Miss Pinky's Holy Macaroni

Information about rabbit

Name: Miss Pinky's Holy Macaroni
Nick name: Gilla
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: Madagascar
Birthday: 3/22/2016
Age: 4 year, 6 month and 0 days
Mother: Miss Pinky's Nippori
Father: Sunlights Ch Truly Treasured
Borrower: Angelica Johansson
Handler: Therese Norberg Fahdi
Owner: Therese Norberg Fahdi
Farm - SKHRF: Miss Pinky's
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-10827
Straight: Difficult
Crooked: Difficult
High: Not elite - 2 Advancement points
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Crooked Moderate - 3 st


Straight Moderate - 3 st


Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


High Not elite - 2 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Marica Andersson2/24/2017

Results in course

2/8/2020JKHSvenstavikStraight Difficult 26 of 7Matilda Röckner5107.75
2/8/2020JKHSvenstavikStraight Difficult 1OPLMatilda RöcknerNIT0
12/14/2019YKHSundsvallCrooked Difficult 1OPLHendrike PalmNIT0
12/1/2019JKHStrömsundStraight Difficult - New 15 of 6Hendrike Palm795.69
12/1/2019JKHStrömsundStraight Difficult - New 26 of 6Hendrike Palm555.09
11/30/2019JKHStrömsundCrooked Difficult 14 of 9Hendrike Palm4+9168.00
11/30/2019JKHStrömsundCrooked Difficult 25 of 8Hendrike Palm6+NIT64.86
11/23/2019YKHSundsvallStraight Difficult 1OPLHendrike PalmNIT0
11/23/2019YKHSundsvallStraight Difficult 220 of 21Hendrike Palm757.57
11/3/2019JKHBerg - Svenstaviks ridhusStraight Moderate 12 of 12Hendrike Palm1+1116.25 Prize Point
11/3/2019JKHBerg - Svenstaviks ridhusStraight Moderate 21 of 11Hendrike Palm0+082.01 Prize Point Advancement
11/2/2019JKHBerg - Svenstaviks ridhusCrooked Difficult 14 of 10Hendrike Palm4+5143.50
11/2/2019JKHBerg - Svenstaviks ridhusCrooked Difficult 210 of 10Hendrike Palm8108.64
9/15/2019HäKHHudiksvallStraight Moderate 119 of 42Hendrike Palm264.41
9/15/2019HäKHHudiksvallStraight Moderate 229 of 43Hendrike Palm364.25
9/14/2019JKHÖstersund Crooked Difficult 26 of 8Hendrike Palm443.25
9/14/2019JKHÖstersund Crooked Difficult 15 of 8Hendrike Palm696.25
9/8/2019JKHÖstersund - TravetStraight Moderate 23 of 15Hendrike Palm2+074.34 Prize Point
9/8/2019JKHÖstersund - TravetStraight Moderate 15 of 18Hendrike Palm1+292.37
9/1/2019JKHÅsarna - StorhallenCrooked Moderate 21 of 11Matilda Röckner0+4136.50 Prize Point Advancement
9/1/2019JKHÅsarna - StorhallenCrooked Moderate 13 of 13Matilda Röckner4+2105.10 Prize
8/11/2019YKHSundsvallStraight Moderate 121 of 24Hendrike Palm554.88
8/11/2019YKHSundsvallStraight Moderate 220 of 23Hendrike Palm585.85
8/10/2019YKHSundsvallCrooked Moderate 125 of 29Hendrike Palm593.06
8/10/2019YKHSundsvallCrooked Moderate 223 of 29Hendrike Palm386.87
8/8/2019JKHÖstersundCrooked Moderate2 of 7Hendrike Palm3+1140.22 Prize Point
8/4/2019JKHAlsenStraight Moderate - New 1OPLHendrike PalmNIT0
8/4/2019JKHAlsenStraight Moderate - New 27 of 8Hendrike Palm4115.91
8/3/2019JKHAlsenCrooked Moderate 14 of 11Matilda Röckner4+NIT110.10
8/3/2019JKHAlsenCrooked Moderate 23 of 10Matilda Röckner3+2147.07
7/24/2019JKHÖstersund - ÄngsmonStraight Moderate 210 of 11Matilda Röckner557.94
7/24/2019JKHÖstersund - ÄngsmonStraight Moderate - New 12 of 7Matilda Röckner2+3158.47 Prize
7/13/2019JKHÖstersundCrooked Moderate 1OPLMatilda RöcknerNIT0
7/13/2019JKHÖstersundCrooked Moderate 22 of 6Matilda Röckner1+2127.24 Prize Point
9/30/2018BDKHLuleåCrooked Easy 1UTDesirée HällbergNIT0
9/30/2018BDKHLuleåCrooked Easy 2UTDesirée HällbergNIT0
3/31/2018BDKHHaparanda - Idrottshuset Crooked Moderate 2OPLTherese Norberg FahdiNIT0
3/31/2018BDKHHaparanda - Idrottshuset Crooked Moderate 1UPLTherese Norberg FahdiNIT0
3/18/2018ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Moderate10 of 12Desirée Hällberg5113.87
