Blomi Sweetheart

Information about rabbit

Name: Blomi Sweetheart
Nick name:
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: -
Birthday: 5/20/2016
Age: 7 year, 9 month and 6 days
Mother: -
Father: -
Borrower: -
Handler: Tuva Svedberg
Owner: Tuva Svedberg
Farm name code: -
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-12460
Straight: Veteran
Crooked: Veteran
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Crooked Moderate - 3 st


Straight Moderate - 1 st


Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Tuva Svedberg11/10/2017
Line Svedberg6/24/2020

Results in course

8/20/2023HäKHHudiksvall - Borgarparken Straight Veteran 13 of 6Tuva Svedberg0+2207.32
8/20/2023HäKHHudiksvall - Borgarparken Straight Veteran 24 of 6Tuva Svedberg0+2222.56
8/19/2023HäKHHudiksvall - Borgarparken Crooked Veteran 16 of 6Tuva Svedberg2+NIT94.87
8/19/2023HäKHHudiksvall - Borgarparken Crooked Veteran 2OPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
7/30/2023HäKHIggesundCrooked Veteran 14 of 7Tuva Svedberg1+NIT67.25
7/30/2023HäKHIggesundCrooked Veteran 21 of 7Tuva Svedberg0+0170.60 Prize
7/29/2023HäKHIggesundStraight Veteran6 of 7Tuva Svedberg393.53
11/20/2022HäKHVattlång Straight Veteran8 of 10Tuva Svedberg371.38
10/22/2022YKHSundsvallStraight Veteran 14 of 6Tuva Svedberg2+0198.54
10/22/2022YKHSundsvallStraight Veteran 26 of 6Tuva Svedberg1+3181.72
9/18/2022HäKHHudiksvallStraight Veteran7 of 8Tuva Svedberg262.13
8/21/2022HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenCrooked Veteran 1OPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
8/21/2022HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenCrooked Veteran 25 of 9Tuva Svedberg261.28
8/20/2022HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenStraight Veteran 12 of 9Tuva Svedberg0+0153.22 Prize
8/20/2022HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenStraight Veteran 25 of 9Tuva Svedberg0+0195.78
7/31/2022HäKHIggesund - Utanför badhusetCrooked Veteran10 of 12Tuva Svedberg367.35
7/30/2022HäKHIggesund - Utanför badhusetStraight Veteran 17 of 13Tuva Svedberg0+NIT54.91
7/30/2022HäKHIggesund - Utanför badhusetStraight Veteran 26 of 12Tuva Svedberg0+NIT65.69
6/12/2022HäKHHudiksvallStraight Veteran7 of 9Tuva Svedberg0+3163.72
5/14/2022HäKHHudiksvall - Skidstadion, Hudiksvall Straight Veteran3 of 7Tuva Svedberg1+0110.18
3/13/2022HäKHIlsbo - RS westernridningStraight Veteran4 of 7Tuva Svedberg1+0107.29
3/12/2022YKHNjurundaStraight Veteran2 of 3Tuva Svedberg0+0156.47
2/12/2022YKHNjurundaCrooked Veteran2 of 4Tuva Svedberg1+294.52
1/16/2022HäKHVattlång - RidhusStraight Veteran4 of 5Tuva Svedberg0+188.78
1/8/2022YKHNjurundaStraight Veteran4 of 7Tuva Svedberg1+1180.34
10/30/2021HäKHEnånger - Vedmora ridhusCrooked EasyUTTuva Svedberg0+191.12
8/28/2021HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenStraight Moderate 1OPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
8/28/2021HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenStraight Moderate 2OPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
8/14/2021YKHSundsvallStraight Moderate 17 of 15Tuva Svedberg280.57
8/14/2021YKHSundsvallStraight Moderate 26 of 15Tuva Svedberg2+NIT78.25
8/7/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionCrooked Easy 1UTTuva Svedberg255.00
8/7/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionCrooked Easy 2UTTuva Svedberg1+0107.75
6/9/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionStraight ModerateOPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
7/26/2020HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenStraight ModerateOPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
6/27/2020HäKHHudiksvall - På grusetStraight Moderate8 of 12Tuva Svedberg2+NIT71.69
2/15/2020HäKHLjusdal RidhusStraight EasyUTTuva Svedberg0+1106.56
1/26/2020HäKHHudiksvalls Kommun - Ljusdals ridhusCrooked Easy 1UTTuva Svedberg0+0125.25
1/26/2020HäKHHudiksvalls Kommun - Ljusdals ridhusCrooked Easy 2UTTuva Svedberg361.59
12/8/2019HäKHHudiksvalls Kommun - Ljusdal RidhusStraight Moderate 1OPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
12/8/2019HäKHHudiksvalls Kommun - Ljusdal RidhusStraight Moderate 2OPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
11/16/2019HäKHHudiksvalls Kommun - VedmoraCrooked EasyUTTuva Svedberg1+0136.07
10/5/2019HäKHSkidstadion öster - Hudiksvall Straight ModerateOPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
9/15/2019HäKHHudiksvallStraight Moderate 1OPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
9/15/2019HäKHHudiksvallStraight Moderate 2OPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
8/25/2019HäKHIggesund utanför badhusetStraight Moderate 1OPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
8/25/2019HäKHIggesund utanför badhusetStraight Moderate 2OPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
8/20/2019HäKHHudiksvall - Gruset Crooked Moderate5 of 31Tuva Svedberg0+2161.92 Prize Point Advancement
8/11/2019HäKHHudiksvalls kommunCrooked Moderate 1OPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
8/11/2019HäKHHudiksvalls kommunCrooked Moderate 2OPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
7/31/2019HäKHHudiksvall - Grusplan vid skidstadionStraight Moderate6 of 17Malvina Grufberg 1+1171.88
