Blue Sapphire

Information about rabbit

Name: Blue Sapphire
Nick name: Ester
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: Blåbrokad
Birthday: 8/1/2018
Age: 5 year, 4 month and 4 days
Mother: Zincerellas S Ch Double Trouble
Father: Haugens S Ch True Identity
Borrower: -
Handler: Emelie Häggström
Owner: Ann-Sofi Häggström
Farm - Other union: (Eikhaugens)
Farm name code: -
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-13915
Straight: Difficult - 2 Advancement points
Crooked: Difficult - 1 Point
High: Not elite - 1 Point
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Crooked Difficult - 1 st


Straight Difficult - 2 st


Crooked Moderate - 3 st


Straight Moderate - 3 st


Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


High Not elite - 1 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Tobias Ståhl12/11/2018
Tina Nylund3/21/2020

Results in course

8/6/2022WKHLudvika - Lorensbergaskolan fotbollsplan Straight DifficultOPLEmelie HäggströmNIT0
7/31/2022NVHTHagfors - HagforsStraight DifficultOPLEmelie HäggströmNIT0
7/24/2022VKHForshaga kommunStraight Difficult 15 of 14Emelie Häggström0+483.68
7/24/2022VKHForshaga kommunStraight Difficult 24 of 12Emelie Häggström3+142.40 Point
7/23/2022VKHForshaga kommunCrooked Difficult 110 of 17Emelie Häggström474.94
7/23/2022VKHForshaga kommunCrooked Difficult 28 of 15Emelie Häggström442.96
7/10/2022VKHDeje - StationsområdetStraight Difficult6 of 13Emelie Häggström2+359.66
12/4/2021VKHKarlstad kommun - Björklidens ridhus, MolkomStraight Difficult10 of 15Emelie Häggström551.50
9/25/2021VKHForshaga kommun Straight Difficult3 of 12Emelie Häggström1+028.59 Prize Point
9/11/2021VKHForshaga kommunCrooked Difficult11 of 13Emelie Häggström674.46
7/25/2021VKHForshaga kommunCrooked Difficult2 of 14Emelie Häggström2+192.10 Prize Point
7/17/2021VKHForshaga kommun - Deje stationsområdeStraight Difficult8 of 15Emelie Häggström356.13
10/10/2020VKHForshaga - DejeStraight Difficult7 of 12Emelie Häggström427.59
9/12/2020VKHForshaga - Deje stationsområdeStraight Difficult6 of 8Emelie Häggström6+375.40
3/14/2020WKHLeksand - Hästberg Crooked Difficult 16 of 10Ida Stråle378.06
3/14/2020WKHLeksand - Hästberg Crooked Difficult 23 of 10Ida Stråle1+066.41
2/29/2020WKHLeksand - Leksands ridklubb Straight Difficult16 of 23Ida Stråle438.41
2/8/2020BLKHAvesta - Ingevallsbo RidhusCrooked Difficult12 of 20Ida Stråle360.56
1/18/2020WKHLeksand - Leksands ridklubbCrooked Difficult 111 of 14Ida Stråle423.78
1/18/2020WKHLeksand - Leksands ridklubbCrooked Difficult 212 of 13Ida Stråle542.03
12/21/2019WKHLeksand - Leksands ridklubbStraight Moderate 13 of 18Tina Nylund0+135.43 Prize Point Advancement
12/21/2019WKHLeksand - Leksands ridklubbStraight Moderate 22 of 17Tina Nylund0+030.09 Prize *Only Cup
11/30/2019WKHLeksand - HästbergCrooked Difficult7 of 10Ida Stråle557.56
11/23/2019MKHKolbäck - Lilla Åskebro 1Straight Moderate6 of 25Tina Nylund1+248.57
11/9/2019WKHLeksand - HästbergCrooked Difficult 19 of 12Tina Nylund962.47
11/9/2019WKHLeksand - HästbergCrooked Difficult 27 of 11Tina Nylund546.69
11/2/2019GKHTGävle - Gefle BoulecenterCrooked Difficult14 of 15Tina Nylund947.75
10/27/2019MKHKolbäck - Lilla Åskebro 1Straight Moderate4 of 33Tina Nylund1+140.18 Prize Point
10/26/2019MKHKolbäck - Lilla Åskebro 1Crooked Moderate 118 of 47Tina Nylund336.16
10/26/2019MKHKolbäck - Lilla Åskebro 1Crooked Moderate 27 of 47Tina Nylund1+059.98 Prize Point Advancement
10/19/2019WKHLeksand - HästbergCrooked Moderate 17 of 9Tina Nylund337.50
10/19/2019WKHLeksand - HästbergCrooked Moderate 23 of 7Tina Nylund2+279.28
10/12/2019ÖKHNorrköping - Fursta gård FuringstadStraight Moderate 111 of 27Tina Nylund4+257.38
10/12/2019ÖKHNorrköping - Fursta gård FuringstadStraight Moderate 210 of 26Tina Nylund336.50
10/5/2019ÖLKHÖrebro - Vittvångs ridhusStraight Moderate11 of 27Tina Nylund218.19
