Casinos Ch Soulful Fortune

Information about rabbit

Name: Casinos Ch Soulful Fortune
Nick name: Flora
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: Gulsvart japanbrokad
Birthday: 4/11/2018
Age: 4 year, 4 month and 1 day
Mother: Flamencos Heart and Soul
Father: Grenens Gd Ch Starlit Appearance
Borrower: -
Handler: Nina Back
Owner: Nina Back
Farm - SKHRF: Casinos
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-13506
Straight: Elite - 1 Certificate
Crooked: Elite - 2 Certificate
High: Elite, Champion - 3 Certificate
Long: Elite - 1 Certificate
Title: Champion


Crooked Elite - 2 st

112/29/2019Gävleborgs Län GästriklandSKHRF
29/26/2021Gävleborgs Län HälsinglandSKHRF

Straight Elite - 1 st

18/8/2021Gävleborgs Län GästriklandSKHRF

High Elite - 3 st

19/7/2019Dalarnas LänSKHRF
211/2/2019Gävleborgs Län GästriklandSKHRF
38/7/2021Gävleborgs Län HälsinglandSKHRF

Long Elite - 1 st

110/3/2020Gävleborgs Län GästriklandSKHRF

Advancement points

Crooked Difficult - 5 st


Straight Difficult - 5 st


Crooked Moderate - 3 st


Straight Moderate - 3 st


Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


High Not elite - 3 st


Long Not elite - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change

Results in course

8/6/2022STKHStockholm - StockholmStraight Elite3 of 14Nina Back0+242.47 Prize
8/2/2022GKHTÄlvkarlebyStraight Elite 16 of 10Nina Back552.09
8/2/2022GKHTÄlvkarlebyStraight Elite 22 of 10Nina Back1+068.07 Prize
7/24/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Elite20 of 55Nina Back340.59
7/13/2022ULKHUppsala - UppsalaStraight Elite17 of 27Nina Back246.91
7/10/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Elite11 of 29Nina Back1+397.19
7/9/2022RoKHNorrtälje - RialaStraight Elite13 of 19Nina Back570.66
7/3/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Elite15 of 36Nina Back349.59
3/20/2022ULKHUppsalaStraight Elite10 of 35Nina Back1+273.88
3/12/2022GKHTGävle - BoulehallenCrooked Elite3 of 28Nina Back1+165.69 Prize
2/12/2022GKHTGävle - BoulehallenCrooked Elite18 of 38Nina Back241.97
1/8/2022GKHTGävle - BoulehallenCrooked Elite11 of 18Nina Back355.28
11/20/2021BLKHAvesta - AvestavallenCrooked Elite16 of 24Nina Back579.90
10/31/2021ULKHUppsala - UppsalaStraight Elite13 of 19Nina Back453.07
10/24/2021YKHNjurundaCrooked Elite 14 of 14Nina Back3+1122.21
10/24/2021YKHNjurundaCrooked Elite 22 of 14Nina Back3+291.47 Prize
10/10/2021HäKHEnånger - Vedmora ridhusStraight Elite9 of 18Nina Back449.84
9/26/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionCrooked Elite 13 of 14Nina Back3+282.88 Prize
9/26/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionCrooked Elite 21 of 14Nina Back2+181.87 Prize Cert
9/19/2021GKHTÄlvkarlebyStraight Elite - Rule A11 of 18Nina Back334.34
9/19/2021GKHTÄlvkarlebyCrooked Elite - Rule A11 of 14Nina Back471.19
8/29/2021HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenCrooked Elite5 of 26Nina Back3+093.56 Prize
8/22/2021GKHTÄlvkarlebyStraight Elite 19 of 14Nina Back457.84
8/22/2021GKHTÄlvkarlebyStraight Elite 26 of 12Nina Back2+798.12
8/15/2021HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenStraight Elite 19 of 26Nina Back3+3202.29
8/15/2021HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenStraight Elite 219 of 26Nina Back4101.25
8/8/2021GKHTÄlvkarlebyStraight Elite1 of 10Nina Back1+380.35 Prize Cert
8/7/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionCrooked Elite 14 of 16Nina Back1+273.25 Prize
8/7/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionCrooked Elite 24 of 16Nina Back3+178.52 Prize
