A Dream Of love

Information about rabbit

Name: A Dream Of love
Nick name: Musse
Sex: Male
Breeding information:
Color: brokad
Birthday: 5/17/2017
Age: 7 year, 0 month and 7 days
Mother: -
Father: -
Borrower: -
Handler: Felicia Eriksson
Owner: Felicia Eriksson
Farm name code: -
Union: SKH
Country Finland
RegNr: F-0054
Straight: Easy
Crooked: Easy - 1 Point
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Crooked Easy - 1 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Felicia Eriksson9/3/2019
Evelina Tikkakoski6/11/2020
Evelina Tikkakoski10/1/2019
Felicia Eriksson6/10/2020
Evelina Tikkakoski4/8/2021
Felicia Eriksson6/25/2020
Felicia Eriksson6/5/2021
Evelina Tikkakoski6/17/2021

Results in course

7/16/2022Straight MiniOOCFelicia Eriksson2+2118.68SKHJeppis CUPen, JKF-PKS Agilityplan i Jakobstad
6/20/2021Straight Easy28 of 30Felicia Eriksson586.05SKHSeinäjoki Horse Show, Seinäjoen ravikeskus i Seinäjoki
6/7/2021Straight Easy18 of 18Evelina Tikkakoski5127.14SKHBorgaregatans skola i Vaasa
9/5/2020Straight Easy33 of 38Evelina Tikkakoski9123.10SKHSM väliluokat, Åminne ridplan i Malax
8/22/2020Straight Easy15 of 20Evelina Tikkakoski3103.04SKHKvevlax UF:s gräsplan i Kvevlax
7/29/2020Crooked Easy23 of 24Evelina Tikkakoski8125.76SKHStjärnhallens grusplan i Nykarleby
7/17/2020Straight Easy18 of 26Evelina Tikkakoski138.28SKHOravais Grusplan i Oravais
6/27/2020Crooked Easy15 of 17Evelina Tikkakoski6141.03SKHPetalax UF i Petalax
6/27/2020Crooked MiniOOCEvelina Tikkakoski3+2158.94SKHPetalax UF i Petalax
6/13/2020Straight Easy29 of 30Evelina Tikkakoski776.64SKHIndia i Jakobstad
2/29/2020Crooked Easy9 of 14Felicia Eriksson674.84SKHÖvermark UF i Övermark
2/29/2020Crooked Mini Rule DOOCFelicia Eriksson0+284.28SKHÖvermark UF i Övermark
2/8/2020Crooked Easy11 of 17Felicia Eriksson773.79SKHSingsby UF i Korsholm
2/8/2020Crooked Easy12 of 16Felicia Eriksson787.71SKHSingsby UF i Korsholm
1/25/2020Straight Easy16 of 21Felicia Eriksson653.60SKHRasmusbacken i Vörå
11/9/2019Crooked Easy10 of 30Felicia Eriksson1+1143.12SKHStall Kvarnbacken i Esse
10/26/2019Crooked Easy16 of 34Felicia Eriksson3+1184.99SKHSM - Kanihypyn SM 2019 2.osakilpailu (eliitti mutka ja eliitti pituushyppy), Vaasan ratsastuskeskus i Vaasa
8/3/2019Straight Easy17 of 27Felicia Eriksson449.10SKHPower Park Cup, Power Park i Härmä
7/22/2019Straight Easy13 of 17Felicia Eriksson342.22SKHKvällstävling, Smedsby grusplan i Korsholm
7/6/2019Crooked Easy4 of 26Felicia Eriksson0+0148.31 Prize Point SKHPixne i Malax
7/6/2019Straight Easy16 of 22Felicia Eriksson236.06SKHPixne i Malax
6/2/2019Straight Easy12 of 14Felicia Eriksson473.13SKHIndia i Jakobstad
4/28/2019Straight Easy14 of 21Felicia Eriksson218.50SKHWoff agilityhall i Kvevlax i Korsholm

Results in hight jump and long jump

9/6/2020High Not eliteUPLEvelina TikkakoskiSKHSM väliluokat, Åminne ridplan i Malax
7/29/2020Long Not elite15 of 16Evelina Tikkakoski80.0 cmSKHStjärnhallens grusplan i Nykarleby
7/17/2020High Not elite16 of 17Evelina Tikkakoski50.0 cmSKHOravais Grusplan i Oravais
2/29/2020High Not elite6 of 12Felicia Eriksson40.0 cmSKHÖvermark UF i Övermark
11/9/2019Long Not elite2 of 13Felicia Eriksson120.0 cmSKHStall Kvarnbacken i Esse
10/27/2019Long Not elite5 of 14Felicia Eriksson150.0 cmSKHSM - Kanihypyn SM 2019 2.osakilpailu (eliitti mutka ja eliitti pituushyppy), Vaasan ratsastuskeskus i Vaasa
6/2/2019High Not elite12 of 13Felicia Eriksson40.0 cmSKHIndia i Jakobstad

Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight1 of 20 (5 %)
AwardsHigh/Long0 of 7
Personal recordHigh50.0 cm
Personal recordLong150.0 cm

Family tree

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