SE*Winter Soldiers Ch Forever Yours + SE*Björklövets Ch Misty Mountains

Farm: Söderskogens

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SE*Winter Soldiers Ch Forever Yours
Crooked: Elite
Straight: Elite - 3 Certificate - Champion
High: Elite - 85.0 cm
Long: Elite - 2 Certificate - 240.0 cm


SE*Björklövets Ch Misty Mountains
Crooked: Elite - 2 Certificate
Straight: Elite - 4 Certificate - Champion
High: Elite - 70.0 cm
Long: Elite - 200.0 cm

Birthday: 2/20/2023
Babies at birth: 7 pcs
Theme: Annie's Song
Club: Östergötlands Kaninhoppare - ÖKH
Totalt inbreed: 2.34%
Price: 950 kr


Like A Night In A ForestMaleMadagascar --
Like A Sleepy Blue OceanMaleSvart--
Like A Storm In The DesertMaleSvart--
Like A Walk In The RainMaleSvart--
Like The Mountains In SpringtimeMaleMadagascar --
You Fill Up My SensesFemaleMadagascar --