SE*Björklövets Honeydew

Information about rabbit

Name: SE*Björklövets Honeydew
Nick name: Elly
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: Svart
Birthday: 9/25/2019
Age: 4 year, 6 month and 27 days
Mother: SE*Riverruns Wind from the East
Father: Mangolds Russian Roulette
Borrower: -
Handler: Hedvig Lundberg
Owner: Hedvig Lundberg
Farm - SKHRF: Björklövets
Farm name code: SE* - Sveriges Kaninhoppares Riksförbund
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-15567
Straight: Difficult - 1 Point
Crooked: Difficult
High: Elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Straight Difficult - 1 st


Crooked Moderate - 3 st


Straight Moderate - 3 st


Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


High Not elite - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Alecsandra Ladås9/16/2020

Results in course

8/14/2022BDKHPiteå - FårönStraight Difficult 117 of 23Hedvig Lundberg650.97
8/14/2022BDKHPiteå - FårönStraight Difficult 28 of 23Hedvig Lundberg3+246.25
5/28/2022BDKHLuleåStraight Moderate 1UTHedvig Lundberg345.34
5/28/2022BDKHLuleåStraight Moderate 2UTHedvig Lundberg371.72
5/21/2022UKHUmeå - Umeå MSKStraight Difficult 122 of 24Hedvig Lundberg993.38
5/21/2022UKHUmeå - Umeå MSKStraight Difficult 218 of 23Hedvig Lundberg655.46
3/6/2022BDKHBoden - Studiefrämjandets HundhallCrooked Difficult 1OPLHedvig LundbergNIT0
3/5/2022BDKHBoden - Studiefrämjandets HundhallStraight Difficult 2OPLHedvig LundbergNIT0
3/5/2022BDKHBoden - Studiefrämjandets HundhallStraight Difficult 1OPLHedvig LundbergNIT0
2/12/2022ACKHLövånger - Lövångers ridhusCrooked Difficult9 of 14Hedvig Lundberg6110.63
1/22/2022ACKHLövånger - Lövångers ridhusStraight Difficult 19 of 13Hedvig Lundberg655.31
1/22/2022ACKHLövånger - Lövångers ridhusStraight Difficult 211 of 12Hedvig Lundberg757.12
1/8/2022BDKHÄlvsbyn - Älvsby RyttarföreningCrooked Difficult 18 of 11Hedvig Lundberg890.00
1/8/2022BDKHÄlvsbyn - Älvsby RyttarföreningCrooked Difficult 2OPLHedvig LundbergNIT0
12/11/2021ACKHSkellefteå - Lövångers ridhusCrooked DifficultOPLHedvig LundbergNIT0
12/11/2021ACKHSkellefteå - Lövångers ridhusStraight Difficult4 of 17Hedvig Lundberg1+165.32 Prize Point
12/4/2021ACKHLövånger - Lövångers ridhusStraight Difficult8 of 12Hedvig Lundberg553.37
11/13/2021ACKHSkellefteå - Gummarks ridhusStraight Difficult14 of 16Hedvig Lundberg776.03
10/31/2021NNKHHaparanda - Haparanda stallområdeStraight Difficult 111 of 13Hedvig Lundberg558.63
10/31/2021NNKHHaparanda - Haparanda stallområdeStraight Difficult 212 of 12Hedvig Lundberg596.75
10/16/2021ACKHVännäs - Stall RayCrooked Difficult 1OPLHedvig LundbergNIT0
10/16/2021ACKHVännäs - Stall RayCrooked Difficult 214 of 16Hedvig Lundberg7116.05
8/22/2021ACKHBurträskStraight Difficult 123 of 24Hedvig Lundberg762.59
8/21/2021ACKHBurträskCrooked Difficult13 of 24Hedvig Lundberg370.97
8/21/2021ACKHBurträskCrooked Difficult 223 of 24Hedvig Lundberg592.47
8/12/2021ACKHSkellefteå - StämningsgårdenStraight DifficultOPLHedvig LundbergNIT0
8/7/2021ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande dalens ipCrooked Difficult 16 of 8Hedvig Lundberg576.16
8/1/2021ACKHUmeå - GrubbeCrooked Difficult - New 111 of 12Hedvig Lundberg8111.19
8/1/2021ACKHUmeå - GrubbeCrooked Difficult - New 25 of 11Hedvig Lundberg463.47
7/25/2021ACKHSkellefteå - VaruträskStraight Difficult 1OPLHedvig LundbergNIT0
7/25/2021ACKHSkellefteå - VaruträskStraight Difficult 26 of 13Hedvig Lundberg2+179.72
7/19/2021ACKHSkellefteå - StämningsgårdenCrooked DifficultOPLHedvig LundbergNIT0
7/11/2021ACKHSkellefteå - Anderstorp IPCrooked Moderate4 of 17Hedvig Lundberg0+1127.69 Prize Point Advancement
7/11/2021ACKHSkellefteå - Anderstorp IPStraight Difficult10 of 21Hedvig Lundberg214.94
7/10/2021ACKHUmeå - NydalasjönCrooked Moderate8 of 18Hedvig Lundberg2+3167.03
7/10/2021ACKHUmeå - NydalasjönStraight Difficult - New 110 of 11Hedvig Lundberg562.15
7/3/2021BDKHPiteåStraight Difficult 18 of 10Hedvig Lundberg469.91
