Miss Pinky's Bugger and Blast

Information about rabbit

Name: Miss Pinky's Bugger and Blast
Nick name: Sid
Sex: Male
Breeding information:
Color: Madagascarbrokad
Birthday: 3/22/2016
Age: 4 year, 6 month and 2 days
Mother: Miss Pinky's Nippori
Father: Sunlights Ch Truly Treasured
Borrower: -
Handler: Agneta Markgren yngman
Owner: Amalia Markgren yngman
Farm - SKHRF: Miss Pinky's
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-10674
Straight: Difficult
Crooked: Difficult
High: Not elite - 1 Point
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Crooked Moderate - 3 st


Straight Moderate - 3 st


Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


High Not elite - 1 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Alecsandra Ladås9/19/2017
Amalia Markgren yngman1/6/2020

Results in course

1/25/2020ACKHLövånger - Ridhuset hos Lövångers RyttarsällskapCrooked ModerateUTAgneta Markgren yngmanNIT0
11/2/2019ACKHLövånger - Ridhuset hos Lövångers RyttarsällskapStraight Moderate 1UTAgneta Markgren yngman596.97
11/2/2019ACKHLövånger - Ridhuset hos Lövångers RyttarsällskapStraight Moderate 2UTAgneta Markgren yngman768.57
10/20/2019ACKHUmeå - ErsmarkCrooked ModerateUTAgneta Markgren yngmanNIT0
10/20/2019ACKHUmeå - ErsmarkStraight ModerateUTAgneta Markgren yngman4102.40
9/14/2019ACKHSkellefteå - Mellan Granngården och IcaCrooked ModerateUTAgneta Markgren yngman791.81
5/4/2019ACKHUmeå - Ersmarks IPStraight DifficultOPLAgneta Markgren yngmanNIT0
4/6/2019ACKHSkellefteå - Ridhuset hos Lövångers RyttarsällskapCrooked Easy 1UTAmalia Markgren yngman350.00
4/6/2019ACKHSkellefteå - Ridhuset hos Lövångers RyttarsällskapCrooked Easy 2UTAmalia Markgren yngman247.69
10/14/2018ACKHSkellefteå - Gamla Falmarks ridplanCrooked ModerateUTAmalia Markgren yngmanNIT0
8/19/2018ACKHSkellefteåStraight Difficult 217 of 19Amalia Markgren yngman10101.13
8/19/2018ACKHSkellefteåStraight Difficult 1OPLAmalia Markgren yngmanNIT0
8/18/2018ACKHSkellefteåCrooked Difficult 2OPLAmalia Markgren yngmanNIT0
8/18/2018ACKHSkellefteåCrooked Difficult 1OPLAmalia Markgren yngmanNIT0
8/9/2018ACKHSkellefteå - Övre bäckCrooked Difficult17 of 20Amalia Markgren yngman9110.21
8/5/2018YKHSundsvall - Norra BergetStraight Difficult 120 of 22Amalia Markgren yngman1197.22
8/5/2018YKHSundsvall - Norra BergetStraight Difficult 216 of 21Amalia Markgren yngman675.40
8/4/2018YKHSundsvall - Norra BergetCrooked Difficult 112 of 13Amalia Markgren yngman471.50
8/4/2018YKHSundsvall - Norra BergetCrooked Difficult 211 of 12Amalia Markgren yngman463.32
7/21/2018ACKHSkellefteå - Gamla FalmarkCrooked Moderate3 of 11Amalia Markgren yngman1+299.99 Prize Point Advancement
7/21/2018ACKHSkellefteå - Gamla FalmarkStraight Difficult9 of 13Amalia Markgren yngman546.63
7/16/2018ACKHSkellefteå - BonnstanCrooked Moderate4 of 11Amalia Markgren yngman2+193.18
6/27/2018ACKHUmeå - GrubbeStraight Difficult15 of 17Amalia Markgren yngman766.44
6/24/2018ACKHSkellefteå - Stallet på BergsbackavägenCrooked Moderate4 of 18Amalia Markgren yngman2+177.32 Prize Point
6/17/2018ACKHSkellefteå - LövångerStraight DifficultOPLAmalia Markgren yngmanNIT0
6/16/2018ACKHSkellefteå - LövångerCrooked Moderate16 of 42Amalia Markgren yngman3+5113.19
6/3/2018ACKHSkellefteå - KyrkholmenCrooked Moderate7 of 12Amalia Markgren yngman685.69
6/3/2018ACKHSkellefteå - KyrkholmenStraight ModerateUTAmalia Markgren yngmanNIT0
5/15/2018ACKHSkellefteå - SörböleStraight ModerateUTAmalia Markgren yngman0+294.37
4/8/2018ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Easy 1UTAmalia Markgren yngman152.50
4/8/2018ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Easy 2UTAmalia Markgren yngman133.37
