Beautiful Thing

Information about rabbit

Name: Beautiful Thing
Nick name: Milda
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: Siames/svart japantecknad
Birthday: 5/20/2019
Age: 3 year, 1 month and 16 days
Mother: Ulliz
Father: Milleniums Wonder by Wonder
Borrower: -
Handler: Anna Jönsson
Owner: Anna Jönsson
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-15592
Straight: Elite
Crooked: Difficult
High: Not elite - 2 Advancement points
Long: Not elite - 1 Point
Title: -


Advancement points

Straight Difficult - 5 st


Crooked Moderate - 3 st


Straight Moderate - 3 st


Crooked Easy - 1 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


High Not elite - 2 st


Long Not elite - 1 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change

Results in course

4/3/2022KoKHKalmarStraight Difficult12 of 52Anna Jönsson1+039.93 Point Advancement
4/2/2022KoKHKalmarStraight Difficult 15 of 54Anna Jönsson1+147.25 Prize Point
4/2/2022KoKHKalmarStraight Difficult 212 of 51Anna Jönsson2+137.10
3/19/2022SKHDösjebro - Löddeköpinge RidklubbStraight Difficult13 of 30Anna Jönsson1+244.81
3/5/2022SVKHHalland - VeddigeCrooked Difficult19 of 27Anna Jönsson338.28
2/19/2022SMKHSmåland - Långasjö RidhusStraight Difficult 122 of 32Anna Jönsson424.69
2/19/2022SMKHSmåland - Långasjö RidhusStraight Difficult 28 of 31Anna Jönsson1+249.78
2/13/2022SKHÅstorp - Åstorpsortens RyttarföreningCrooked Difficult16 of 27Anna Jönsson2+291.31
2/5/2022ÖSKHHörby - Frosta RyttarföreningCrooked Difficult19 of 30Anna Jönsson353.97
1/22/2022SKHLandskrona - Landskrona RidklubbStraight Difficult12 of 34Anna Jönsson3+157.50
1/16/2022ÖSKHHörby - Frosta RyttarföreningStraight Difficult14 of 29Anna Jönsson2+370.76
1/8/2022SKHÅstorp - Åstorpsortens RyttarföreningCrooked Difficult12 of 19Angelina Södergren482.66
12/18/2021SKHLandskronaStraight Difficult9 of 26Anna Jönsson2+151.11
12/4/2021SKHÅstorp - KvidingeCrooked Difficult - Rule E7 of 26Anna Jönsson1+0+1140.95
11/27/2021SMKHSmåland - Långasjö RidhusStraight Difficult 14 of 16Joel Hansson Luhanko2+155.95 Prize Point
11/27/2021SMKHSmåland - Långasjö RidhusStraight Difficult 21 of 16Joel Hansson Luhanko0+037.99 Prize Point
11/21/2021SKHÅstorp - KvidingeStraight Difficult8 of 26Anna Jönsson2+061.22
11/20/2021SKHÅstorp - KvidingeCrooked Moderate1 of 27Anna Jönsson0+067.08 Prize Point Advancement
10/17/2021SMKHSmåland - Långasjö RidhusStraight Difficult 11 of 29Joel Hansson Luhanko0+033.70 Prize Point
10/17/2021SMKHSmåland - Långasjö RidhusStraight Difficult 212 of 29Joel Hansson Luhanko1+254.25
10/16/2021SMKHSmåland - Långasjö RidhusStraight Difficult8 of 30Joel Hansson Luhanko1+255.93
10/2/2021SKHÅstorp - KvidingeStraight Difficult - Rule E26 of 51Anna Jönsson2+192.76
9/25/2021ÖSKHBlentarp - HemmestorpCrooked Moderate2 of 31Anna Jönsson0+099.93 Prize Point
9/12/2021KoKHKalmar - SkälbyStraight Difficult26 of 36Anna Jönsson330.85
9/11/2021KoKHKalmar - SkälbyStraight Difficult 113 of 38Anna Jönsson1+NIT29.28
9/11/2021KoKHKalmar - SkälbyStraight Difficult 219 of 38Anna Jönsson340.65
8/29/2021ÖSKHLund - Botaniska TrädgårdenStraight Difficult - Rule E14 of 38Anna Jönsson1+1+185.53
8/28/2021SMKHSmåland - Emmaboda BrukshundsklubbCrooked Moderate 14 of 23Anna Jönsson0+199.62 Prize Point
