All Turns Red

Information about rabbit

Name: All Turns Red
Nick name: Lavah
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: Viltisabella
Birthday: 5/22/2016
Mother: Be Prepared
Father: Dangerous Freiheit
Borrower: -
Handler: Felicia Anrén
Owner: Felicia Anrén
Farm name code: -
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
Deceased: 2/28/2020
RegNr: S-11056
Straight: Difficult
Crooked: Difficult
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Crooked Moderate - 3 st


Straight Moderate - 3 st


Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change

Results in course

2/9/2020STKHÅkersberga - Skånsta RidhusStraight Difficult7 of 21Jessica Gustafsson3+NIT41.22
1/11/2020BLKHAvesta - Ingevallsbo RidhusStraight Difficult25 of 26Felicia Anrén8113.54
1/5/2020STKHStockholm - Stockholms HundsportcentrumsStraight Difficult64 of 74Felicia Anrén5113.31
1/4/2020STKHStockholm - Stockholms HundsportcentrumsStraight Difficult 154 of 73Felicia Anrén765.35
12/15/201908KTStockholm - BlåkullaStraight DifficultOPLFelicia AnrénNIT0
12/1/2019STKHÅkersberga - Skånsta RidhusStraight Difficult10 of 24Felicia Anrén4+682.25
12/1/2019STKHÅkersberga - Skånsta RidhusCrooked Difficult20 of 25Felicia Anrén585.16
10/26/2019STKHHuddinge - RådsparkenCrooked Difficult7 of 9Felicia Anrén5+5122.06
10/20/201908KTStockholm - BlåkullaCrooked Moderate2 of 11Felicia Anrén1+099.66 Prize Point Advancement
9/28/2019STKHHuddinge - RådsparkenCrooked Moderate12 of 20Felicia Anrén349.00
9/15/2019STKHBotkyrka - HågelbyparkenStraight Difficult18 of 29Felicia Anrén546.78
8/25/2019STKHBromma - SolvallaStraight Difficult 18 of 18Felicia Anrén2+282.50
8/24/2019STKHBromma - SolvallaCrooked Moderate 15 of 18Felicia Anrén3+299.47
8/24/2019STKHBromma - SolvallaCrooked Moderate 25 of 17Felicia Anrén2+1105.62
8/4/2019STKHHuddinge - Rådsparken Crooked Moderate12 of 19Felicia Anrén368.59
5/19/2019STKHBotkyrka - Hågelbyparken Straight Difficult8 of 16Felicia Anrén781.12
5/5/2019STKHHuddinge - RådsparkenCrooked Moderate15 of 23Felicia Anrén268.88
1/5/2019STKHStockholm - Upplands-VäsbyStraight Difficult 157 of 87Felicia Anrén8110.50
12/8/2018MKHEskilstuna - Stall StenbroCrooked Moderate 119 of 32Felicia Anrén369.53
12/8/2018MKHEskilstuna - Stall StenbroCrooked Moderate 218 of 31Felicia Anrén3+2140.51
12/2/2018STKHÅkersberga - Skånsta RidhusStraight Difficult28 of 35Felicia Anrén780.09
10/27/2018STKHHässelby - Gulsippans parklekStraight Difficult13 of 18Felicia Anrén6119.21
9/16/2018STKHStockholm - HågelbyCrooked Moderate8 of 10Felicia Anrén5+3181.80
9/2/2018MKHEskilstuna - VilstaCrooked Moderate13 of 21Matilda Mayorga363.53
8/12/2018STKHBromma - Solvalla TravbanaStraight Difficult 124 of 28Felicia Anrén6115.00
8/12/2018STKHBromma - Solvalla TravbanaStraight Difficult 2OPLFelicia AnrénNIT0
8/11/2018STKHBromma - Solvalla TravbanaCrooked Moderate 112 of 20Felicia Anrén464.60
8/11/2018STKHBromma - Solvalla TravbanaCrooked Moderate 216 of 19Felicia Anrén4105.75
6/24/2018STKHHässelby - Gulsippans parklekStraight ModerateUTFelicia AnrénNIT0
4/28/2018STKHHässelby - Gulsippans ParklekStraight ModerateUTFelicia Anrén4108.21
4/14/201808KTÄlta - HedviglundsparkenStraight DifficultOPLFelicia AnrénNIT0
4/8/2018KoKHKalmar - Skälby 4H gårdStraight Difficult49 of 56Felicia Anrén5112.31
4/7/2018KoKHKalmar - Skälby 4H gårdStraight Difficult 1OPLFelicia AnrénNIT0
4/7/2018KoKHKalmar - Skälby 4H gårdStraight Difficult 2OPLFelicia AnrénNIT0
3/11/2018STKHÅkersberga - Skånsta RyttarsällskapCrooked Moderate8 of 21Felicia Anrén1+1114.10
12/10/2017STKHStockholm - ÅkersbergaCrooked Moderate7 of 22Emilia Forslund Sköld1+0103.47
12/10/2017STKHStockholm - ÅkersbergaStraight Difficult11 of 16Emilia Forslund Sköld2+3109.03
11/4/2017ÖLKHÖrebro - WittvångStraight Difficult28 of 36Felicia Anrén551.78
11/4/2017ÖLKHÖrebro - WittvångCrooked Moderate26 of 31Felicia Anrén582.91
10/21/2017STKHHässelby - GulsippanStraight Difficult6 of 16Jessica Gustafsson4+2124.59
10/15/2017YKHHärnösand - BrännaplanStraight Difficult 15 of 6Felicia Anrén669.56
10/15/2017YKHHärnösand - BrännaplanStraight Difficult 26 of 6Felicia Anrén854.00
10/7/201708KTTäby - SkarpängStraight Difficult - Rule E12 of 20Felicia Anrén4+6148.13
9/23/201708KTTäby - SkarpängCrooked Moderate5 of 28Felicia Anrén2+082.22 Prize Point
9/16/201708KTTäby - SkarpängStraight Moderate6 of 26Felicia Anrén1+261.81 Prize Point Advancement