9/28/2019MKHKolbäck - Lilla Åskebro 1Straight Moderate9 of 26Tina Nylund1+245.32
9/8/2019WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanStraight Moderate2 of 12Tina Nylund0+139.03 Prize Point
9/7/2019WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanCrooked Moderate2 of 13Tina Nylund1+150.19 Prize Point
8/25/2019STKHBromma - SolvallaStraight Moderate 111 of 27Tina Nylund317.75
8/25/2019STKHBromma - SolvallaStraight Moderate 29 of 27Tina Nylund2+273.88
8/24/2019STKHBromma - SolvallaCrooked Moderate 11 of 18Tina Nylund2+063.65 Prize Point
8/24/2019STKHBromma - SolvallaCrooked Moderate 27 of 17Tina Nylund2+370.53
8/17/2019WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanCrooked Moderate - New 13 of 4Tina Nylund2+168.36
8/17/2019WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanCrooked Moderate - New 22 of 3Tina Nylund4+1195.59
8/10/2019ULKHUppsala - ÅrstaCrooked ModerateOPLTina NylundNIT0
8/4/2019WKHHögboda Straight Moderate 117 of 33Tina Nylund153.85
8/4/2019WKHHögboda Straight Moderate 227 of 32Tina Nylund388.25
8/3/2019WKHHögboda Crooked Moderate10 of 31Tina Nylund3+150.09
7/24/2019WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanStraight Moderate10 of 16Tina Nylund329.72
7/21/2019MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Moderate 18 of 21Tina Nylund222.84
7/21/2019MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Moderate 213 of 20Tina Nylund1+260.87
7/10/2019WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanStraight ModerateOPLTina NylundNIT0
6/30/2019ÖLKHNora - UskaviStraight Moderate18 of 36Tina Nylund325.81
6/29/2019ÖLKHNora - UskaviCrooked Moderate22 of 33Tina Nylund449.00
6/23/2019WKHSifferbo - Dalarna Älv-Camping (Sifferbo Camping)Straight Easy2 of 62Tina Nylund0+020.89 Prize Point Advancement
6/22/2019WKHSifferbo - Dalarna Älv-Camping (Sifferbo Camping)Crooked ModerateOPLTina NylundNIT0
6/16/2019ACKHLövånger - Lövångers KyrkstadStraight Easy23 of 52Tina Nylund119.91
6/15/2019ACKHLövånger - Lövångers KyrkstadCrooked Easy2 of 58Tina Nylund0+039.53 Prize Point Advancement
5/25/2019GKHTSandvikenStraight Easy5 of 17Tina Nylund0+132.09
5/18/2019WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanStraight Easy 123 of 34Tina Nylund39.56
5/18/2019WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanStraight Easy 23 of 31Tina Nylund1+034.37 Prize Point
4/27/2019GKHTGävle - Gävle HundungdomCrooked Easy4 of 9Tina Nylund1+146.34
4/21/2019WKHLeksand - Leksands ridklubbStraight Easy9 of 20Tina Nylund0+238.34
4/20/2019WKHLeksand - Leksands ridklubbCrooked Easy 116 of 29Tina Nylund2112.72
4/20/2019WKHLeksand - Leksands ridklubbCrooked Easy 21 of 26Tina Nylund0+038.19 Prize Point
4/19/2019GKHTGävle - Gävle HundungdomCrooked Easy12 of 27Tina Nylund328.57
4/14/2019VKHKil - FrykstahöjdenStraight Easy - New1 of 31Tina Nylund0+121.20 Prize Point
4/6/2019ÖLKHÖrebro - Vittvångs Ridhus Straight Easy13 of 49Tina Nylund1+129.50
3/23/2019WKHLeksand - Leksands ridklubbCrooked Easy16 of 43Tina Nylund364.43
3/16/2019GKHTGävle - Gefle BoulecenterCrooked Easy 122 of 46Tina Nylund335.63
3/16/2019GKHTGävle - Gefle BoulecenterCrooked Easy 27 of 42Tina Nylund0+236.95 Prize Point
3/2/2019MKHEskilstuna - Stall StenbroStraight Easy38 of 81Tina Nylund122.53
2/17/2019MKHEskilstuna - Stall StenbroStraight Easy37 of 53Tina Nylund332.47
2/16/2019MKHEskilstuna - Stall StenbroCrooked Easy23 of 62Tina Nylund1+239.84
2/2/2019WKHLeksand - Leksands ridklubbStraight Easy11 of 33Tina Nylund0+345.27
1/26/2019ÖLKHÖrebro - Vittvångs RidhusCrooked Easy19 of 43Tina Nylund227.62
1/19/2019WKHLeksand - Leksands ridklubbCrooked Easy - New 117 of 44Tina Nylund241.15
1/19/2019WKHLeksand - Leksands ridklubbCrooked Easy - New 212 of 28Tina Nylund228.41
1/12/2019ÖKHMotalaCrooked Easy19 of 60Tina Nylund1+241.85