8/4/2021ULKHUppsalaStraight Elite8 of 19Nina Back331.25
7/25/2021HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenStraight Elite 223 of 36Nina Back429.72
7/25/2021HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenStraight Elite 126 of 38Nina Back658.40
7/17/2021BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Elite16 of 22Nina Back436.75
7/10/2021STKHHuddinge - RådsparkenStraight Elite7 of 19Nina Back4+2109.26
7/5/2021GKHTÄlvkarlebyCrooked Elite 1OPLNina BackNIT0
7/5/2021GKHTÄlvkarlebyCrooked Elite 25 of 20Magdalena Åsblom2+2138.41
6/27/2021GKHTÄlvkarlebyStraight Elite4 of 4Nina Back5+573.01
6/13/2021GKHTÄlvkarlebyCrooked Difficult 1UTNina Back2+1117.72
6/13/2021GKHTÄlvkarlebyCrooked Difficult 2UTNina Back242.59
6/12/2021BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Elite19 of 20Nina Back580.50
6/6/2021GKHTÄlvkarlebyStraight Elite 16 of 10Nina Back4+484.90
6/6/2021GKHTÄlvkarlebyStraight Elite 23 of 10Magdalena Åsblom3+143.79
10/18/2020GKHTÄlvkarlebyStraight Elite - Rule B13 of 15Nina Back871.18
10/10/2020BLKHAvesta - AvestavallenCrooked Elite - Rule A13 of 26Nina Back5115.78
10/3/2020GKHTÄlvkarlebyStraight Elite - Rule A14 of 18Nina Back651.10
9/26/2020BLKHAvesta - AvestavallenStraight Elite - Rule A9 of 20Nina Back650.90
9/19/2020GKHTÄlvkarlebyCrooked Elite - Rule A7 of 14Rickard Wilhelmsson571.09
8/31/2020GKHTÄlvkarlebyStraight EliteUTNina Back566.47
8/9/2020GKHTÄlvkarlebyCrooked Elite1 of 9Nina Back3+1103.97 Prize
7/25/2020GKHTÄlvkarlebyStraight Elite4 of 8Nina Back3+290.65
1/4/2020GKHTGävle - Gefle BoulecenterCrooked Elite 14 of 29Nina Back3+283.62 Prize
1/4/2020GKHTGävle - Gefle BoulecenterCrooked Elite 24 of 29Nina Back2+282.81 Prize
12/29/2019GKHTGävle - Gävle HundungdomCrooked Elite2 of 27Nina Back3+384.46 Prize Cert
11/23/2019BLKHAvesta - Ingevallsbo RidhusStraight Elite15 of 25Nina Back445.53
11/2/2019GKHTGävle - Gefle BoulecenterCrooked Elite 125 of 34Nina Back470.72
11/2/2019GKHTGävle - Gefle BoulecenterCrooked Elite 220 of 34Nina Back348.37
9/28/2019GKHTÄlvkarleby - IP (B-planen)Straight Elite 1 - Rule D13 of 34Nina Back5+181.50
9/28/2019GKHTÄlvkarleby - IP (B-planen)Straight Elite 2 - Rule A17 of 33Nina Back447.18
9/21/201908KTUpplands Väsby - Stockholms HundsportscentrumCrooked Elite - Rule E142 of 175Nina Back8+9148.91
9/15/2019HäKHHudiksvallStraight Elite 133 of 54Nina Back660.03
9/15/2019HäKHHudiksvallStraight Elite 28 of 54Nina Back1+257.60 Prize
9/14/2019GKHTGävle - Gävle HundungdomCrooked Elite - Rule D7 of 13Nina Back7+3128.44
9/7/2019WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanCrooked Elite - Rule A37 of 48Nina Back484.92
9/7/2019WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanCrooked Elite - Rule D13 of 48Nina Back2+1105.41
8/25/2019HäKHIggesund utanför badhusetStraight Elite 115 of 52Rickard Wilhelmsson2+1120.43
8/25/2019HäKHIggesund utanför badhusetStraight Elite 248 of 52Rickard Wilhelmsson771.68
8/24/2019HäKHIggesund utanför badhusetCrooked Elite 1OPLRickard WilhelmssonNIT0
8/24/2019HäKHIggesund utanför badhusetCrooked Elite 23 of 46Rickard Wilhelmsson1+0107.26 Prize
8/20/2019HäKHHudiksvall - Gruset Crooked Difficult5 of 35Nina Back2+167.50 Prize Point Advancement
8/17/2019GKHTIP i ÄlvkarlebyCrooked Difficult 15 of 15Nina Back2+283.94
8/17/2019GKHTIP i ÄlvkarlebyCrooked Difficult 21 of 15Nina Back0+046.44 Prize Point
8/11/2019HäKHHudiksvalls kommunCrooked Difficult 12 of 28Rickard Wilhelmsson1+177.18 Prize Point
