Hoppípollas Chuchunya

Information about rabbit

Name: Hoppípollas Chuchunya
Nick name: Volvo
Sex: Male
Breeding information:
Color: Svart/Gul Japan Övermantlad
Birthday: 9/27/2019
Age: 2 year, 9 month and 9 days
Mother: Blomvisslare
Father: Hoppípollas Bacardi Chasers
Borrower: -
Handler: Tova Persson
Owner: Tova Persson
Farm - SKHRF: Hoppípollas
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-15688
Straight: Difficult
Crooked: Difficult - 1 Point
High: Not elite - 2 Advancement points
Long: Not elite - 1 Point
Title: -


Advancement points

Crooked Difficult - 1 st


Crooked Moderate - 3 st


Straight Moderate - 3 st


Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


High Not elite - 2 st


Long Not elite - 1 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change

Results in course

7/3/2022NVKHVästra Götaland - VedumCrooked Difficult 237 of 54Tova Persson475.62
7/3/2022NVKHVästra Götaland - VedumCrooked Difficult 149 of 54Tova Persson699.69
7/2/2022NVKHVästra Götaland - VedumStraight Difficult43 of 51Tova Persson467.03
6/4/2022NVKHVästra Götaland - Rännevägen 3, 44175 SollebrunnStraight Difficult - Rule EOPLKarin PerssonNIT0
4/9/2022NVKHVästra Götaland - Relsbo gårdStraight Difficult14 of 30Tova Persson3+6150.00
3/19/2022NVKHVästra Götaland - Relsbo GårdStraight Difficult23 of 31Tova Persson667.66
3/5/2022SVKHHalland - VeddigeCrooked Difficult12 of 27Tova Persson2+2118.53
1/29/2022NVKHLysekil Straight Difficult19 of 22Tova Persson695.16
1/15/2022NVKHLysekil Crooked Difficult17 of 18Tova Persson9116.91
1/2/2022NVKHLysekil Crooked Difficult16 of 28Tova Persson456.81
12/27/2021NVKHVästra Götaland - LysekilshallenCrooked EasyUTTova Persson1+048.22
12/18/2021NVKHVästra Götaland - LysekilshallenCrooked Difficult10 of 14Tova Persson8106.41
12/11/2021NVKHVästra Götaland - Relsbo gårdCrooked Difficult10 of 21Tova Persson3+2116.53
12/11/2021NVKHVästra Götaland - Relsbo gårdStraight Difficult13 of 17Tova Persson487.75
11/27/2021NVKHVästra Götaland - Relsbo GårdStraight Difficult - Rule E17 of 24Tova Persson6+1165.25
10/24/2021NVKHVästra Götaland - Uddevalla Ryttarförening Crooked Difficult25 of 30Tova Persson6103.43
10/2/2021NVKHVästra Götaland - Uddevalla RyttarföreningStraight Moderate3 of 23Tova Persson0+175.02 Prize Point Advancement
9/25/2021SVKHVästra GötalandCrooked Difficult 113 of 15Tova Persson575.72
9/25/2021SVKHVästra GötalandCrooked Difficult 25 of 15Tova Persson2+294.27
9/18/2021NVKHVästra Götaland - Uddevalla Ryttarförening Crooked Difficult5 of 25Tova Persson3+1120.97 Prize Point
8/15/2021NVKHVästra Götaland - LysekilStraight Moderate4 of 31Tova Persson0+169.70 Prize Point
8/14/2021NVKHVästra Götaland - LysekilCrooked Moderate6 of 32Tova Persson0+166.06 Prize Point Advancement
7/31/2021SVKHSävedalen - RugbyplanStraight Moderate5 of 37Tova Persson0+054.07 Prize Point
7/27/2021NVKHVästra götaland - Uddevalla RyttarföreningCrooked Moderate9 of 21Tova Persson2+1103.35
7/14/2021NVKHVästra Götaland Straight Moderate12 of 20Tova Persson152.31