7/3/2021BDKHPiteåStraight Difficult 27 of 10Hedvig Lundberg433.06
6/24/2021BDKHBodenCrooked Moderate5 of 16Hedvig Lundberg3+298.08
6/20/2021ACKHSkellefteå - Industrivägen 57, mellan Granngården och Ica KvantumCrooked Moderate 13 of 16Hedvig Lundberg1+0115.60 Prize Point
6/13/2021ACKHUmeå - BodbynCrooked Moderate5 of 9Hedvig Lundberg250.07
6/13/2021ACKHUmeå - BodbynStraight Moderate2 of 11Hedvig Lundberg0+031.82 Prize Point Advancement
6/5/2021ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande Dalens IPStraight Moderate4 of 11Alecsandra Ladås3+246.59
5/30/2021ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande Dalens IPCrooked Moderate2 of 11Hedvig Lundberg1+276.23 Prize Point
5/30/2021ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande Dalens IPStraight Moderate1 of 8Hedvig Lundberg1+029.81 Prize Point
5/23/2021ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande Dalens IPCrooked Moderate3 of 9Hedvig Lundberg1+175.11
5/15/2021ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande dalens IPStraight Moderate1 of 7Hedvig Lundberg0+037.65 Prize Point
5/9/2021ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande Dalens IPCrooked Easy3 of 26Hedvig Lundberg1+045.51 Prize Point Advancement
5/9/2021ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande Dalens IPStraight Moderate7 of 8Hedvig Lundberg539.32
11/8/2020ACKHLövånger - Lövånger RyttarsällskapStraight Moderate4 of 13Hedvig Lundberg2+391.00
10/31/2020AKHArjeplog - Arjeplogs Ridklubb (ridhuset) Slagnäsvägen 16Straight Moderate5 of 8Hedvig Lundberg4+3148.22
10/31/2020AKHArjeplog - Arjeplogs Ridklubb (ridhuset) Slagnäsvägen 16Crooked Easy12 of 20Hedvig Lundberg345.53
10/18/2020ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande dalens IPCrooked Easy4 of 19Hedvig Lundberg2+183.22 Prize Point
10/4/2020BDKHBoden - SävastnäsCrooked Easy9 of 25Hedvig Lundberg1+2108.56
9/26/2020ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande dalens IPStraight Moderate4 of 14Hedvig Lundberg1+265.75
9/20/2020BDKHBoden - SävastnäsStraight Moderate16 of 17Hedvig Lundberg596.53
9/13/2020ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande dalens IPCrooked Easy15 of 33Hedvig Lundberg263.28
9/13/2020ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande dalens IPStraight Easy6 of 33Hedvig Lundberg1+2135.94 Prize Point Advancement
9/5/2020ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande dalens IPStraight Easy18 of 25Hedvig Lundberg342.09
8/29/2020ACKHSkellefteå - Anderstorps IPStraight Easy8 of 24Alecsandra Ladås2+067.55
8/23/2020ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande dalens IPCrooked Easy1 of 16Alecsandra Ladås0+096.00 Prize Point
8/15/2020ACKHUmeå - Stöcke PonnyföreningStraight Easy 13 of 20Alecsandra Ladås1+247.36 Prize Point
8/15/2020ACKHUmeå - Stöcke PonnyföreningStraight Easy 26 of 19Alecsandra Ladås1+023.38
8/9/2020ACKHSkellefteå - Gräsytan mellan Ica Kvantum och GranngårdenStraight Easy8 of 21Alecsandra Ladås2+055.66
7/29/2020ACKHStöcke - Umeå Crooked Easy - New8 of 16Alecsandra Ladås3+1115.50
7/25/2020ACKHSkellefteå - KyrkholmenCrooked Easy 19 of 16Alecsandra Ladås1+1132.63
7/9/2020ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande dalens IPCrooked Easy9 of 24Alecsandra Ladås1+162.37
7/5/2020ACKHUmeå - STÖCKE 574Straight Easy - New2 of 18Alecsandra Ladås1+056.15 Prize Point
6/27/2020ACKHSkellefteå - Industrivägen 57, mellan granngården och ica kvantumCrooked Easy11 of 17Alecsandra Ladås388.35
6/6/2020ACKHSkellefteå - industrivägen 57, mellan granngården och ica kvantumStraight Easy16 of 17Alecsandra Ladås6104.81
3/21/2020ACKHLövånger - Ridhuset hos Lövångers RyttarsällskapStraight Easy15 of 19Alecsandra Ladås270.68
3/7/2020ACKHLövånger - Ridhuset hos Lövångers RyttarsällskapCrooked Easy 1OPLAlecsandra LadåsNIT0
3/7/2020ACKHLövånger - Ridhuset hos Lövångers RyttarsällskapCrooked Easy 216 of 17Li Bergström7110.60