Results in hight jump and long jump

7/25/2021VKHForshaga kommunHigh Not elite12 of 17Emelie Häggström60.0 cm Point
7/17/2021VKHForshaga kommun - Deje stationsområdeLong Not eliteOPLEmelie Häggström0 cm

Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing
7/23/2022VKHForshaga kommunSkogsstjärnecupenDifficult4 of 7Emelie Häggström274,5,8,10
12/21/2019WKHLeksand - Leksands ridklubbKnäckcupenModerate2 of 12Tina Nylund52,3
10/26/2019MKHKolbäck - Lilla Åskebro 1Fantom-cupenModerate3 of 16Tina Nylund294,7,18
9/7/2019WKHBorlänge - Hagagymnasiets grusplanGrenens CupModerate1 of 2Tina Nylund42,2
8/24/2019STKHBromma - SolvallaWångens CupModerate4 of 9Tina Nylund281,7,9,11
8/3/2019WKHHögboda Svängens CupModerate14 of 20Tina Nylund5410,17,27
6/15/2019ACKHLövånger - Lövångers KyrkstadMyggacupenEasy5 of 35Tina Nylund252,23
4/20/2019WKHLeksand - Leksands ridklubbChokladkanincupenEasy4 of 9Tina Nylund261,9,16
2/16/2019MKHEskilstuna - Stall StenbroVänskaps-cupenEasy15 of 30Tina Nylund6023,37

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight16 of 79 (20.25 %)
AwardsHigh/Long1 of 2 (50 %)
Personal recordHigh60.0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

Family tree


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