3/4/2018ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight ModerateOPLRonja LarssonNIT0
2/18/2018ACKHSkellefteåCrooked Easy8 of 44Therese Norberg Fahdi1+0131.35 Prize Point Advancement
2/18/2018ACKHSkellefteåStraight ModerateOPLRonja LarssonNIT0
1/21/2018ACKHSkellefteå - Skelleftetravets totohallCrooked Easy 2OPLTherese Norberg FahdiNIT0
1/21/2018ACKHSkellefteå - Skelleftetravets totohallCrooked Easy 114 of 26Therese Norberg Fahdi0+2147.88
12/17/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenCrooked EasyOPLRonja LarssonNIT0
12/17/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight ModerateOPLTherese Norberg FahdiNIT0
11/26/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenCrooked Easy6 of 27Therese Norberg Fahdi2+0128.91 Prize Point
11/19/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenCrooked Easy5 of 33Desirée Hällberg2+1104.36 Prize Point
11/19/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Easy6 of 27Desirée Hällberg0+194.38 Prize Point Advancement
10/22/2017ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande Dalens IPStraight Easy 28 of 23Desirée Hällberg0+194.75
10/22/2017ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande Dalens IPStraight Easy 117 of 26Desirée Hällberg297.84
7/27/2017ACKHUmeå - HagaparkenStraight Easy8 of 11Therese Norberg Fahdi263.47
7/23/2017ACKHSkellefteå - SunnanåStraight Easy 217 of 20Therese Norberg Fahdi1+NIT119.94
7/23/2017ACKHSkellefteå - SunnanåStraight Easy 12 of 21Therese Norberg Fahdi0+0153.16 Prize Point
7/22/2017ACKHSkellefteå - SunnanåCrooked Easy8 of 16Therese Norberg Fahdi1+2168.63
7/13/2017ACKHSkellefteå - Kåge vid kyrkanCrooked Easy6 of 13Therese Norberg Fahdi0+NIT69.53
5/27/2017BDKHPiteå - Munksunds skolaCrooked Easy18 of 29Therese Norberg Fahdi472.62
5/27/2017BDKHPiteå - Munksunds skolaStraight Easy12 of 17Ronja Larsson344.67
5/7/2017ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande dalens IdrottsplatsStraight Easy6 of 19Therese Norberg Fahdi1+1161.43
4/16/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Easy 16 of 23Therese Norberg Fahdi0+1170.93
4/16/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Easy 212 of 23Therese Norberg Fahdi0+2110.31
3/26/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenCrooked Easy 213 of 31Therese Norberg Fahdi1+364.78
3/26/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenCrooked Easy 115 of 31Therese Norberg Fahdi364.65
3/19/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenCrooked Easy10 of 18Therese Norberg Fahdi5+2114.38
2/26/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Easy5 of 21Therese Norberg Fahdi1+060.16 Prize Point
2/19/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenCrooked EasyOPLTherese Norberg FahdiNIT0
1/29/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenCrooked EasyOPLVilma ErikssonNIT0
1/22/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Easy 120 of 41Vilma Eriksson289.88
1/22/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Easy 211 of 32Vilma Eriksson1+158.85
11/13/2016ACKHSkellefteå - Totohallen Crooked Easy - New 2OPLAlecsandra LadåsNIT0
10/30/2016ACKHSkellefteå - StämningsgårdenCrooked EasyOPLMarica AnderssonNIT0

Results in hight jump and long jump

12/1/2019JKHStrömsundHigh Not elite2 of 8Hendrike Palm65.0 cm Prize Point
11/3/2019JKHBerg - Svenstaviks ridhusHigh Not elite2 of 14Hendrike Palm60.0 cm Prize Point
9/8/2019JKHÖstersund - TravetHigh Not elite9 of 9Hendrike Palm50.0 cm
8/8/2019JKHÖstersundHigh Not elite7 of 8Matilda Röckner50.0 cm

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight14 of 69 (20.29 %)
AwardsHigh/Long2 of 4 (50 %)
Personal recordHigh65.0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

Family tree