Results in hight jump and long jump

10/30/2021NNKHHaparanda - Haparanda stallområdeHigh Not elite8 of 20Hedvig Lundberg60.0 cm Point Advancement
8/12/2021ACKHSkellefteå - StämningsgårdenHigh Not elite - Class trial15 of 20Hedvig Lundberg60.0 cm Point
8/1/2021ACKHUmeå - GrubbeHigh Not elite - Class trial10 of 26Hedvig Lundberg60.0 cm Point
7/11/2021ACKHSkellefteå - Anderstorp IPLong Not elite - Class trial20 of 27Hedvig Lundberg100.0 cm
6/29/2021ACKHSkellefteå - StämningsgårdenHigh Not elite - Class trial12 of 16Hedvig Lundberg50.0 cm
10/18/2020ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande dalens IPHigh Not eliteOPLHedvig Lundberg0 cm

Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing
1/8/2022BDKHÄlvsbyn - Älvsby RyttarföreningFyrverkericupenDifficultUPLHedvig Lundberg168,UPL(8)
10/16/2021ACKHVännäs - Stall RayZombiecupenDifficultUPLHedvig Lundberg2714,UPL(13)
7/25/2021ACKHSkellefteå - VaruträskVitsippanDifficultUPLHedvig Lundberg176,UPL(11)
9/13/2020ACKHSkellefteå - Sjungande dalens IPHösthoppetEasy8 of 23Hedvig Lundberg216,15

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight13 of 71 (18.31 %)
AwardsHigh/Long3 of 6 (50 %)
Personal recordHigh60.0 cm
Personal recordLong100.0 cm

Family tree

SE*Björklövets Honeydew Mangolds Russian Roulette SE*Tomorrows Black Bust Grenens Gt Ch Flight At Night of Vallmon Mellangårdens Ch Exotic Lasting Have given bite defect
Rolett's Cassanova av Vinbärsgården Have given bite defect
Kolaryds Estrella
Vallmons Gt Ch Cardinal Activity of Laylock Laylock's S Ch Flames of Fame
Vallmons Jack Daniels Whiskey
Trombens Ch Beauty Concrete Trombens All Rise Äppelgårdens Quay of Quintux
Trombens Queen Tellus Have given bite defect
Ch Hilda Zonett Fader Hilda Gia Bove
Moder Hilda Gia Bove
Mangolds Gt Ch Ljuset i Stormen Stjärnan´s S Ch Caramel Chew Chew Diamonds S Ch Born With Pride Bjørndalens (NO) S Ch Born With Trust
Makiras (NO) Dream Come True
SE*Snöflingans Gt Ch Meet the Feebles E Nuffe's Gd Ch Lord of the Ring Have given bite defect
Röstebos Ch Camaro Z 28
Grenens Enchanted Fairytale Flamencos Gt Ch Ametist S Ch Prins Elliot
Rambo's Two Towers
Arrows Queen Divatrix Stampe (QD och KZ's pappa)
Jossan (QD och KZ's mamma)
SE*Riverruns Wind from the East SE*Midgårdsolens Gt Ch Raavi Major Flip Far till Major Flip och Katjing ?
Mor till Major Flip och Katjing ?
Glädjens Min Bästa Vän SE*Silverados Speedy Somolli Valentine 4972
Ch Hilda Zonett
Xenon av Granit Granit
Björklövets Ch Lemon Dream Supreme SE*Grenens Gt Ch Final Try (Klöverdalens) Deep of Darkness Gt Ch Ante
(Kløverdalens) Walking on Fantasy
Grenens Gd Ch Just For Fun Gd Ch King of Magic Have given bite defect
Grenens S Ch Fight For Fun of Jasmine
Arrows Highland Reggae Grenens Above Heaven Ch From Above
Laylock's Ch Öga För Öga
Grenens Made up Fairytale Flamencos Gt Ch Ametist
Arrows Queen Divatrix


RabbitBreeding informationSexColorBirthday
Björklövets Spirit of AmericaFemaleMadagaskar 2/25/2019
SE*Björklövets Ch Misty MountainsFemaleSvart 2/25/2019
SE*Björklövets Cranberry IceFemaleSvartbrokade 2/25/2019
SE*Björklövets Garden Sweet PeaFemaleMadagaskarbrokad 2/25/2019
SE*Björklövets Pink SandsFemaleSvartbrokad 2/25/2019
SE*Björklövets StormwatchFemaleSvartbrokad 2/25/2019
Björklövets Angel's WingsFemaleSvart 9/25/2019
Björklövets Coastal LivingMaleSvart 9/25/2019
SE*Björklövets Sparkling CinnamonMaleMadagaskar 9/25/2019