SE*Björklövets Black Diamond

Information about rabbit

Name: SE*Björklövets Black Diamond
Nick name: Olof
Sex: Male
Breeding information:
Color: Svart
Birthday: 7/7/2017
Age: 6 year, 4 month and 25 days
Mother: Björklövets Cookies & Cream
Father: Grenens Ch Pepperstone Tower
Borrower: -
Handler: Elina Wilén
Owner: Emelie Wilén
Farm - SKHRF: Björklövets
Farm name code: SE* - Sveriges Kaninhoppares Riksförbund
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-12192
Straight: Easy
Crooked: Easy
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Emelie Wilén9/17/2018

Results in course

6/7/2020MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Easy7 of 12Elina Wilén2+1117.09
3/7/2020MKHKolbäck - Lilla Åskebro 1Crooked Easy31 of 49Elina Wilén256.91
2/22/2020ÖLKHÖrebro - Vittvångs Ridhus Crooked Easy16 of 35Elina Wilén2+0122.56
2/8/2020BLKHAvesta - Ingevallsbo RidhusCrooked Easy 1OPLElina WilénNIT0
2/8/2020BLKHAvesta - Ingevallsbo RidhusCrooked Easy 232 of 41Elina Wilén369.78
2/2/2020MKHKolbäck - Lilla Åskebro 1Straight Easy8 of 16Elina Wilén1+1119.44
1/25/2020ÖLKHÖrebro - Vittvångs Ridhus Straight Mini20 of 22Elina Wilén232.47
10/13/2018MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Mini5 of 24Elina Wilén1+1128.72 Prize
10/6/2018ÖKHNorrköping - Fursta gård FuringstadStraight Mini1 of 24Elina Wilén0+018.93 Prize
9/22/2018WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanCrooked Mini2 of 9Elina Wilén1+0187.51 Prize
9/2/2018MKHEskilstuna - VilstaCrooked Mini2 of 8Elina Wilén0+0170.75 Prize
8/25/2018ÖLKHÖrebro - AlmbyplanStraight Mini - Rule D4 of 19Elina Wilén0+0101.37 Prize
8/18/2018MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumCrooked Mini2 of 13Elina Wilén0+0173.22 Prize
8/8/2018ÖLKHÖrebro - AlmbyplanStraight Easy - Rule D20 of 24Emelie Wilén1+1115.38

Results in hight jump and long jump


Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing
12/16/2017ÖLKHÖrebro - WittvångElf Cup MiniUPLEmelie Wilén28UPL(14),UPL(14)

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight6 of 14 (42.86 %)
Personal recordHigh0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

Family tree

SE*Björklövets Black Diamond Grenens Ch Pepperstone Tower Taken out of breeding
SE*Grenens Pepper Panic Grenens Stairway To Fairyland Flamencos Fantastic Freedom Fantasma
Rambo's Two Towers
Grenens Ch Dreamer of Paradise Grenens Gt Ch Cockos-Kola
Flamencos Pacific Ocean
Grenens Expressions Of Love Regnbågens Gt Ch Power of Love Grenens Gt Ch Flight At Night of Vallmon
Hillkos Mea Culpa
Pinglans Gt Ch Cetacea Flamencos Surf Tiger Have given bite defect
Snöflingans Moni Maker Have given bite defect
Khaos Ch Chinook Stjärnan´s S Ch Voodoo E Nuffe's Gd Ch Lord of the Ring Have given bite defect
Trivial Pursuit
Grenens Flight for Fight of Vallmon
Snöflingans Extra Eucalyptus Snöflingans Zorro Zero Boy
Månängens Embla
Diamonds S Ch Cherub Of The Mist Grenens S Ch Crimpson Cox S Ch Prins Elliot
Snöflingans Last Goodbye
Imagination of Royality (NO) Valentinos Gt Ch Liten Men Tuff
Smiling Jewel (NO)
Björklövets Cookies & Cream SE*Grenens Gt Ch Final Try (Klöverdalens) Deep of Darkness Gt Ch Ante Snutte Sprett
Lisbodal (NO) Tab X-tra
(Kløverdalens) Walking on Fantasy Kirkebakkens Ch Funny Town
Crazy Flower
Grenens Gd Ch Just For Fun Gd Ch King of Magic Have given bite defect
Grenens S Ch Fight For Fun of Jasmine Nordanvindens S Ch Maximum Power of Nowhere
Jasmines Gt Ch Olive Offspring of Vallmon
Arrows Highland Reggae Grenens Above Heaven Ch From Above Fader Hilda Gia Bove
Moder Hilda Gia Bove
Laylock's Ch Öga För Öga Laylock's Egmont
Grenens Princess of Willpower
Grenens Made up Fairytale Flamencos Gt Ch Ametist S Ch Prins Elliot
Rambo's Two Towers
Arrows Queen Divatrix Stampe (QD och KZ's pappa)
Jossan (QD och KZ's mamma)


RabbitBreeding informationSexColorBirthday
SE*Björklövets Blue DiamondCastratedMaleBlå7/7/2017
SE*Björklövets Fancy SapphireMaleViltgrå7/7/2017
SE*Björklövets Rose GoldMaleViltgul 7/7/2017
SE*Björklövets Yellow GoldCastratedMaleViltgul 7/7/2017