Blinded By Greed

Information about rabbit

Name: Blinded By Greed
Nick name: Chloé
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: Madagaskar kappetegnet
Birthday: 8/6/2019
Age: 4 year, 4 month and 5 days
Mother: (Hompetittens) Blitz Enchi
Father: Hompetittens Gt Ch Magic Rainbow
Borrower: -
Handler: -
Owner: (not registered in Skuttli)
Farm name code: -
Union: NKHF
Country Norway
RegNr: NO-2541
Straight: Moderate - 1 Point
Crooked: Moderate
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Straight Moderate - 1 st


Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 5/31/2021

Results in course

9/22/2021JOSKHSandnes - Bogafjell, bjønnbåsen, grusbaneCrooked Moderate - Rule B5 of 8Lilly Sofie Eik Jonassen356.44
9/22/2021JOSKHSandnes - Bogafjell, bjønnbåsen, grusbaneStraight Moderate - Rule B4 of 8Lilly Sofie Eik Jonassen2+283.75
9/5/2021JOSKHKlepp - Klepp St. , Tangarveien, grusbaneCrooked Moderate - Rule B3 of 6Lilly Sofie Eik Jonassen2+2126.03
7/4/2021JOSKHSandnes - Bogafjell, bjønnbåsen, grusbaneCrooked Moderate - Rule B3 of 5Lilly Sofie Eik Jonassen357.29
7/4/2021JOSKHSandnes - Bogafjell, bjønnbåsen, grusbaneStraight Moderate - Rule B1 of 4Lilly Sofie Eik Jonassen4+1120.95 Prize
6/13/2021JOSKHTime - Kvernaland, Frøyhallen, grusbanenCrooked Moderate - Rule B5 of 6Lilly Sofie Eik Jonassen355.94
12/13/2020GKHVestfold og Telemark fylke - Opdalsveien 309,3748 SiljanCrooked Easy2 of 6Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 0+1164.54 Prize Point Advancement
12/13/2020GKHVestfold og Telemark fylke - Opdalsveien 309,3748 SiljanStraight Moderate9 of 11Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 290.41
11/22/2020MOKHRamnes/Vestfold - Grusbanen ved RamneshallenStraight Moderate14 of 15Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 364.37
11/21/2020MOKHRamnes/Vestfold - Grusbanen ved RamneshallenCrooked Easy6 of 10Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 0+1102.49
11/15/2020GKHVestfold og Telemark fylke - Hovet Ring 7, 3931 PorsgrunnStraight Moderate11 of 17Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 238.33
11/14/2020GKHVestfold og Telemark fylke - Hovet Ring 7, 3931 PorsgrunnCrooked Easy5 of 9Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 0+1132.12
9/26/2020HKHHorten kommune - Kjeldsbergs plassCrooked Easy 22 of 15Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 0+188.32 Prize Point
9/26/2020HKHHorten kommune - Kjeldsbergs plassStraight Moderate 23 of 9Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 0+159.03
9/25/2020HKHHorten kommune - Kjeldsbergs plassCrooked Easy 16 of 14Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 136.78
9/25/2020HKHHorten kommune - Kjeldsbergs plassStraight Moderate 15 of 9Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 0+238.08
8/23/2020GKHPorsgrunn - Hovet ring 7, 3931 PorsgrunnStraight Moderate3 of 11Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 0+358.80 Prize Point
8/22/2020GKHPorsgrunn - Hovet ring 7, 3931 PorsgrunnCrooked Easy3 of 19Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 0+056.86 Prize Point
7/26/2020GKHPorsgrunn - Hovet ring 7Straight Moderate6 of 9Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 245.91
6/28/2020GKHPorsgrunn - Hovet ring 7 Straight Easy2 of 12Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 0+031.31 Prize Point Advancement
6/14/2020MOKHNore og Uvdal, Viken fylke - Bakkeøya, UvdalStraight Easy9 of 14Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 112.64
6/13/2020MOKHNore og Uvdal, Viken fylke - Bakkeøya, UvdalCrooked Easy12 of 14Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 344.64
6/7/2020GKHPorsgrunn - Hovet ring 7Crooked Easy10 of 15Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 1+2100.99
6/7/2020GKHPorsgrunn - Hovet ring 7Straight Easy3 of 14Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 0+053.16 Prize Point
5/31/2020GKH3931 Porsgrunn - Hovet ring 7 Crooked Easy8 of 12Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 1+1130.79
3/8/2020GKHSiljan - OpdalenCrooked EasyUPMichelle Bernhardsen Berge NIT0
3/8/2020GKHSiljan - OpdalenStraight Easy1 of 11Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 0+078.34 Prize Point
2/8/2020MOKHSvelvik - Knem Øvre gård i VestfoldStraight Easy11 of 11Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 3114.20
12/14/2019GKHSiljan - Opdalsveien 309,3748 siljanStraight EasyUPMichelle Bernhardsen Berge NIT0

Results in hight jump and long jump

6/13/2021JOSKHTime - Kvernaland, Frøyhallen, grusbanenHigh Not elite4 of 4Lilly Sofie Eik Jonassen50.0 cm

Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing
11/21/2020MOKHRamnes/Vestfold - Grusbanen ved RamneshallenLille nisse 13 of 14Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 206,14
9/26/2020HKHHorten kommune - Kjeldsbergs plassDouble Trouble Cup4 of 12Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 52,3
8/22/2020GKHPorsgrunn - Hovet ring 7, 3931 PorsgrunnLille Pride2 of 16Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 63,3
6/13/2020MOKHNore og Uvdal, Viken fylke - Bakkeøya, UvdalPia Memorial lett/middels-cup17 of 19Michelle Bernhardsen Berge 219,12

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight8 of 29 (27.59 %)
AwardsHigh/Long0 of 1
Personal recordHigh50.0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

Family tree