SE*Annerdals Cindy Lou Who

Information about rabbit

Name: SE*Annerdals Cindy Lou Who
Nick name: Cindy
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: Isabella
Birthday: 12/23/2019
Age: 4 year, 3 month and 29 days
Mother: Annerdals Doop the Outsider
Father: SE*Annerdals Ch Hoity Toity
Borrower: Frida Bergholm
Handler: Frida Bergholm
Owner: Lovisa Bergman
Farm - SKHRF: Annerdals
Farm name code: SE* - Sveriges Kaninhoppares Riksförbund
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-15960
Straight: Moderate
Crooked: Easy - 2 Advancement points
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Crooked Easy - 2 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Lovisa Bergman5/9/2021

Results in course

12/3/2023SVKHBjörketorp - Navåsen IslandshästcenterStraight Moderate19 of 20Frida Bergholm791.46
11/11/2023SVKHNavåsen Islandshästcenter Crooked Easy11 of 15Frida Bergholm5+1189.53
7/13/2023SVKHVästra Götaland - Balltorps fritidsförening Straight ModerateOPLFrida BergholmNIT0
5/7/2023SVKHPartille - Rugbyplanen i Sävedalen Crooked EasyOPLFrida BergholmNIT0
4/22/2023SVKHGöteborg - Balltorps FritidsföreningStraight ModerateOPLFrida BergholmNIT0
4/2/2023SVKHVeddigeStraight ModerateOPLFrida BergholmNIT0
3/26/2023NVKHVästra Götaland - SjuntorpStraight ModerateOPLFrida BergholmNIT0
1/21/2023SVKHVeddige i Halland Straight Moderate10 of 23Frida Bergholm3+249.99
1/14/2023ÖSKHHörby - Frosta RyttarföreningStraight Moderate13 of 29Frida Bergholm259.10
10/29/2022NVKHVästra Götaland - Relsbo gårdStraight Moderate 126 of 31Frida Bergholm7101.09
10/29/2022NVKHVästra Götaland - Relsbo gårdStraight Moderate 2OPLFrida BergholmNIT0
10/15/2022SVKHGöteborg - Balltorps fritidsförening Crooked Easy 120 of 35Frida Bergholm2110.22
10/15/2022SVKHGöteborg - Balltorps fritidsförening Crooked Easy 2OPLFrida BergholmNIT0
10/9/2022NVKHVästra Götaland - Relsbo gårdStraight ModerateOPLFrida BergholmNIT0
10/9/2022NVKHVästra Götaland - Relsbo gårdCrooked Easy27 of 50Frida Bergholm371.25
8/14/2022SVKHVästra Götaland - Brukshundsklubben i Partille Straight Moderate15 of 26Frida Bergholm0+NIT42.65
8/13/2022SVKHVästra Götaland - Brukshundsklubben i Partille Crooked Easy15 of 42Frida Bergholm1+2178.44
7/31/2022SVKHVästra Götaland - Rugbyplanen i Sävedalen Straight Moderate19 of 21Frida Bergholm458.28
4/3/2022SVKHHalland - VeddigeCrooked Easy8 of 39Frida Bergholm1+0141.97 Prize Point
3/19/2022NVKHVästra Götaland - Relsbo GårdStraight Moderate21 of 31Frida Bergholm3108.90
2/6/2022SVKHVästra Götaland/Halland - VeddigeStraight Moderate6 of 15Frida Bergholm0+264.13
1/15/2022NVKHLysekil Crooked Easy15 of 41Frida Bergholm3+261.66
1/9/2022SVKHHalland - VeddigeStraight Easy3 of 36Frida Bergholm0+046.16 Prize Point Advancement
12/18/2021SKHLandskronaStraight Easy6 of 45Frida Bergholm0+041.09 Prize Point
12/5/2021SVKHVeddige - HallandCrooked Easy8 of 23Frida Bergholm1+250.63
11/13/2021SVKHVeddige - HallandCrooked Easy4 of 43Frida Bergholm0+098.59 Prize Point
10/30/2021NVKHVästra Götaland - Relsbo gårdStraight Easy14 of 19Frida Bergholm121.40
10/16/2021SVKHVästra GötalandStraight Easy6 of 37Frida Bergholm1+031.66 Prize Point
9/25/2021SVKHVästra GötalandCrooked Easy13 of 40Frida Bergholm2+169.81
9/18/2021NVKHVästra Götaland - Uddevalla Ryttarförening Crooked Moderate 1KPFrida Bergholm471.40
9/15/2021NVKHVästra Götaland - Nödinge/AleStraight ModerateKPFrida Bergholm448.38
9/5/2021SVKHVästra GötalandCrooked Easy - New11 of 28Frida Bergholm3+1127.39
8/28/2021SVKHVästra Götaland - Balltorp fritidsföreningStraight Easy9 of 33Frida Bergholm1+156.34
6/5/2021SVKHVästra GötalandStraight Easy11 of 33Frida Bergholm2+058.62
5/22/2021SVKHVästra Frölunda - Skalskärsgatan 1, 426 58 Västra FrölundaCrooked Easy 117 of 24Frida Bergholm375.94
5/22/2021SVKHVästra Frölunda - Skalskärsgatan 1, 426 58 Västra FrölundaCrooked Easy 214 of 23Frida Bergholm251.90
5/15/2021SVKHVästra Frölunda - Skalskärsgatan 1, 426 58 Västra FrölundaStraight Easy10 of 28Frida Bergholm2+266.96