9/10/2017YKHSundsvall - Sjukhuset Crooked Moderate 12 of 7Felicia Anrén2+1123.59 Prize Point
9/10/2017YKHSundsvall - Sjukhuset Crooked Moderate 24 of 7Felicia Anrén3+3127.69
9/3/201708KTTäby - SkarpängCrooked Easy4 of 53Emilia Lundbom0+171.74 Prize Point Advancement
8/20/2017HäKHIggesund - Utanför badhusetStraight Moderate 17 of 21Jessica Gustafsson2+391.79
8/20/2017HäKHIggesund - Utanför badhusetStraight Moderate 215 of 19Felicia Anrén333.60
8/19/2017HäKHIggesund - Utanför badhusetCrooked Easy 110 of 25Jessica Gustafsson129.06
8/19/2017HäKHIggesund - Utanför badhusetCrooked Easy 217 of 21Felicia Anrén221.81
8/13/2017STKHBromma - SolvallaStraight ModerateOPLFelicia AnrénNIT0
8/12/2017STKHBromma - SolvallaCrooked Easy23 of 38Felicia Anrén2116.80
8/6/2017VKHKil - HasselbolStraight Moderate 110 of 30Felicia Anrén3+4110.83
8/6/2017VKHKil - HasselbolStraight Moderate 217 of 30Felicia Anrén386.35
8/5/2017VKHKil - HasselbolCrooked Easy 122 of 43Felicia Anrén365.23
8/5/2017VKHKil - HasselbolCrooked Easy 217 of 39Felicia Anrén248.72
7/26/2017ÖLKHNora - Uskavigården Crooked Easy 128 of 45Felicia Anrén241.16
7/26/2017ÖLKHNora - Uskavigården Crooked Easy 234 of 45Felicia Anrén356.56
7/22/2017STKHHässelby - Gulsippans parklekCrooked Easy 18 of 29Felicia Anrén0+295.00
7/22/2017STKHHässelby - Gulsippans parklekCrooked Easy 212 of 28Felicia Anrén1+159.53
7/13/2017STKHHässelby - Gulsippans parklekStraight Moderate20 of 29Felicia Anrén339.00
7/8/2017MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Moderate 16 of 25Felicia Anrén1+279.55
7/8/2017MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Moderate 25 of 23Felicia Anrén0+195.38 Prize Point
6/29/2017STKHHässelby - Gulsippans parklekCrooked Easy7 of 28Felicia Anrén1+0148.38
6/21/2017STKHHässelby - Gulsippans parklekStraight Moderate4 of 16Felicia Anrén2+2156.72 Prize Point
6/18/2017STKHHässelby - Gulsippans parklekCrooked Easy10 of 53Felicia Anrén1+196.06 Prize Point
6/11/2017STKHHässelby - Gulsippans ParklekStraight Moderate16 of 23Jessica Gustafsson443.71
6/4/2017STKHVästerhaninge - Berga NaturbruksgymnasiumCrooked Easy26 of 53Felicia Anrén164.18
4/22/201708KTÄlta - HedviglundsparkenStraight Moderate 127 of 34Felicia Anrén8102.38
4/22/201708KTÄlta - HedviglundsparkenStraight Moderate 231 of 36Felicia Anrén369.50
4/16/2017STKHHässelby - Gulsippans parklekStraight Moderate15 of 18Felicia Anrén450.07
4/15/2017STKHHässelby - Gulsippans parklekCrooked Easy31 of 56Felicia Anrén265.00
4/9/2017ULKHUppsala - ÅrstaStraight Moderate27 of 36Felicia Anrén368.35
3/26/2017KoKHKalmar - Skälby 4h gårdStraight Easy14 of 78Felicia Anrén0+164.69 Prize Point Advancement
3/25/2017KoKHKalmar - Skälby 4h gårdStraight Easy 136 of 89Felicia Anrén325.53
3/25/2017KoKHKalmar - Skälby 4h gårdStraight Easy 233 of 90Felicia Anrén117.86
3/12/2017STKHÅkersberga - Åkersberga RidhusStraight Easy9 of 29Felicia Anrén0+140.71
2/26/2017STKHÅkersberga - Åkersberga RidhusStraight Easy7 of 50Felicia Anrén0+063.00 Prize Point
2/25/201708KTTungelsta - Hästsjukhuset StavCrooked Easy10 of 28Emilia Lundbom0+359.85
2/18/2017MKHÄrla - Ridhuset i Stora NorrskogenStraight Easy 140 of 65Felicia Anrén359.13
2/18/2017MKHÄrla - Ridhuset i Stora NorrskogenStraight Easy 238 of 63Felicia Anrén241.22
2/5/2017STKHÅkersberga - Åkersberga ridcenterCrooked Easy 113 of 39Felicia Anrén0+181.60
2/5/2017STKHÅkersberga - Åkersberga ridcenterCrooked Easy 234 of 41Felicia Anrén252.15
1/28/201708KTTungelsta - Hästsjukhuset StavStraight Easy - New5 of 34Felicia Anrén1+066.18 Prize Point
1/14/201708KTTungelsta - Hästsjukhuset StavCrooked Easy 216 of 30Emilia Lundbom1+278.59
1/14/201708KTTungelsta - Hästsjukhuset StavCrooked Easy - New 15 of 58Emilia Lundbom0+084.40 Prize Point
12/11/2016STKHÅkersberga - Åkersberga RidhusStraight Easy - New13 of 32Felicia Anrén121.41
12/10/201608KTTungelsta - Hästsjukhuset StavCrooked Easy - New7 of 25Felicia Anrén2+1109.72
11/27/2016STKHÅkersberga - Åkersberga RidhusCrooked Easy24 of 35Felicia Anrén383.38
11/27/2016STKHÅkersberga - Åkersberga RidhusStraight Easy7 of 27Felicia Anrén1+057.47
11/19/2016ÖKHMotalaCrooked Easy29 of 36Felicia Anrén561.22
11/12/201608KTTungelsta - Hästsjukhuset StavCrooked Easy - New9 of 22Felicia Anrén484.84
10/22/201608KTTäby - SkarpängsängStraight Easy - Rule DOPLFelicia AnrénNIT0