7/21/2019HäKHHudiksvalls Kommun - BorgarparkenStraight Moderate 1OPLLine SvedbergNIT0
7/21/2019HäKHHudiksvalls Kommun - BorgarparkenStraight Moderate 2OPLLine SvedbergNIT0
7/20/2019HäKHHudiksvalls Kommun - BorgarparkenCrooked ModerateOPLLine SvedbergNIT0
7/14/2019GKHTSandvikenStraight Moderate 1OPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
7/14/2019GKHTSandvikenStraight Moderate 2OPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
6/30/2019HäKHHudiksvall - Grusplan vid skidstadionStraight Moderate - New2 of 11Tuva Svedberg0+1110.69 Prize Point
6/29/2019HäKHHudiksvall - Grusplan vid skidstadionCrooked Moderate 13 of 21Tuva Svedberg1+0159.06 Prize Point
6/29/2019HäKHHudiksvall - Grusplan vid skidstadionCrooked Moderate 215 of 20Tuva Svedberg390.16
6/5/2019HäKHHudiksvall - Grusplan Skidstadion ÖsterCrooked Moderate 15 of 19Tuva Svedberg1+0168.87
6/5/2019HäKHHudiksvall - Grusplan Skidstadion ÖsterCrooked Moderate 210 of 18Tuva Svedberg0+2147.37
5/23/2019HäKHHudiksvall - Gruset på österCrooked Moderate4 of 19Tuva Svedberg1+0155.27 Prize Point
5/18/2019GKHTBergby - Hembygdsgården Crooked Moderate 1OPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
5/18/2019GKHTBergby - Hembygdsgården Crooked Moderate 2OPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
4/28/2019HäKHHudiksvalls KommunStraight EasyUTTuva Svedberg3+3188.78
4/6/2019HäKHEnånger - Vedmora ridhusStraight EasyUTTuva Svedberg1+181.06
3/30/2019GKHTGävle - Gefle BoulecenterCrooked Easy 111 of 16Tuva Svedberg447.97
3/30/2019GKHTGävle - Gefle BoulecenterCrooked Easy 21 of 16Tuva Svedberg0+1139.78 Prize Point Advancement
3/9/2019HäKHEnånger - Vedmora ridhusCrooked Easy9 of 19Tuva Svedberg1+1112.60
2/23/2019HäKHLjusdals kommun - Ljusdals ridhusStraight Easy 1UTTuva Svedberg1+3233.44
2/23/2019HäKHLjusdals kommun - Ljusdals ridhusStraight Easy 2UTTuva Svedberg146.85
1/20/2019HäKHLjusdals kommun - Ljusdals ridhusStraight EasyUTTuva Svedberg1+NIT46.78
12/15/2018HäKHHudiksvalls kommunCrooked EasyOPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
11/18/2018HäKHEnånger - Vedmora ridhusStraight Easy 14 of 67Tuva Svedberg0+050.86 Prize Point Advancement
11/18/2018HäKHEnånger - Vedmora ridhusStraight Easy 2UTTuva Svedberg0+149.56
10/6/2018HäKHHudiksvalls kommun - Grusplan Skidstadion HudiksvallCrooked Easy8 of 15Tuva Svedberg1+2138.10
9/22/2018HäKHHudiksvalls kommun - På grusetStraight Easy 118 of 59Tuva Svedberg2+1117.88
9/22/2018HäKHHudiksvalls kommun - På grusetStraight Easy 2OPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
9/1/2018HäKHHudiksvall - BorgaparkenCrooked Easy 1OPLLine SvedbergNIT0
9/1/2018HäKHHudiksvall - BorgaparkenCrooked Easy 214 of 16Line Svedberg2116.63
8/21/2018HäKHHudiksvall - Grusplanen på österStraight Easy2 of 22Tuva Svedberg0+087.40 Prize Point
8/12/2018HäKHHudiksvall - BorgaparkenStraight Easy 114 of 27Line Svedberg1+2194.59
8/12/2018HäKHHudiksvall - BorgaparkenStraight Easy 2OPLLine SvedbergNIT0
8/11/2018HäKHHudiksvall - BorgaparkenCrooked Easy 122 of 33Line Svedberg286.38
8/11/2018HäKHHudiksvall - BorgaparkenCrooked Easy 219 of 32Line Svedberg0+NIT70.15
7/15/2018HäKHHudiksvalls kommun - Iggesund utanför badhusetStraight Easy27 of 38Tuva Svedberg235.50
7/14/2018HäKHHudiksvalls kommun - Iggesund utanför badhusetCrooked Easy 134 of 56Tuva Svedberg3100.60
7/14/2018HäKHHudiksvalls kommun - Iggesund utanför badhusetCrooked Easy 29 of 51Tuva Svedberg1+1118.34 Prize Point
7/10/2018HäKHHudiksvall - Grusplanen på österCrooked Easy7 of 23Line Svedberg1+1183.40
7/1/2018HäKHHudiksvall - Grusplan vid skidstadionCrooked Easy7 of 16Line Svedberg1+1124.98
6/30/2018HäKHHudiksvall - Grusplan vid skidstadionCrooked Easy 14 of 12Tuva Svedberg1+167.84
6/30/2018HäKHHudiksvall - Grusplan vid skidstadionCrooked Easy 26 of 13Tuva Svedberg1+173.19
6/19/2018HäKHHudiksvalls kommunStraight Easy10 of 22Line Svedberg0+184.40
6/17/2018HäKHHudiksvall kommun - BorgaparkenCrooked Easy 1OPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
6/17/2018HäKHHudiksvall kommun - BorgaparkenCrooked Easy 2UPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
5/26/2018HäKHHudiksvall - Borgarparken Straight Easy 16 of 14Line Svedberg1+297.95
5/26/2018HäKHHudiksvall - Borgarparken Straight Easy 27 of 15Line Svedberg1+1141.25
5/12/2018GKHTSandviken - HögboStraight Easy 115 of 54Tuva Svedberg1+1140.43
5/12/2018GKHTSandviken - HögboStraight Easy 215 of 53Tuva Svedberg1+2138.82
5/8/2018HäKHHudiksvall - Grusplan vid skidstadionCrooked Easy - New4 of 16Tuva Svedberg2+1162.53 Prize Point
4/29/2018HäKHHudiksvalls kommun - Grusplan skidstadionStraight Easy11 of 17Line Svedberg2+NIT69.90
3/24/2018HäKHHudiksvalls kommun - Vedmora RidhusStraight Easy 119 of 20Tuva Svedberg470.59
3/24/2018HäKHHudiksvalls kommun - Vedmora RidhusStraight Easy 220 of 23Tuva Svedberg236.19
2/24/2018HäKHHudiksvalls kommun - Folkets hus IggesundCrooked Easy - NewOPLTuva SvedbergNIT0
11/11/2017HäKHHudiksvalls kommun - Vedmora RidhusStraight Easy 111 of 16Line Svedberg393.97
11/11/2017HäKHHudiksvalls kommun - Vedmora RidhusStraight Easy 213 of 18Line Svedberg263.34
8/23/2017HäKHHudiksvall - Grusplanen Straight Easy - New2 of 12Tuva Svedberg0+1112.83 Prize Point
7/17/2017HäKHHudiksvall - GrusplanenStraight Mini5 of 8Tuva Svedberg0+1108.75