Results in hight jump and long jump

1/15/2022NVKHLysekil Long Not elite - Class trialOPLFrida Bergholm0 cm

Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing
10/29/2022NVKHVästra Götaland - Relsbo gårdBus eller godis-cupenModerateUPLFrida Bergholm5326,UPL(27)

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight5 of 35 (14.29 %)
AwardsHigh/Long0 of 1
Personal recordHigh0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

Family tree

SE*Annerdals Cindy Lou Who SE*Annerdals Ch Hoity Toity Queen's Mount Hood SE*Pralinens Om Jag Kunde Drömma Gt Ch Golden Spike Gt Ch Ante
Gt Ch Ypsilon (NO)
Flamencos Artemis Ch Lucky One
Granlidens Phi
SE*Wensleydale's Dazzling Debutante Wensleydale's King of Diamonds Skärbo's Hultsfred
Skärbo's Nanatso Valentinos Kaxig Men Go
Dunungens Mercoledi di Vallmon
Djursviks Ch Flyg Fula Fluga Snöflingans Skydancer SE*Khaos Gt Ch Tombus Have given bite defect
Gd Ch Jean Paul
Diamonds S Ch Cherub Of The Mist
Stjärnan´s S Ch Hilton SE*Stjärnan´s S Ch Wellington
SE*Trombens Russian Lullaby
Lövets Taken By The Sea Eternal's Cala Mayor Grenens Sparkling Blue Star
Eternal's Caribbean Kiss
SE*Snöflingans Ch Jenka Diamonds Ch Nyfiken av Onyx
Flamencos S Ch Safir
Annerdals Doop the Outsider Taken out of breeding
SE*Regnbågens Gd Ch Fiffighetsfantomen Have given bite defect
Taken out of breeding
Khaos Gt Ch Diamond Blackfan Regnbågens Gt Ch Power of Love Grenens Gt Ch Flight At Night of Vallmon
Hillkos Mea Culpa
Diamonds S Ch Cherub Of The Mist Grenens S Ch Crimpson Cox
Imagination of Royality (NO)
Silverados Sunshine of Erna Tassens Zell Dincht Gd Ch King of Magic Have given bite defect
Bengtsbols S Ch Furia
Norrgårdens Erna Alf
Milleniums Tinwë Have given bite defect
Taken out of breeding
Milleniums Gt Ch Eldsjäl Flamencos Santorini Mr Bump
SE*Flamencos Sigma
SE*Haradals Cera Amores (NO) Gd Ch Perspicuous
Epadalens Zera
Flamencos Guldchans Flamencos Gt Ch Golden Jubilee S Ch Prins Elliot
Rambo's Two Towers
SE*Grenens Above The Law Ch From Above
Laylock's Ch Öga För Öga


RabbitBreeding informationSexColorBirthday
Annerdals Betty Lou WhoFemaleBlå/Gul japantecknad brokad12/23/2019
Annerdals Lou Lou WhoMaleBlå/Gul japantecknad12/23/2019
Annerdals The GrinchMaleSvart/Gul Japantecknad 12/23/2019
SE*Annerdals Drew Lou WhoMaleBlå/Gul japantecknad12/23/2019
SE*Annerdals Stu Lou WhoCastratedMaleSvart/Gul japantecknad12/23/2019