8/11/2019HäKHHudiksvalls kommunCrooked Difficult 23 of 28Rickard Wilhelmsson0+0121.46 Prize Point
8/3/2019GKHTSandvikenStraight Elite 17 of 25Nina Back1+374.18
8/3/2019GKHTSandvikenStraight Elite 221 of 25Nina Back658.72
7/31/2019ULKHUppsalaStraight Elite21 of 29Nina Back353.25
7/27/2019GKHTÄlvkarleby - IPCrooked Difficult 113 of 35Nina Back448.47
7/27/2019GKHTÄlvkarleby - IPCrooked Difficult 29 of 34Nina Back1+482.35
7/20/2019HäKHHudiksvalls Kommun - BorgarparkenCrooked Difficult 15 of 43Nina Back2+171.38 Prize Point
7/20/2019HäKHHudiksvalls Kommun - BorgarparkenCrooked Difficult 232 of 41Nina Back488.40
7/14/2019GKHTSandvikenStraight Difficult 14 of 25Nina Back3+061.83 Prize Point Advancement
7/14/2019GKHTSandvikenStraight Difficult 215 of 25Nina Back348.28 *Only Cup
7/10/2019WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanStraight Difficult9 of 21Nina Back242.37
7/6/2019RoKHNorrtälje kommun - I Josephines trädgårdCrooked Moderate3 of 20Nina Back1+1103.34 Prize Point Advancement
6/30/2019ÖLKHNora - UskaviStraight Difficult4 of 26Nina Back1+249.37 Prize Point
6/29/2019ÖLKHNora - UskaviCrooked Moderate13 of 33Nina Back1+384.88
6/16/2019GKHTÄlvkarleby - SydkapCrooked Moderate7 of 19Nina Back2+2113.78
6/9/2019ULKHUppsala - UppsalaCrooked Moderate4 of 25Nina Back2+1123.00 Prize Point
5/30/2019GKHTSandviken - Högbo bruk Straight Difficult 13 of 17Nina Back3+1148.59 Prize Point
5/30/2019GKHTSandviken - Högbo bruk Straight Difficult 21 of 16Nina Back0+041.10 Prize Point
5/25/2019GKHTSandvikenStraight Difficult2 of 11Nina Back3+070.75 Prize Point
5/18/2019WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanStraight Moderate 13 of 24Magdalena Åsblom1+047.43 Prize Point Advancement
5/1/2019ULKHUppsalaCrooked Moderate6 of 21Nina Back2+0132.70
4/27/2019GKHTGävle - Gävle HundungdomCrooked ModerateOPLNina BackNIT0
4/19/2019GKHTGävle - Gävle HundungdomCrooked Moderate 1OPLNina BackNIT0
4/19/2019GKHTGävle - Gävle HundungdomCrooked Moderate 25 of 16Nina Back2+1140.24
3/31/2019STKHUpplands Väsby - Vällsta GårdStraight Moderate10 of 26Nina Back1+170.68
3/30/2019GKHTGävle - Gefle BoulecenterCrooked Moderate 12 of 25Magdalena Åsblom1+0168.96 Prize Point
3/30/2019GKHTGävle - Gefle BoulecenterCrooked Moderate 210 of 23Magdalena Åsblom334.65
3/16/2019GKHTGävle - Gefle BoulecenterCrooked Easy 12 of 46Nina Back0+091.22 Prize Point
3/16/2019GKHTGävle - Gefle BoulecenterCrooked Easy 22 of 42Nina Back0+0118.12 Prize Point Advancement
3/9/2019HäKHEnånger - Vedmora ridhusCrooked Easy6 of 19Nina Back0+1152.27
2/23/2019HäKHLjusdals kommun - Ljusdals ridhusStraight Moderate6 of 30Nina Back2+2122.65 Prize Point
2/10/2019RoKHHallstavik - Hallstavik ridhusCrooked Easy15 of 53Nina Back0+287.19
1/19/2019WKHLeksand - Leksands ridklubbCrooked Easy 111 of 16Nina Back242.47
1/19/2019WKHLeksand - Leksands ridklubbCrooked Easy 216 of 21Nina Back120.58
12/30/2018ÖLKHÖrebro - Vittvångs RidhusStraight Moderate22 of 34Nina Back344.44
10/6/2018GKHTÄlvkarleby - Älvkarleby IPStraight Moderate 14 of 26Nina Back1+178.51 Prize Point
10/6/2018GKHTÄlvkarleby - Älvkarleby IPStraight Moderate 27 of 26Nina Back0+158.28
9/29/2018ULKHUppsala - ÅrstaStraight Easy3 of 36Nina Back0+036.72 Prize Point Advancement
9/22/2018HäKHHudiksvalls kommun - På grusetStraight Easy 110 of 59Nina Back1+151.82 Prize Point
9/22/2018HäKHHudiksvalls kommun - På grusetStraight Easy 25 of 58Nina Back0+0147.00 Prize Point
9/15/2018GKHTSandviken - HögboCrooked Easy 110 of 28Nina Back0+2153.53
9/15/2018GKHTSandviken - HögboCrooked Easy 25 of 25Nina Back0+1125.50 Prize Point