Results in hight jump and long jump

8/24/2019HäKHIggesund utanför badhusetHigh Not elite33 of 51Tuva Svedberg50.0 cm

Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing
7/29/2023HäKHIggesundDellenitenVeteran3 of 7Tuva Svedberg111,4,6
10/22/2022YKHSundsvallVampyrcupenVeteran4 of 6Tuva Svedberg104,6
7/30/2022HäKHIggesund - Utanför badhusetDellenitenVeteran8 of 12Tuva Svedberg236,7,10
8/14/2021YKHSundsvallBlå cupenModerate8 of 11Tuva Svedberg136,7
9/15/2019HäKHHudiksvallPompizcupenModerateUPLTuva Svedberg79UPL(39),UPL(40)
8/24/2019HäKHIggesund utanför badhusetLilla Klubbmästare HöjdNot elite12 of 20Tuva Svedberg3333
7/20/2019HäKHHudiksvalls Kommun - BorgarparkenSlagugglanModerateUPLLine Svedberg105UPL(34),UPL(34),UPL(37)
7/14/2019GKHTSandvikenSpeed rabbit medelsvårModerateUPLTuva Svedberg39UPL(19),UPL(20)
5/18/2019GKHTBergby - Hembygdsgården Norrgårdens CupModerateUPLTuva Svedberg18UPL(8),UPL(10)
12/15/2018HäKHHudiksvalls kommunJulklapps-cupenEasyUPLTuva Svedberg27UPL(27)
9/22/2018HäKHHudiksvalls kommun - På grusetGrolle cupenEasyUPLTuva Svedberg7118,UPL(53)
8/11/2018HäKHHudiksvall - BorgaparkenMinimästareEasy6 of 13Line Svedberg8014,19,22,UPL(25)
7/14/2018HäKHHudiksvalls kommun - Iggesund utanför badhusetLinblommanEasy16 of 32Tuva Svedberg709,27,34
5/12/2018GKHTSandviken - HögboBu CancerEasy11 of 48Tuva Svedberg3015,15

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight12 of 94 (12.77 %)
AwardsHigh/Long0 of 1
Personal recordHigh50.0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

Family tree

Blomi Sweetheart ? ? ? ? ?
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