1/28/2018ACKHSkellefteå - Skelleftetravets totohallStraight EasyUTAmalia Markgren yngman2+151.25
1/21/2018ACKHSkellefteå - Skelleftetravets totohallCrooked Easy 2UTAmalia Markgren yngman333.07
1/21/2018ACKHSkellefteå - Skelleftetravets totohallCrooked Easy 1UTAmalia Markgren yngman232.07
12/17/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenCrooked ModerateOPLAmalia Markgren yngmanNIT0
12/10/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenCrooked EasyUTAmalia Markgren yngman4+4180.72
11/26/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenCrooked EasyUTAmalia Markgren yngman388.22
11/19/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenCrooked ModerateOPLAmalia Markgren yngmanNIT0
11/19/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight DifficultOPLAmalia Markgren yngmanNIT0
11/12/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Difficult - Rule EOPLAmalia Markgren yngmanNIT0
10/22/2017ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande Dalens IPStraight Difficult 2OPLAmalia Markgren yngmanNIT0
10/22/2017ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande Dalens IPStraight Difficult 1OPLAmalia Markgren yngmanNIT0
10/7/2017ACKHUmeå - BöleängStraight Difficult 2UPLAmalia Markgren yngmanNIT0
10/7/2017ACKHUmeå - BöleängStraight Difficult 1OPLAmalia Markgren yngmanNIT0
9/24/2017ACKHUmeå - NydalaCrooked Moderate 27 of 11Amalia Markgren yngman2+5123.37
9/24/2017ACKHUmeå - NydalaCrooked Moderate 16 of 11Amalia Markgren yngman3+2104.76
9/16/2017ACKHSkellefteå - KyrkholmenCrooked Easy 1UTAmalia Markgren yngman239.22
9/16/2017ACKHSkellefteå - KyrkholmenCrooked Easy 2UTAmalia Markgren yngman2+1116.10
9/10/2017ACKHSkellefteå - StämningsgårdenCrooked Easy 2UTAmalia Markgren yngman352.47
9/3/2017ACKHUmeå - ErsmarkCrooked Moderate14 of 15Alecsandra Ladås766.63
9/3/2017ACKHUmeå - ErsmarkStraight DifficultOPLAlecsandra LadåsNIT0
8/27/2017BDKHPiteåCrooked Moderate 13 of 10Cecilia Vikström1+2111.60
8/27/2017BDKHPiteåCrooked Moderate 22 of 10Cecilia Vikström0+2110.75 Prize Point
8/26/2017BDKHPiteåStraight Moderate 21 of 11Cecilia Vikström2+049.66 Prize Point Advancement
8/26/2017BDKHPiteåStraight Moderate 12 of 11Cecilia Vikström0+347.15 Prize Point
8/5/2017ACKHSkellefteå - NordanåStraight Moderate 16 of 11Alecsandra Ladås2+596.90
8/5/2017ACKHSkellefteå - NordanåStraight Moderate 27 of 10Alecsandra Ladås2+NIT46.53
8/1/2017YKHHärnösand - TorsvikStraight Moderate6 of 9Li Bergström433.15
8/1/2017YKHHärnösand - TorsvikStraight Moderate5 of 7Li Bergström4+7144.59
7/30/201708KTNacka - HellasgårdenStraight Moderate 135 of 53Li Bergström337.94
7/30/201708KTNacka - HellasgårdenStraight Moderate 248 of 52Li Bergström546.38
7/29/2017HäKHHudiksvall - BorgaparkenCrooked Moderate29 of 43Alecsandra Ladås466.15
7/28/2017HäKHHudiksvall - BorgaparkenStraight Moderate28 of 39Alecsandra Ladås374.62
7/23/2017ACKHSkellefteå - SunnanåStraight Moderate 11 of 16Alecsandra Ladås1+050.50 Prize Point
7/23/2017ACKHSkellefteå - SunnanåStraight Moderate 25 of 16Alecsandra Ladås1+166.06
7/22/2017ACKHSkellefteå - SunnanåCrooked Moderate7 of 12Alecsandra Ladås2+374.50
7/18/2017ACKHUmeå - GrubbeCrooked Easy1 of 27Alecsandra Ladås1+064.16 Prize Point Advancement
7/18/2017ACKHUmeå - GrubbeStraight Moderate14 of 18Alecsandra Ladås351.43
7/13/2017ACKHSkellefteå - Kåge vid kyrkanCrooked Easy3 of 13Li Bergström2+0108.10 Prize Point
7/8/2017BDKHPiteå - Holmträsk fotbollsplanStraight Moderate 19 of 10Cecilia Vikström653.56
7/8/2017BDKHPiteå - Holmträsk fotbollsplanStraight Moderate 25 of 9Cecilia Vikström533.04
7/2/2017ACKHSkellefteå - Stämningsgården (stallet)Straight Moderate3 of 9Cecilia Vikström2+077.60
