Adidas Superstar

Information about rabbit

Name: Adidas Superstar
Nick name: Adidas
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: Svart siames japantecknad
Birthday: 6/16/2017
Age: 6 year, 11 month and 8 days
Mother: Lets Jump Fina
Father: lets jump fläcken
Borrower: -
Handler: Velma Frank
Owner: Velma Frank
Farm name code: -
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-12558
Straight: Moderate
Crooked: Easy
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Straight Easy - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change

Results in course

9/28/2019Straight ModerateUPLVelma FrankNITMKHLilla Åskebro 1 i Kolbäck
7/14/2019Straight Moderate 113 of 24Velma Frank574.12GKHTSandviken
7/14/2019Straight Moderate 2UPLVelma FrankNITGKHTSandviken
7/6/2019Crooked Easy12 of 33Velma Frank119.12MKHMini-och veteranmästarna, Motionscentrum i Hallstahammar
4/28/2019Straight Easy 16 of 34Velma Frank1+023.32 Prize Point Advancement MKHPåskcuperna, Motionscentrum i Hallstahammar
4/27/2019Crooked Easy16 of 36Velma Frank234.09MKHPåskcuperna, Motionscentrum i Hallstahammar
3/31/2019Straight Easy 112 of 65Velma Frank0+119.72 Prize Point MKHMotionscentrum i Hallstahammar
3/31/2019Straight Easy 237 of 59Velma Frank379.09MKHMotionscentrum i Hallstahammar
3/10/2019Straight Easy14 of 38Velma Frank1+122.6908KTKompiscuperna, Hedviglundsparken i Älta
2/17/2019Straight Easy6 of 53Velma Frank0+041.25 Prize Point MKHAlla hjärtansdag-cuperna, Stall Stenbro i Eskilstuna
2/16/2019Crooked Easy26 of 62Velma Frank1+366.16MKHAlla hjärtansdag-cuperna, Stall Stenbro i Eskilstuna
11/24/2018Straight Easy18 of 35Velma Frank349.25MKHElit Challange, Stall Stenbro i Eskilstuna
10/28/2018Straight Easy43 of 64Velma Frank315.35MKHHalloweenslaget, Ridhuset Åby 1 i Hallstahammar
10/27/2018Crooked Easy 135 of 83Velma Frank242.56MKHHalloweenslaget, Ridhuset Åby 1 i Hallstahammar
10/27/2018Crooked Easy 256 of 70Velma Frank585.38MKHHalloweenslaget, Ridhuset Åby 1 i Hallstahammar
10/13/2018Straight Easy12 of 47Velma Frank0+220.68MKHSvårkamperna, Motionscentrum i Hallstahammar
9/29/2018Crooked Easy - New 123 of 39Velma Frank365.25MKHSkördecuperna, Vilsta i Eskilstuna
9/29/2018Crooked Easy - New 219 of 28Velma Frank264.43MKHSkördecuperna, Vilsta i Eskilstuna
9/1/2018Straight Easy 19 of 26Velma Frank2+182.77WKHHagagymnasiets grusplan i Borlänge
9/1/2018Straight Easy 213 of 20Velma Frank326.37WKHHagagymnasiets grusplan i Borlänge
8/18/2018Crooked Easy20 of 25Velma Frank368.69MKHStorhoppet, Motionscentrum i Hallstahammar
7/31/2018Straight Easy18 of 58Velma Frank0+258.13MKHKvällstävling, Vilsta i Eskilstuna
6/10/2018Straight Easy Rule D13 of 18Velma Frank4+075.68MKHKlubbtävling , Sundbyholm i Eskilstuna
4/14/2018Straight Easy18 of 25Velma Frank352.97MKHStall Stenbro i Eskilstuna
3/3/2018Straight Easy 127 of 36Velma Frank330.69MKHTillsammans mot barncancer!, Stall Stenbro i Eskilstuna
3/3/2018Straight Easy 224 of 35Velma Frank231.59MKHTillsammans mot barncancer!, Stall Stenbro i Eskilstuna
2/3/2018Crooked Mini17 of 27Velma Frank235.19MKHStall Stenbro i Eskilstuna
11/25/2017Straight Mini Rule D14 of 20Velma Frank3+031.53MKHStall Stenbro i Eskilstuna

Results in hight jump and long jump

7/31/2018Long Not eliteUPLVelma FrankMKHKvällstävling, Vilsta i Eskilstuna

Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight3 of 28 (10.71 %)
AwardsHigh/Long0 of 1
Personal recordHigh0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

Family tree

Adidas Superstar lets jump fläcken ? ? ? ?
? ?
? ? ?
? ?
? ? ? ?
? ?
? ? ?
? ?
Lets Jump Fina ? ? ? ?
? ?
? ? ?
? ?
? ? ? ?
? ?
? ? ?
? ?


RabbitBreeding informationSexColorBirthday
Hugo Boss 12559CastratedMaleViltgrå6/16/2017
Nike AirFemaleChinchilla 6/16/2017
Puma FentyFemaleViltsiames6/16/2017