Queen's Dance with Dragons

Information about rabbit

Name: Queen's Dance with Dragons
Nick name: Algot
Sex: Male
Breeding information:
Color: Järnblåbrokad
Birthday: 2/18/2014
Age: 7 year, 0 month and 18 days
Mother: Simoneholms Sibirian Nights
Father: Gt Ch Golden Spike
Borrower: -
Handler: Caroline Nygren
Owner: Caroline Nygren
Farm - -: Queen's
Union: -
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-8914
Straight: Veteran
Crooked: Veteran
High: Elite
Long: Elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Crooked Difficult - 5 st


Straight Difficult - 5 st


Straight Moderate - 2 st


Straight Easy - 1 st


High Not elite - 3 st


Long Not elite - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change

Results in course

9/26/2020VÄSKHVästra Götaland - Ridklubben i GrästorpCrooked Veteran2 of 4Caroline Nygren2+055.72
9/21/201908KTUpplands Väsby - Stockholms HundsportscentrumCrooked Elite - Rule EOPLCaroline NygrenNIT0
9/14/2019VÄSKHVästra Götaland - MagraCrooked Elite 1 - Rule D13 of 18Caroline Nygren6+3118.04
9/14/2019VÄSKHVästra Götaland - MagraCrooked Elite 2 - Rule A12 of 18Caroline Nygren580.82
9/1/2019VÄSKHVargön - Ronnums HerrgårdStraight Elite 252 of 79Caroline Nygren479.75
8/31/2019VÄSKHVargön - Ronnums HerrgårdCrooked Elite70 of 77Caroline Nygren7100.53
8/31/2019VÄSKHVargön - Ronnums HerrgårdStraight Elite 1 - Rule A64 of 82Caroline Nygren572.65
8/21/2019VÄSKHVästra Götaland Crooked EliteOPLCaroline NygrenNIT0
8/18/2019VÄSKHMagraCrooked Elite 144 of 44Caroline Nygren9101.50
8/18/2019VÄSKHMagraCrooked Elite 243 of 44Caroline Nygren977.31
8/17/2019VÄSKHMagraStraight Elite37 of 45Caroline Nygren437.78
7/28/2019VÄSKHVästra Götaland - Hos Emma i UddevallaCrooked Elite15 of 20Caroline Nygren557.22
7/23/2019VÄSKHVästra Götaland Crooked Elite17 of 25Caroline Nygren469.06
7/21/2019MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Elite 1 - Rule A29 of 41Cathrine Karlsson429.91
7/21/2019MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Elite 2 - Rule D35 of 41Cathrine Karlsson5+3106.43
7/20/2019MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumCrooked Elite 1 - Rule A24 of 28Cathrine Karlsson996.59
7/20/2019MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumCrooked Elite 2 - Rule D21 of 28Cathrine Karlsson4+3131.88
7/7/2019VÄSKHVästra götalandCrooked Elite17 of 23Caroline Nygren455.35
7/6/2019VÄSKHVästra götalandStraight Elite24 of 29Caroline Nygren622.69
7/3/2019VÄSKHVästra Götaland - LysekilStraight Elite 1 - Rule A11 of 27Caroline Nygren224.40
7/3/2019VÄSKHVästra Götaland - LysekilStraight Elite 220 of 27Caroline Nygren327.81
6/30/2019VKHDejeCrooked Elite 110 of 23Caroline Nygren2+5104.75
6/30/2019VKHDejeCrooked Elite 221 of 23Caroline Nygren692.22
6/1/2019VÄSKHVästra GötalandStraight Elite2 of 14Caroline Nygren1+444.54 Prize
5/30/2019VKHDejeCrooked Elite5 of 31Caroline Nygren3+287.53 Prize
5/25/2019VÄSKHUddevalla - Hos EmmaStraight Elite15 of 37Caroline Nygren2+346.56
5/18/2019VÄSKHVästra Götaland - KålleredCrooked Elite3 of 13Caroline Nygren3+4113.19 Prize
