Breavens Nougatnebulosa + The Ritual of Namasté

Farm: Röckner's

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Breavens Nougatnebulosa
Crooked: Elite
Straight: Elite
High: Elite - 60.0 cm
Long: Elite - 160.0 cm


The Ritual of Namasté
Crooked: Difficult
Straight: Difficult - 1 Advancement points
High: Elite - 60.0 cm
Long: Not elite - 1 Advancement points - 160.0 cm

Birthday: 5/23/2022
Babies at birth: 3 pcs
Theme: Rituals
Club: Stockholms Kaninhoppare - STKH
Totalt inbreed: 0.57%
Price: 1000 kr


Ritual of BanyuMaleSvartBooked
Ritual of KarmaMaleMadagaskarBooked
Ritual of YaldaFemaleBrunzobelBooked