Results in hight jump and long jump

9/2/2018MKHEskilstuna - VilstaHigh Not eliteOPLMatilda Mayorga0 cm
9/10/2017YKHSundsvall - Sjukhuset High Not eliteOPLFelicia Anrén0 cm
9/3/201708KTTäby - SkarpängHigh Not eliteOPLEmilia Lundbom0 cm
6/18/2017STKHHässelby - Gulsippans parklekLong Not eliteOPLFelicia Anrén0 cm

Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing
12/1/2019STKHÅkersberga - Skånsta RidhusAdventscupenDifficult7 of 14Felicia Anrén3010,20
12/8/2018MKHEskilstuna - Stall StenbroLussekatts-cupenModerate14 of 25Felicia Anrén3718,19
4/7/2018KoKHKalmar - Skälby 4H gårdSpicas cupDifficultUPLFelicia Anrén14349,UPL(46),UPL(48)
10/15/2017YKHHärnösand - BrännaplanSvårmästarenDifficult5 of 6Felicia Anrén115,6
7/26/2017ÖLKHNora - Uskavigården Shine cupenEasy29 of 44Felicia Anrén6228,34
3/25/2017KoKHKalmar - Skälby 4h gårdLyras cupEasy20 of 60Felicia Anrén8314,33,36
2/18/2017MKHÄrla - Ridhuset i Stora NorrskogenAfrodite-cupenEasy36 of 56Felicia Anrén7838,40

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight12 of 93 (12.9 %)
AwardsHigh/Long0 of 4
Personal recordHigh0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

Family tree