6/18/2017ACKHÖsterjörn - ÖsterjörnStraight Moderate26 of 33Cecilia Vikström538.63
6/17/2017ACKHÖsterjörn - ÖsterjörnCrooked Easy10 of 36Cecilia Vikström1+2143.03
6/3/2017BDKHPiteå - FotbollsplanCrooked Easy 15 of 15Cecilia Vikström1+195.80
6/3/2017BDKHPiteå - FotbollsplanCrooked Easy 28 of 13Cecilia Vikström454.56
5/27/2017BDKHPiteå - Munksunds skolaCrooked Easy17 of 29Alecsandra Ladås468.84
5/20/2017ACKHUmeå - ErsmarkCrooked Easy 18 of 11Alecsandra Ladås379.52
5/7/2017ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande dalens IdrottsplatsStraight Moderate 122 of 26Alecsandra Ladås11107.69
4/23/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Easy 11 of 16Alecsandra Ladås0+040.97 Prize Point Advancement
4/16/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Easy 14 of 23Alecsandra Ladås1+045.06 Prize Point
4/16/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Easy 22 of 23Alecsandra Ladås0+046.41 Prize Point
4/9/2017ULKHUppsala - ÅrstaStraight Easy - New20 of 26Alecsandra Ladås349.78
3/26/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenCrooked Easy 214 of 31Alecsandra Ladås2+356.26
3/26/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenCrooked Easy 114 of 31Alecsandra Ladås355.94
3/19/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenCrooked Easy7 of 18Li Bergström3+294.82
3/5/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Easy 110 of 31Alecsandra Ladås1+159.13
3/5/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Easy 29 of 27Alecsandra Ladås1+261.21
2/26/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Easy7 of 21Li Bergström1+145.91
2/19/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Easy29 of 36Alecsandra Ladås365.88
2/19/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenCrooked Easy17 of 41Alecsandra Ladås2+4111.47
2/5/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenCrooked Easy3 of 26Alecsandra Ladås1+056.59 Prize Point
2/5/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenCrooked Easy 2 - Rule E7 of 22Alecsandra Ladås4+0+0124.77
1/29/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenCrooked Easy17 of 29Alecsandra Ladås4+2105.53
1/22/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Easy 128 of 41Alecsandra Ladås453.64
1/22/2017ACKHSkellefteå - TotohallenStraight Easy 216 of 32Alecsandra Ladås2+251.56
12/18/2016ACKHSkellefteå - Totohallen Crooked Easy30 of 48Alecsandra Ladås665.12
12/18/2016ACKHSkellefteå - Totohallen Straight Easy23 of 37Alecsandra Ladås468.87
11/27/2016ACKHSkellefteå - Totohallen Straight Easy15 of 29Alecsandra Ladås547.72
11/13/2016ACKHSkellefteå - Totohallen Crooked Easy - New 112 of 19Alecsandra Ladås462.22
11/13/2016ACKHSkellefteå - Totohallen Crooked Easy - New 210 of 16Alecsandra Ladås574.21
11/6/2016ACKHSkellefteå - Totohallen Straight Easy24 of 27Alecsandra Ladås7108.91
10/30/2016ACKHSkellefteå - StämningsgårdenCrooked EasyOPLAlecsandra LadåsNIT0
10/16/2016BDKHPiteåStraight Easy11 of 11Alecsandra Ladås564.13
10/9/2016ACKHUmeå - UmeåCrooked EasyOPLAlecsandra LadåsNIT0
9/18/2016ACKHSkellefteåStraight Easy 119 of 22Alecsandra Ladås8117.34
9/18/2016ACKHSkellefteåStraight Easy 219 of 21Alecsandra Ladås763.16
9/4/2016ACKHUmeåCrooked EasyOPLLi BergströmNIT0
9/4/2016ACKHUmeåCrooked Easy 2OPLLi BergströmNIT0

Results in hight jump and long jump

8/5/2018YKHSundsvall - Norra BergetHigh Not elite13 of 27Amalia Markgren yngman60.0 cm Point

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight12 of 88 (13.64 %)
AwardsHigh/Long1 of 1 (100 %)
Personal recordHigh60.0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

Family tree