8/28/2021SMKHSmåland - Emmaboda BrukshundsklubbCrooked Moderate 212 of 22Anna Jönsson1+282.45
8/21/2021SKHKlippan - Rönne HundungdomStraight Difficult26 of 33Anna Jönsson234.12
8/14/2021ÖSKHBotaniska trädgården i LundStraight Moderate 116 of 39Anna Jönsson1+146.03
8/14/2021ÖSKHBotaniska trädgården i LundStraight Moderate 25 of 39Anna Jönsson0+045.93 Prize Point Advancement
8/1/2021SKHLund - Botaniska TrädgårdenCrooked Moderate13 of 31Anna Jönsson245.97
7/31/2021ÖSKHBlentarp - Mötesplats HemmestorpCrooked Moderate6 of 17Anna Jönsson2+093.76
7/21/2021ÖSKHBlentarp - Mötesplats HemmestorpCrooked ModerateKPAnna Jönsson2+0134.12 Advancement
7/18/2021SKHÅstorp - Åstorps RyttarföreningStraight Moderate21 of 54Anna Jönsson1+163.41
7/17/2021SKHÅstorp - Åstorps RyttarföreningStraight Moderate18 of 61Anna Jönsson1+254.56
7/15/2021ÖSKHBlentarp - Mötesplats HemmestorpStraight Moderate12 of 23Anna Jönsson2+133.66
7/3/2021SKHSkåne - SkåneStraight Moderate21 of 33Anna Jönsson325.63
10/24/2020ÖSKHMalmö - Örestads RyttaresällskapStraight Moderate4 of 13Anna Jönsson1+062.89
10/10/2020KoKHKalmar KommunStraight Moderate 24 of 24Anna Jönsson0+154.43 Prize Point
10/10/2020KoKHKalmar KommunStraight Moderate 110 of 24Anna Jönsson236.44
10/4/2020ÖSKHHörby - Frosta RyttarföreningCrooked Easy25 of 49Anna Jönsson243.40
8/9/2020ÖSKHBlentarpStraight Moderate8 of 12Jenny Sandquist2+156.11
7/26/2020ÖSKHBlentarp - Mötesplats HemmestorpCrooked Easy7 of 19Angelina Södergren1+3113.31
7/4/2020ÖSKHBlentarpStraight Moderate2 of 8Anna Jönsson2+177.56 Prize Point
6/6/2020ÖSKHBlentarpStraight Moderate4 of 12Anna Jönsson2+164.82
3/21/2020SKHSjöbo - RytterietStraight Easy5 of 34Anna Jönsson1+068.31 Prize Point Advancement
3/14/2020ÖSKHMalmö - Örestads RyttaresällskapStraight Easy6 of 33Anna Jönsson1+035.12 Prize Point
2/23/2020SMKHVäxjö - Växjöortens fältrittklubbStraight Easy 129 of 64Angelina Södergren138.47
2/23/2020SMKHVäxjö - Växjöortens fältrittklubbStraight Easy 212 of 62Angelina Södergren0+042.37 Prize Point
2/16/2020SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdCrooked Easy34 of 77Angelina Södergren1+1119.03
2/15/2020SKHÅstorp - Goentorps GårdStraight Easy23 of 74Angelina Södergren1+071.53
2/1/2020ÖSKHHörby - Frosta RyttarföreningCrooked Easy2 of 53Anna Jönsson0+0101.22 Prize Point
1/18/2020SKHÅstorpCrooked Easy20 of 29Anna Jönsson3104.81
1/11/2020ÖSKHHörby - Frosta RyttarföreningStraight Easy41 of 66Anna Jönsson323.47
11/30/2019ÖSKHHörby - Frosta RyttarföreningStraight Easy15 of 51Jenny Sandquist2+092.04
11/17/2019SKHÅstorp - KvidingeStraight Easy31 of 64Anna Jönsson256.19
10/26/2019SKHLandskrona - Landskrona RidklubbStraight Easy15 of 63Anna Jönsson1+084.99

Results in hight jump and long jump

3/19/2022SKHDösjebro - Löddeköpinge RidklubbLong Not elite4 of 40Anna Jönsson200.0 cm Prize Point
2/19/2022SMKHSmåland - Långasjö RidhusLong Not elite19 of 38Anna Jönsson120.0 cm
12/4/2021SKHÅstorp - KvidingeHigh Not elite - Class trial11 of 25Anna Jönsson60.0 cm Point
10/2/2021SKHÅstorp - KvidingeLong Not elite - Class trialOPLAnna Jönsson0 cm
8/9/2020ÖSKHBlentarpHigh Not elite - Class trial4 of 17Jenny Sandquist60.0 cm Point

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight15 of 58 (25.86 %)
AwardsHigh/Long3 of 5 (60 %)
Personal recordHigh60.0 cm
Personal recordLong200.0 cm

Family tree