SE*Grenens Ch Caballo Mine + SE*Ladingens Once Upon A Time

Farm: Dineros

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SE*Grenens Ch Caballo Mine
Crooked: Veteran
Straight: Veteran
High: Elite - 3 Certificate - Champion - 90.0 cm
Long: Elite - 2 Certificate - 230.0 cm


SE*Ladingens Once Upon A Time
Crooked: Elite - 2 Certificate
Straight: Elite
High: Elite - 85.0 cm
Long: Elite - 160.0 cm

Birthday: 2/10/2024
Babies at birth: 6 pcs
Theme: Once Upon A Time
Club: Norrbottens Kaninhoppare - BDKH
Totalt inbreed: 1.84%


Ambrosia TempleFemaleViltblå
Cave of WondersMaleSvart
Emerald CastleMaleViltblå
Firefly HillFemaleSvart
Hyperion HeightsMaleViltblå
Infinity ForestMaleViltblå