5/1/2019VÄSKHVästra Götaland - Landvetter ryttarsällskapStraight Elite 153 of 69Caroline Nygren531.16
5/1/2019VÄSKHVästra Götaland - Landvetter ryttarsällskapStraight Elite 2 - Rule A20 of 68Caroline Nygren221.15
4/28/2019MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Elite20 of 49Caroline Nygren2+454.50
4/27/2019MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumCrooked Elite 129 of 40Caroline Nygren541.31
4/27/2019MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumCrooked Elite 226 of 38Caroline Nygren334.97
4/19/2019ÖLKHÖrebro - Vittvångs ridhusCrooked Elite16 of 34Caroline Nygren363.78
4/14/2019VKHKil - FrykstahöjdenStraight Elite30 of 100Caroline Nygren2+260.75
4/7/2019VÄSKHVara i Västra Götaland - Norra VÄSKHStraight Elite15 of 29Caroline Nygren2+480.15
3/31/2019MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Elite 114 of 39Caroline Nygren351.87
3/31/2019MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Elite 216 of 38Caroline Nygren3+477.25
3/10/2019VÄSKHFjärås - Fjärås ridskolaStraight Elite 19 of 39Caroline Nygren2+355.28
3/10/2019VÄSKHFjärås - Fjärås ridskolaStraight Elite 2 - Rule A11 of 39Caroline Nygren225.46
3/2/2019MKHEskilstuna - Stall StenbroStraight Elite30 of 79Caroline Nygren255.09
2/10/2019VÄSKHFjärås - Fjärås RidskolaStraight Elite4 of 26Caroline Nygren2+052.31 Prize
1/26/2019VÄSKHLysekil - Gamla idrottshallenCrooked Elite12 of 28Caroline Nygren3+282.31
1/13/2019VÄSKHFjärås - Fjärås Ridskola Straight Elite8 of 51Caroline Nygren2+144.72 Prize
12/16/2018VÄSKHVästra Götaland, LysekilCrooked Elite 13 of 26Caroline Nygren1+294.47 Prize
12/16/2018VÄSKHVästra Götaland, LysekilCrooked Elite 2 - Rule A17 of 26Caroline Nygren560.08
11/17/2018VÄSKHVästra Götaland - VaraStraight Elite 1 - Rule D18 of 34Caroline Nygren2+284.12
11/17/2018VÄSKHVästra Götaland - VaraStraight Elite 2 - Rule A31 of 34Caroline Nygren835.75
11/10/2018VÄSKHVästra Götaland - VaraStraight Elite12 of 30Caroline Nygren2+287.91
10/20/2018VÄSKHLysekil - Gamla IdrottshallenCrooked Elite - Rule E59 of 132Caroline Nygren5+5143.10
10/13/2018VÄSKHVästra Götaland, LysekilCrooked Elite 111 of 39Caroline Nygren2+392.05
10/13/2018VÄSKHVästra Götaland, LysekilCrooked Elite 2 - Rule A15 of 39Caroline Nygren443.50
9/29/2018VÄSKHVästra Götaland, LysekilStraight Elite8 of 29Caroline Nygren4+251.21
9/15/2018VÄSKHVästra Götaland - UddevallaStraight Elite5 of 24Caroline Nygren3+167.68 Prize
9/9/2018VÄSKHVästra götaland - Balltorps fritidsföreningCrooked Elite 123 of 26Caroline Nygren781.12
9/9/2018VÄSKHVästra götaland - Balltorps fritidsföreningCrooked Elite 2 - Rule A19 of 26Caroline Nygren568.51
8/25/2018VÄSKHVästra Götaland - Hos EmpaCrooked Elite5 of 24Caroline Nygren2+195.88 Prize
8/18/2018MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumCrooked Elite10 of 20Caroline Nygren3+375.60
8/11/2018VÄSKHSollebrunn - MagraCrooked Elite10 of 17Caroline Nygren252.69
7/22/2018VÄSKHSollebrunn - MagraStraight Elite30 of 44Caroline Nygren316.63
7/21/2018VÄSKHSollebrunn - MagraCrooked Elite 124 of 33Caroline Nygren452.03
