A Credible Threat

Information about rabbit

Name: A Credible Threat
Nick name: Aloy
Sex: Male
Breeding information:
Color: Viltzobel Manteltecknad
Birthday: 5/16/2020
Age: 4 year, 1 month and 3 days
Mother: Ladingens Pumpkin Diamond
Father: Björklövets Heaping Hazelnut
Borrower: -
Handler: Michelle Backlund Pikki
Owner: Michelle Backlund Pikki
Farm name code: -
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-16414
Straight: Difficult
Crooked: Moderate - 1 Point
High: Not elite - 1 Point
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Crooked Moderate - 1 st


Straight Moderate - 3 st


Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


High Not elite - 1 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Joel Hansson Luhanko7/23/2020
Malin Hultman4/11/2022

Results in course

3/9/2024Crooked Moderate15 of 19Idun Jakobsson553.55BLKHStall Gröntjärna i Avesta
6/11/2023Straight Difficult27 of 29Idun Jakobsson521.47MKHKM - KM Rak och längd, Motionscentrum i Hallstahammar
5/28/2023Crooked Moderate 19 of 13Michelle Backlund Pikki2+289.38MKHMajcuper, Motionscentrum i Hallstahammar
5/28/2023Crooked Moderate 210 of 13Michelle Backlund Pikki3+283.72MKHMajcuper, Motionscentrum i Hallstahammar
5/18/2023Crooked Moderate16 of 36Idun Jakobsson336.78STKHFastebolskolan i Järfälla
5/6/2023Crooked Moderate9 of 18Idun Jakobsson2+2125.47ÖLKHAlmbyplan i Örebro
4/30/2023Straight Difficult20 of 28Idun Jakobsson433.59MKHMotionscentrum i Hallstahammar
4/22/2023Crooked Moderate17 of 32Idun Jakobsson460.91STKHFastebolskolan i Järfälla
4/15/2023Straight Moderate2 of 9Michelle Backlund Pikki0+153.93 Prize Point Advancement MKHKlubbtävling - Påskcuper, Åsta 231 i Köping
4/10/2023Crooked Moderate 11 of 20Idun Jakobsson0+199.03 Prize Point VKHStationsområdet, Deje i Forshaga kommun
4/10/2023Crooked Moderate 27 of 20Idun Jakobsson1+281.15VKHStationsområdet, Deje i Forshaga kommun
4/7/2023Straight Moderate10 of 23Idun Jakobsson3+375.56GKHTÄlvkarleby
4/1/2023Crooked Moderate 127 of 44Idun Jakobsson553.87WKHLeksands Ridklubb i Leksand
4/1/2023Crooked Moderate 216 of 40Idun Jakobsson257.59WKHLeksands Ridklubb i Leksand
3/25/2023Straight Moderate1 of 18Idun Jakobsson1+050.84 Prize Point ULKHUppsala i Uppsala
3/18/2023Crooked Moderate15 of 27Michelle Backlund Pikki268.94MKHÅsta 231 i Köping
3/11/2023Crooked Moderate9 of 20Idun Jakobsson2+2109.75STKHViksberg i Södertälje
2/19/2023Crooked Moderate11 of 17Idun Jakobsson477.47KoKHStall Landborgen i Algutsrum
2/18/2023Straight Moderate6 of 18Idun Jakobsson2+132.72SMKH3-års cuperna, Småland
2/4/2023Straight Moderate35 of 42Felicia Bjurling 831.60BLKHStall Gröntjärna i Avesta
1/21/2023Crooked Easy 15 of 46Felicia Bjurling 0+157.24 Prize Point BLKHStall Gröntjärna i Avesta
1/21/2023Crooked Easy 21 of 41Felicia Bjurling 0+053.56 Prize Point Advancement BLKHStall Gröntjärna i Avesta
1/14/2023Straight Moderate17 of 35Idun Jakobsson2+452.25STKHStockholm
1/6/2023Crooked Easy10 of 50Michelle Backlund Pikki0+180.56 Prize Point MKHVintercuper, Åsta 231 i Köping
12/17/2022Straight Moderate 13 of 22Idun Jakobsson0+057.59 Prize Point ÖLKHJulcuperna, Vittvångs gård i Örebro
12/17/2022Straight Moderate 218 of 22Idun Jakobsson224.63ÖLKHJulcuperna, Vittvångs gård i Örebro
11/12/2022Straight Easy1 of 36Michelle Backlund Pikki0+028.90 Prize Point Advancement MKHÅsta 231 i Köping
8/20/2022Straight Easy1 of 19Michelle Backlund Pikki0+035.72 Prize Point MKHKlubbtävling - Klubbmästerskap i rak och längd, Motionscentrum i Hallstahammar
4/18/2022Straight Easy4 of 39Michelle Backlund Pikki0+027.79 Prize Point MKHNybörjartävling, Motionscentrum i Hallstahammar
3/5/2022Straight Easy23 of 58Michelle Backlund Pikki227.69ÖLKHVittvångs ridhus i Örebro
1/22/2022Straight Easy19 of 30Michelle Backlund Pikki253.59MKHStenvad 201 i Köping
7/3/2021Straight Easy15 of 52Malin Hultman1+052.03SKHSkåne i Skåne
6/5/2021Straight Easy 116 of 44Joel Hansson Luhanko117.41SKHKlubbtävling, Skåne i Skåne
6/5/2021Straight Easy 213 of 40Joel Hansson Luhanko0+125.34SKHKlubbtävling, Skåne i Skåne

Results in hight jump and long jump

5/6/2023High Not elite9 of 9Idun Jakobsson50.0 cmÖLKHAlmbyplan i Örebro
4/15/2023High Not elite12 of 16Michelle Backlund Pikki60.0 cm Point MKHKlubbtävling - Påskcuper, Åsta 231 i Köping
3/18/2023High Not elite31 of 34Michelle Backlund Pikki50.0 cmMKHÅsta 231 i Köping
2/18/2023High Not elite29 of 32Idun Jakobsson50.0 cmSMKH3-års cuperna, Småland

Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight10 of 34 (29.41 %)
AwardsHigh/Long1 of 4 (25 %)
Personal recordHigh60.0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

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