ch Spring Rose
Kings Cinelli
Kings Claymore
Kings Crossfire
Kings Crystal Palace
Kings Cullinan Diamond
Kings Cute Calof
Kings Diamond Club
Kings Discover
Kings Dream Touch
Kings Edge of Joy
Kings El Loco
Kings Extender
Kings Fancy Frills
Kings Finurlige Forre
Kings Firecat
Kings First Journey
Kings Florence
Kings Formula Rossa
Kings Freeride
Kings Fun N Sun
Kings Gd Ch Crystal Wing
Kings Gd Ch Young Guns
Kings Glorious Victory
Kings Golden Year
Kings Gt Ch Bonny Blue
Kings Gt Ch Magic Number 7
Kings Hanses Huligan
Kings Härliga Heed
Kings Hit And Run
Kings Honeymoon
Kings Incomparable Diamond
Kings Inferno
Kings Jaap Groot
Kings Labyrinth
Kings Le Mat
Kings Magnifica
Kings Major Success
Kings Makalösa Mackan
Kings Morning Delight
Kings Nitro Daytona
Kings Nitro Nobel
Kings Nitro Prime
Kings Nitro Speed
Kings Nitro Xtreme
Kings No Limits
Kings North Power
Kings O´Neal
Kings Pacino Gold
Kings Peach Passion
Kings Perfect Score
Kings Purple Flame
Kings Purple Haze
Kings Rails & Sails
Kings Rainbow Treasure
Kings Riot
Kings Roxy Palace
Kings Royal Legend
Kings S Ch Black Pearl
Kings S Ch Chevron
Kings S Ch Douglas Boston
Kings S Ch Nitro Circus
Kings S Ch Obsession
Kings S Ch Shiloh Noelle
Kings S Ch Wilderness
Kings Sanslösa Schremp
Kings Shimano
Kings Silverstream
Kings Skelltown
Kings Skyfall
Kings Skylight
Kings Skype
Kings Specialized
Kings Velvet Queen
Kings Viper
Kings Wirraway