7/11/2021NVKHVästra Götaland - Hunnebostrand Straight Moderate7 of 17Tova Persson2+179.21
7/4/2021NVKHVästra Götaland - Uddevalla RyttarföreningCrooked Moderate5 of 19Tova Persson1+190.66
6/27/2021SVKHSävedalen - RugbyplanStraight Easy13 of 32Tova Persson0+063.45 Point Advancement
6/17/2021NVKHVästra Götaland - MagraStraight Easy36 of 61Tova Persson146.38
6/6/2021NVKHVästra Götaland - Uddevalla Ryttarförening Crooked Moderate3 of 17Tova Persson2+095.22 Prize Point
5/30/2021NVKHVästra Götaland - Uddevalla RyttarföreningStraight Easy 123 of 36Tova Persson3100.40
5/30/2021NVKHVästra Götaland - Uddevalla RyttarföreningStraight Easy 216 of 35Tova Persson1+160.47
5/15/2021NVKHUddevalla - Emmas äppelträdgårdCrooked Moderate2 of 11Tova Persson1+1142.72 Prize Point
5/9/2021NVKHLysekil - Lights StuteriStraight Easy9 of 27Tova Persson1+046.26
10/25/2020VÄSKHVästra Götaland - Vara ridklubbCrooked Moderate 115 of 20Tova Persson483.16
10/25/2020VÄSKHVästra Götaland - Vara ridklubbCrooked Moderate 26 of 19Tova Persson0+2110.87
10/25/2020VÄSKHVästra Götaland - Vara ridklubbStraight Easy17 of 49Tova Persson1+1101.49
10/10/2020VÄSKHVästra Götaland Straight Easy2 of 44Tova Persson0+043.40 Prize Point
10/10/2020VÄSKHVästra Götaland Crooked Easy2 of 48Tova Persson0+076.25 Prize Point Advancement
9/26/2020VÄSKHVästra Götaland - Ridklubben i GrästorpCrooked Easy7 of 36Tova Persson2+079.18 Prize Point
9/6/2020VÄSKHVästra Götaland - Ridklubben i GrästorpStraight Easy 116 of 22Tova Persson216.44
9/6/2020VÄSKHVästra Götaland - Ridklubben i GrästorpStraight Easy 216 of 40Tova Persson0+292.41
8/22/2020VÄSKHSollebrunn - MagraStraight Easy13 of 39Tova Persson1+099.81
8/15/2020VÄSKHSollebrunn - MagraCrooked Easy8 of 24Tova Persson1+184.12
7/30/2020VÄSKHSollebrunn - MagraCrooked Easy - New1 of 23Tova Persson0+059.12 Prize Point
7/18/2020VÄSKHLysekil - SparvvägenStraight Easy 24 of 46Tova Persson0+092.06 Prize Point
7/18/2020VÄSKHLysekil - SparvvägenStraight Easy 137 of 46Tova Persson236.38
7/11/2020VÄSKHGrästorp - RidklubbenCrooked Easy20 of 29Tova Persson440.91
7/5/2020VÄSKHSollebrunn - MagraCrooked Easy26 of 38Tova Persson264.09
6/13/2020VÄSKHVänersborg - KarlsrogårdenStraight Easy13 of 35Tova Persson1+0151.70
3/7/2020VÄSKHLysekilCrooked Mini1 of 17Tova Persson1+0119.16 Prize

Results in hight jump and long jump

1/29/2022NVKHLysekil High Not elite10 of 26Tova Persson70.0 cm Point
10/24/2021NVKHVästra Götaland - Uddevalla Ryttarförening Long Not eliteOPLTova Persson0 cm
8/28/2021SVKHVästra Götaland - Balltorp fritidsföreningHigh Not elite - Class trial1 of 32Tova Persson60.0 cm Point
7/31/2021SVKHSävedalen - RugbyplanLong Not elite37 of 47Tova Persson120.0 cm
7/11/2021NVKHVästra Götaland - Hunnebostrand Long Not elite - Class trialOPLTova Persson0 cm
5/15/2021NVKHUddevalla - Emmas äppelträdgårdLong Not elite8 of 17Tova Persson160.0 cm Point

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight14 of 50 (28 %)
AwardsHigh/Long3 of 6 (50 %)
Personal recordHigh70.0 cm
Personal recordLong160.0 cm

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