7/21/2018VÄSKHSollebrunn - MagraCrooked Elite 2 - Rule A14 of 33Caroline Nygren358.53
7/16/2018VÄSKHVästra GötalandCrooked Elite - Rule A7 of 21Caroline Nygren253.00
6/27/2018VÄSKHVästra Götaland - GendalenStraight Elite13 of 23Caroline Nygren529.31
6/9/2018VÄSKHLysekil - Gräsmattan vid PäppleCrooked Elite 113 of 23Caroline Nygren3+291.75
6/9/2018VÄSKHLysekil - Gräsmattan vid PäppleCrooked Elite 2 - Rule A12 of 23Caroline Nygren244.45
5/30/2018VÄSKHUddevallaCrooked Elite - Rule A16 of 19Caroline Nygren495.75
5/26/2018VÄSKHGöteborg - Galaxgatan 3Straight Elite11 of 20Caroline Nygren351.21
5/19/2018KoKHKalmar - IffehallenStraight Elite - Rule E99 of 231Caroline Nygren4+4116.68
5/10/2018MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Elite 1 - Rule A9 of 43Caroline Nygren131.22 Prize
5/10/2018MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Elite 220 of 43Caroline Nygren220.69
5/1/2018VÄSKHLandvetter - Landvetter ryttarsällskapStraight Elite 135 of 55Caroline Nygren236.56
5/1/2018VÄSKHLandvetter - Landvetter ryttarsällskapStraight Elite 2 - Rule A34 of 55Caroline Nygren352.16
4/28/2018VÄSKHVästra Götaland - TrollhättanCrooked Elite6 of 15Caroline Nygren1+186.19
4/14/2018VÄSKHVästra Götaland - TrollhättanStraight Elite15 of 29Caroline Nygren1+357.66
3/30/2018SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdStraight Elite33 of 62Caroline Nygren350.66
3/24/2018VÄSKHLysekil - Gamla idrottshallenStraight Difficult2 of 8Caroline Nygren1+267.00 Prize Point Advancement
3/17/2018VÄSKHLysekil - Gamla idrottshallenCrooked Elite17 of 25Caroline Nygren542.81
2/10/2018ÖLKHÖrebro - Vittvångs RidhusCrooked Elite24 of 31Caroline Nygren671.94
1/21/2018VÄSKHLysekil - IdrottshallCrooked Difficult5 of 30Caroline Nygren2+066.19 Prize Point Advancement
1/13/2018VÄSKHLysekil - IdrottshallCrooked Difficult2 of 9Caroline Nygren2+263.88 Prize Point
12/10/2017VÄSKHLysekil - Gamla idrottshallenStraight Difficult1 of 10Caroline Nygren2+237.22 Prize Point
11/18/2017VÄSKHLysekil - Gamla idrottshallenStraight Difficult2 of 26Caroline Nygren0+238.75 Prize Point
11/12/2017VÄSKHLysekil - Gamla IdrottshallenCrooked Difficult - Rule E23 of 29Caroline Nygren4+NIT62.44
10/14/2017VÄSKHTrollhättanStraight Difficult4 of 19Caroline Nygren3+361.27 Prize
9/23/2017VÄSKHUddevallaCrooked Difficult6 of 14Caroline Nygren0+261.66
9/16/2017VÄSKHLysekil - Gräsplanen vid PäppleStraight Difficult6 of 10Caroline Nygren1+446.66
9/13/2017VÄSKHAlingsås - Hos EmpaCrooked Difficult7 of 16Caroline Nygren2+288.25
8/27/2017VÄSKHKungsbacka - Stättared 4H gårdStraight Difficult11 of 33Caroline Nygren2+256.49
8/12/2017VÄSKHSollebrunn - MagraStraight Difficult 111 of 27Caroline Nygren2+3132.94
8/12/2017VÄSKHSollebrunn - MagraStraight Difficult 23 of 27Caroline Nygren1+158.28 Prize Point
7/30/2017VÄSKHGöteborg - Galaxgatan 3Crooked Difficult 111 of 13Caroline Nygren465.57
7/30/2017VÄSKHGöteborg - Galaxgatan 3Crooked Difficult 22 of 12Caroline Nygren1+065.97 Prize Point
7/23/2017VÄSKHLysekil - Gräsplanen vid PäppleStraight Difficult7 of 27Caroline Nygren1+281.68
7/22/2017VÄSKHLysekil - Gräsplanen vid PäppleCrooked Difficult3 of 14Caroline Nygren3+190.76 Prize Point
