Aqua Kiss

Information about rabbit

Name: Aqua Kiss
Nick name: Sotis
Sex: Male
Breeding information:
Color: Blå
Birthday: 2/28/2015
Age: 9 year, 2 month and 28 days
Mother: -
Father: Puffe den tuffe
Borrower: -
Handler: Lina Johansson
Owner: Lina Johansson
Farm name code: -
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-10538
Straight: Easy
Crooked: Easy
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change

Results in course

9/9/2017Straight Easy9 of 11Lina Johansson587.43BDKHMunksund i Piteå
9/9/2017Crooked Easy11 of 12Lina Johansson496.63BDKHMunksund i Piteå
8/17/2017Straight Easy11 of 13Lina Johansson5+4169.22ACKHKvällstävling, Moröbacke i Skellefteå
7/23/2017Straight Easy 219 of 20Lina Johansson366.93ACKHNyckelpigan, Sunnanå i Skellefteå
7/23/2017Straight Easy 115 of 21Lina Johansson299.25ACKHNyckelpigan, Sunnanå i Skellefteå
7/22/2017Crooked EasyUPLLina JohanssonNITACKHNyckelpigan, Sunnanå i Skellefteå
6/18/2017Straight Easy20 of 27Lina Johansson3105.40ACKHAgria-Cup, Österjörn i Österjörn
6/17/2017Crooked EasyUPLLina JohanssonNITACKHAgria-Cup, Österjörn i Österjörn
5/28/2017Crooked Easy12 of 12Lina Johansson4+4147.94ACKHFolkets hus, Ursviken i Skellefteå
5/28/2017Straight Easy6 of 10Lina Johansson3+3105.12ACKHFolkets hus, Ursviken i Skellefteå
5/7/2017Straight EasyUPLElsa SelinNITACKHSjungande dalens Idrottsplats i Skellefteå
4/23/2017Straight Easy 112 of 16Lina Johansson389.75ACKHTotohallen i Skellefteå
4/23/2017Straight Easy 26 of 14Lina Johansson0+199.22ACKHTotohallen i Skellefteå
4/16/2017Straight Easy 111 of 23Lina Johansson244.91ACKHPåskcuper, Totohallen i Skellefteå
4/16/2017Straight Easy 215 of 23Lina Johansson1+3110.32ACKHPåskcuper, Totohallen i Skellefteå
3/5/2017Straight Easy 113 of 31Evelina Carlsson0+3118.05ACKHTotohallen i Skellefteå
3/5/2017Straight Easy 217 of 27Evelina Carlsson343.53ACKHTotohallen i Skellefteå
2/5/2017Crooked Easy18 of 26Evelina Carlsson393.00ACKHTotohallen i Skellefteå
2/5/2017Crooked Easy 2 Rule E18 of 22Evelina Carlsson4+2145.97ACKHTotohallen i Skellefteå
1/22/2017Straight Easy 123 of 41Elsa Selin365.81ACKHTotohallen i Skellefteå
11/27/2016Straight Easy14 of 29Lina Johansson4+5171.60ACKHKvällstävling, Totohallen i Skellefteå
11/6/2016Straight Easy13 of 27Elsa Selin2+4196.62ACKHTotohallen i Skellefteå
10/30/2016Crooked EasyUPLEvelina CarlssonNITACKHStämningsgården i Skellefteå
9/18/2016Straight Easy 116 of 22Evelina Carlsson895.35ACKHSkellefteå
9/18/2016Straight Easy 216 of 21Evelina Carlsson4+NIT70.50ACKHSkellefteå
9/4/2016Crooked EasyUPLEvelina CarlssonNITACKHUmeå
9/4/2016Crooked Easy 214 of 21Evelina Carlsson494.07ACKHUmeå
8/14/2016Straight Easy 1UPLLina JohanssonNITACKHKlubbmästerskap, Kyrkholmen i Skellefteå
8/6/2016Crooked Mini Rule D2 of 3Lina Johansson1+0145.30ACKHRobertsfors
7/23/2016Straight Mini1 of 3Evelina Carlsson0+077.03 Prize ACKHStämningsgården i Skellefteå
7/10/2016Straight Mini2 of 6Lina Johansson0+198.15 Prize ACKHNordanå, Skellefteå
5/7/2016Crooked Mini1 of 5Lina Johansson1+098.37 Prize ACKHSunnanå (grusplanen vid Don Vito) i Skellefteå
4/16/2016Straight Easy - New 1UPLLina JohanssonNITACKHSkelleftetravets totohall i Skellefteå
4/16/2016Straight Easy - New 2UPLLina JohanssonNITACKHSkelleftetravets totohall i Skellefteå
3/13/2016Straight EasyUPLLina JohanssonNITACKHSkelleftetravets totohall i Skellefteå
3/13/2016Crooked Easy - NewUPLEvelina CarlssonNITACKHSkelleftetravets totohall i Skellefteå
2/28/2016Crooked Mini2 of 4Evelina Carlsson0+095.65ACKHÅrsmöte + tävling, Skelleftetravets totohall i Skellefteå
2/21/2016Crooked EasyUPLEvelina CarlssonNITACKHKvällstävling, Skelleftetravets totohall i Skellefteå
2/14/2016Crooked Mini 13 of 5Lina Johansson2+3124.28ACKHSkelleftetravets totohall i Skellefteå
2/14/2016Straight Mini1 of 5Lina Johansson0+050.13 Prize ACKHSkelleftetravets totohall i Skellefteå
1/31/2016Crooked EasyUPLEvelina CarlssonNITACKHSkelleftetravets totohall i Skellefteå
1/17/2016Straight EasyUPLLina JohanssonNITACKHSkelleftetravets totohall i Skellefteå
12/20/2015Crooked Mini6 of 8Lina Johansson1112.50ACKHJulcuper, Totohallen i Skellefteå
12/20/2015Straight Mini8 of 8Lina Johansson0+NIT45.34ACKHJulcuper, Totohallen i Skellefteå

Results in hight jump and long jump

2/5/2017Long Not elite8 of 10Evelina Carlsson80.0 cmACKHTotohallen i Skellefteå

Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight4 of 44 (9.09 %)
AwardsHigh/Long0 of 1
Personal recordHigh0 cm
Personal recordLong80.0 cm

Family tree

Aqua Kiss Puffe den tuffe ? ? ? ?
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? ? ?
? ?
? ? ? ?
? ?
? ? ?
? ?
? ? ? ? ?
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