Results in hight jump and long jump

8/15/2021HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenLong Elite5 of 19Nina Back200.0 cm
8/7/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionHigh Elite1 of 15Nina Back85.0 cm Prize Cert Ch
7/25/2021HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenLong Elite3 of 16Nina Back200.0 cm Prize
7/5/2021GKHTÄlvkarlebyHigh Elite7 of 13Nina Back75.0 cm
6/12/2021BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboHigh Elite4 of 10Nina Back70.0 cm
10/3/2020GKHTÄlvkarlebyLong Elite1 of 10Nina Back230.0 cm Prize Cert
9/19/2020GKHTÄlvkarlebyHigh Elite3 of 10Rickard Wilhelmsson75.0 cm
1/4/2020GKHTGävle - Gefle BoulecenterHigh Elite2 of 10Nina Back80.0 cm Prize
11/2/2019GKHTGävle - Gefle BoulecenterHigh Elite1 of 10Nina Back85.0 cm Prize Cert
9/28/2019GKHTÄlvkarleby - IP (B-planen)Long Not elite3 of 17Nina Back200.0 cm Prize Point Advancement
9/22/201908KTUpplands Väsby - Stockholms HundsportscentrumHigh Elite22 of 64Nina Back85.0 cm
9/7/2019WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanHigh Elite1 of 15Nina Back90.0 cm Prize Cert
8/25/2019HäKHIggesund utanför badhusetLong Not elite19 of 39Rickard Wilhelmsson160.0 cm Point
8/17/2019GKHTIP i ÄlvkarlebyHigh Elite3 of 10Nina Back85.0 cm
8/3/2019GKHTSandvikenLong Not eliteOPLNina Back0 cm
7/31/2019ULKHUppsalaHigh Elite6 of 17Nina Back60.0 cm
7/20/2019HäKHHudiksvalls Kommun - BorgarparkenHigh Not elite7 of 39Nina Back60.0 cm Prize Point Advancement
6/16/2019GKHTÄlvkarleby - SydkapHigh Not elite - Class trial1 of 25Nina Back60.0 cm Prize Point
6/9/2019ULKHUppsala - UppsalaHigh Not elite - Class trial5 of 30Nina Back60.0 cm Prize Point
5/25/2019GKHTSandvikenLong Not elite9 of 19Nina Back200.0 cm Point

Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing
8/22/2021GKHTÄlvkarlebyFriscos cupElite7 of 12Nina Back156,9
9/28/2019GKHTÄlvkarleby - IP (B-planen)KM i RakbanaElite14 of 31Nina Back3013,17
9/15/2019HäKHHudiksvallApcocupenElite20 of 54Nina Back418,33
7/14/2019GKHTSandvikenSpeed rabbit svårDifficult10 of 25Nina Back194,15
10/6/2018GKHTÄlvkarleby - Älvkarleby IPSpeed Rabbit MedelsvårModerate6 of 25Nina Back114,7
9/22/2018HäKHHudiksvalls kommun - På grusetGrolle cupenEasy8 of 57Nina Back155,10

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight38 of 111 (34.23 %)
AwardsHigh/Long12 of 20 (60 %)
Personal recordHigh90.0 cm
Personal recordLong230.0 cm

Family tree