7/9/2017VÄSKHGöteborg - Galaxgatan 3Crooked Difficult6 of 22Caroline Nygren3+185.59
7/2/2017VÄSKHLandvetter - Hemma hos JuliStraight Difficult5 of 17Caroline Nygren3+151.20
7/1/2017ÖLKHUskavigården Straight Difficult 118 of 42Caroline Nygren2+466.36
7/1/2017ÖLKHUskavigården Straight Difficult 27 of 42Caroline Nygren2+351.94 Prize
6/18/2017VÄSKHSollebrunn - Magra Straight Difficult15 of 23Caroline Nygren452.25
6/18/2017VÄSKHSollebrunn - Magra Crooked Difficult10 of 18Caroline Nygren450.16
6/4/2017KoKHKalmar - Skälby 4h gårdStraight Difficult 1OPLSofiie HasselbergNIT0
6/4/2017KoKHKalmar - Skälby 4h gårdStraight Difficult 2OPLSofiie HasselbergNIT0
4/22/2017VÄSKHHäggvallCrooked Difficult4 of 10Caroline Nygren2+265.22
4/15/2017SKHÅstorp - KvidingeCrooked Difficult 113 of 33Caroline Nygren2+4115.16
4/15/2017SKHÅstorp - KvidingeCrooked Difficult 217 of 31Caroline Nygren450.51
11/12/2016VÄSKHBjörlandaStraight Difficult - Rule E11 of 33Caroline Nygren2+2+376.59
10/15/2016VÄSKHBjörlandaStraight Difficult9 of 17Caroline Nygren2+433.78
7/30/2016VÄSKHKungälv - Gunnars ÄngCrooked Difficult3 of 10Caroline Nygren2+178.83
7/3/2016VÄSKHPartille - Lexby RidklubbCrooked Difficult 113 of 28Caroline Nygren245.72
7/3/2016VÄSKHPartille - Lexby RidklubbCrooked Difficult 211 of 28Caroline Nygren336.28
6/29/2016VÄSKHLysekil - BrukshundsklubbenCrooked Difficult6 of 8Caroline Nygren3+371.63
6/18/2016VÄSKHTrollhättan - TingvallaparkenStraight Difficult1 of 15Caroline Nygren2+034.88 Prize Point
5/7/2016VÄSKHStättared - 4H-Gård Crooked Difficult - Rule E15 of 30Caroline Nygren2+3+NIT77.34
3/27/2016VÄSKHUddevalla - Skansens GårdStraight DifficultOPLEmma GustafssonNIT0
3/12/2016VÄSKHUddevalla - Skansens GårdCrooked Difficult4 of 13Caroline Nygren2+081.56
1/30/2016VÄSKHUddevalla - Skansens GårdStraight Difficult5 of 17Caroline Nygren1+149.87
12/12/2015VÄSKHUddevalla - Skansens gårdCrooked Difficult15 of 25Caroline Nygren444.27
12/12/2015VÄSKHUddevalla - Skansens gårdStraight Difficult8 of 28Caroline Nygren3+247.47
11/28/2015VÄSKHOlofstorpCrooked Difficult15 of 23Caroline Nygren553.28
11/14/2015VÄSKHUddevalla - Skansens gårdStraight Moderate 14 of 22Caroline Nygren1+145.25 Prize Point
10/31/2015ÖLKHÖrebro - ÖrebroStraight Moderate-Caroline Nygren0
8/22/2015VÄSKHSanserhult, HärrydaCrooked Difficult23 of 29Caroline Nygren653.82
8/15/2015VÄSKHLysekil - BrukshundsklubbenStraight Moderate5 of 18Caroline Nygren0+137.04
7/25/2015VKHHasselbol, KilCrooked Difficult 117 of 72Caroline Nygren2+380.72
7/25/2015VKHHasselbol, KilCrooked Difficult 212 of 68Caroline Nygren2+175.05 Prize Point
7/16/2015VÄSKHGunnars äng, KungälvStraight Moderate1 of 19Caroline Nygren0+040.53 Prize Point
7/11/2015VÄSKHStättared 4H-gård, VeddigeCrooked Difficult 18 of 15Caroline Nygren355.94
7/11/2015VÄSKHStättared 4H-gård, VeddigeCrooked Difficult 24 of 15Caroline Nygren1+266.79
8/9/2014TKHTingvallaparken, TrollhättanCrooked Easy23 of 35Sandra Jönsson243.69
8/9/2014TKHTingvallaparken, TrollhättanStraight Easy4 of 28Sandra Jönsson1+034.88 Prize Point

