Blossi frá Trianon

Information about rabbit

Name: Blossi frá Trianon
Nick name: Ozzy
Sex: Male
Breeding information:
Color: Viltisabella
Birthday: 6/1/2018
Age: 5 year, 6 month and 10 days
Mother: SE*Silverados Easy To Love
Father: SE*Ringmurens S Ch Little Drummerboy
Borrower: -
Handler: Olivia von Döbeln
Owner: Olivia von Döbeln
Farm name code: -
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-13909
Straight: Easy
Crooked: Easy
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Emmeli Johansson8/5/2018

Results in course

4/28/201908KTNacka - HedvigslundsparkenCrooked Easy55 of 68Olivia von Döbeln559.09
4/27/201908KTNacka - HedvigslundsparkenStraight Easy 145 of 55Olivia von Döbeln356.53
4/27/201908KTNacka - HedvigslundsparkenStraight Easy 233 of 51Olivia von Döbeln221.94
1/20/201908KTVästerhaninge - BlåkullaStraight Easy - New29 of 46Olivia von Döbeln469.65
11/11/2018MKHEskilstuna - Stall Stenbro Crooked Mini37 of 49Olivia von Döbeln379.38
11/11/2018MKHEskilstuna - Stall Stenbro Straight Mini38 of 52Olivia von Döbeln2110.07

Results in hight jump and long jump


Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing
4/27/201908KTNacka - HedvigslundsparkenTulpancupenEasy30 of 34Olivia von Döbeln13333,45,55
11/11/2018MKHEskilstuna - Stall Stenbro MinihoppetMini36 of 46Olivia von Döbeln7537,38

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight0 of 6
Personal recordHigh0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

Family tree


RabbitBreeding informationSexColorBirthday
Efi frá TrianonMaleZobelsiames japan6/1/2018
Fidla frá TrianonFemaleSvart/gul japantecknad6/1/2018
Frodi frá TrianonMaleMadagaskar6/1/2018
Harrysdottir frá TrianonFemaleMadagaskar6/1/2018
Hildur frá TrianonFemaleZobelsiames japantecknad6/1/2018
Kristall frá TrianonFemaleSiames (zobelsiames)6/1/2018
Pokki frá TrianonMaleMadagaskarbrokad6/1/2018