Results in hight jump and long jump

10/21/2018VÄSKHLysekil - Gamla IdrottshallenHigh Elite32 of 69Caroline Nygren60.0 cm
10/13/2018VÄSKHVästra Götaland, LysekilHigh Elite11 of 23Caroline Nygren60.0 cm
7/16/2018VÄSKHVästra GötalandLong Not elite12 of 34Caroline Nygren180.0 cm Point Advancement
6/27/2018VÄSKHVästra Götaland - GendalenLong Not elite8 of 26Amanda Kristiansson160.0 cm Point
6/9/2018VÄSKHLysekil - Gräsmattan vid PäppleHigh Elite8 of 18Caroline Nygren75.0 cm
6/6/2018VÄSKHVästra götaland - UddevallaLong Not elite10 of 50Caroline Nygren160.0 cm Prize Point
5/30/2018VÄSKHUddevallaHigh Elite9 of 12Caroline Nygren60.0 cm
5/13/2018VÄSKHStättaredLong Not elite15 of 42Amanda Kristiansson140.0 cm
4/3/2018VÄSKHLysekil - Gamla idrottshallenHigh Elite4 of 12Amanda Kristiansson60.0 cm
3/17/2018VÄSKHLysekil - Gamla idrottshallenLong Not elite12 of 29Caroline Nygren120.0 cm
2/24/2018VÄSKHLysekil - Gamla idrottshallenLong Not elite12 of 24Caroline Nygren100.0 cm
8/17/2017VÄSKHLandvetter - Hos JuliHigh Not elite12 of 25Sofiie Hasselberg60.0 cm Point Advancement
8/16/2017SKHÄngelholmHigh Not elite16 of 32Sofiie Hasselberg60.0 cm Point
8/12/2017VÄSKHSollebrunn - MagraLong Not elite20 of 44Caroline Nygren120.0 cm
6/18/2017VÄSKHSollebrunn - Magra High Not elite11 of 25Caroline Nygren60.0 cm Point
6/4/2017KoKHKalmar - Skälby 4h gårdHigh Not eliteOPLSofiie Hasselberg0 cm

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight24 of 130 (18.46 %)
AwardsHigh/Long6 of 16 (37.5 %)
Personal recordHigh75.0 cm
Personal recordLong180.0 cm

Family tree