SE*Gyllengårdens Dressed to Kill

Information about rabbit

Name: SE*Gyllengårdens Dressed to Kill
Nick name: Biffan
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: Gul/svart japanbrokad
Birthday: 4/6/2020
Age: 3 year, 7 month and 29 days
Mother: SE*Ladingens Love Is An Open Door
Father: SE*Regnbågens Addicted To You
Borrower: -
Handler: Maria Groth
Owner: Maria Groth
Farm - SKHRF: Gyllengårdens
Farm name code: SE* - Sveriges Kaninhoppares Riksförbund
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-16075
Straight: Elite
Crooked: Elite
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Crooked Difficult - 5 st


Straight Difficult - 5 st


Crooked Moderate - 3 st


Straight Moderate - 3 st


Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change

Results in course

12/2/2023WKHSmedjebacken - Smedjebackens RyttarsällskapStraight Elite 1 - Rule A32 of 42Maria Groth983.60
12/2/2023WKHSmedjebacken - Smedjebackens RyttarsällskapStraight Elite 2OPLMaria GrothNIT0
11/18/2023BLKHAvesta - Stall GröntjärnaCrooked Elite20 of 29Maria Groth768.78
10/29/2023BLKHAvesta - Stall GröntjärnaStraight Elite15 of 36Maria Groth630.25
10/14/2023BLKHAvesta - Gyllenvägen (Hemma hos Marias föräldrar)Crooked Elite7 of 22Maria Groth4+485.14
9/30/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Elite25 of 39Maria Groth628.56
9/9/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Elite23 of 28Maria Groth631.12
8/12/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Elite 1 - Rule A13 of 17Maria Groth529.53
8/12/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Elite 28 of 17Maria Groth340.21
8/6/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Elite - Rule A15 of 62Maria Groth221.41
8/2/2023MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumCrooked Elite20 of 31Maria Groth337.91
7/23/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Elite22 of 37Maria Groth3+760.69
7/22/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Elite13 of 21Maria Groth432.28
7/15/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Elite27 of 27Maria Groth729.50
6/11/2023BLKHAvesta - Västansjö 120Straight Elite16 of 21Maria Groth431.25
6/10/2023BLKHAvesta - Västansjö 120Straight Elite 1 - Rule A11 of 22Maria Groth534.41
6/10/2023BLKHAvesta - Västansjö 120Straight Elite 217 of 22Maria Groth533.78
5/28/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Elite9 of 18Maria Groth341.38
5/13/2023BLKHAvesta - Avesta RidklubbStraight Elite - Rule SM216 of 261Maria Groth754.13
4/29/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Elite11 of 13Maria Groth972.22
4/15/2023BLKHAvesta - Stall GröntjärnaStraight Elite35 of 63Maria Groth424.06
4/7/2023GKHTÄlvkarleby Straight Elite18 of 38Maria Groth531.63
3/11/2023BLKHAvesta - Stall GröntjärnaCrooked Elite18 of 21Maria Groth885.52
2/18/2023MKHKöping - Åsta 231Straight Elite54 of 65Maria Groth765.50
2/4/2023BLKHAvesta - Stall GröntjärnaStraight Elite23 of 53Maria Groth325.96
1/21/2023BLKHAvesta - Stall GröntjärnaCrooked Elite17 of 53Maria Groth333.44
1/7/2023GKHTGävle - Boulehallen Crooked Elite 132 of 43Maria Groth789.21
12/11/2022BLKHAvesta - Stall GröntjärnaStraight Elite 1OPLMaria GrothNIT0
12/11/2022BLKHAvesta - Stall GröntjärnaStraight Elite 213 of 21Maria Groth649.78
11/26/2022BLKHAvesta - Stall GröntjärnaCrooked Elite 123 of 34Maria Groth660.13
11/26/2022BLKHAvesta - Stall GröntjärnaCrooked Elite 221 of 34Maria Groth653.72
11/12/2022BLKHAvesta - Stall GröntjärnaCrooked Elite29 of 39Maria Groth664.06
10/29/2022BLKHAvesta - Stall GröntjärnaStraight Elite21 of 44Maria Groth440.75
10/8/2022BLKHAvesta - AvestavallenCrooked Elite14 of 33Maria Groth441.40
9/24/2022BLKHAvesta - Västansjö 120Straight Elite43 of 48Maria Groth755.12
9/11/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Elite17 of 46Maria Groth1+260.37
8/27/2022BLKHAvestaStraight Elite39 of 54Maria Groth561.78
8/13/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Elite 1 - Rule A17 of 31Maria Groth349.41
8/13/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Elite 220 of 31Maria Groth459.10
7/24/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Elite25 of 55Maria Groth353.85
7/10/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Elite8 of 29Maria Groth2+075.62
7/9/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Elite4 of 6Moa Skoglund437.84
7/3/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Difficult 15 of 22Maria Groth1+260.69 Prize Point
7/3/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Difficult 25 of 25Maria Groth1+161.53 Prize Point Advancement
6/18/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Elite 1 - Rule A4 of 14Maria Groth120.34
6/18/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Elite 26 of 13Maria Groth1+284.00
6/4/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Difficult13 of 40Maria Groth230.16
5/21/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Elite34 of 46Maria Groth447.50
5/14/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Difficult3 of 20Maria Groth1+145.82 Prize Point
4/23/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Elite17 of 20Maria Groth966.87
11/20/2021BLKHAvesta - AvestavallenCrooked Difficult8 of 28Maria Groth3+261.40
11/13/2021BLKHAvesta - AvestavallenStraight Elite3 of 16Maria Groth3+372.79 Prize
10/30/2021BLKHAvesta - AvestavallenCrooked Difficult 19 of 16Maria Groth239.37
10/30/2021BLKHAvesta - AvestavallenCrooked Difficult 24 of 18Maria Groth2+161.84 Prize Point
10/9/2021BLKHAvesta - AvestavallenStraight Elite 1UTMaria Groth633.19
10/9/2021BLKHAvesta - AvestavallenStraight Elite 213 of 17Maria Groth522.07
9/25/2021BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Difficult3 of 17Maria Groth1+257.62 Prize Point
9/18/2021MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Difficult 12 of 57Maria Groth0+029.06 Prize Point
9/18/2021MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Difficult 214 of 56Maria Groth0+229.57 Point Advancement
9/5/202108KTJärfälla - ViksjöStraight Difficult6 of 23Maria Groth1+344.47
8/28/2021BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Difficult 15 of 23Maria Groth1+131.97 Prize Point
8/28/2021BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Difficult 22 of 21Maria Groth0+130.72 Prize Point
8/21/2021BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Difficult8 of 16Maria Groth2+353.12
8/14/2021ULKHUppsalaCrooked Moderate1 of 25Maria Groth0+050.69 Prize Point Advancement
8/7/2021BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Moderate 21 of 31Maria Groth0+054.68 Prize Point
8/7/2021BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Moderate 11 of 32Maria Groth0+055.78 Prize Point
8/4/2021MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumCrooked Moderate8 of 31Maria Groth0+147.04
7/31/2021BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Difficult3 of 17Maria Groth0+143.47 Prize Point
7/28/2021MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Difficult16 of 21Maria Groth316.25
7/24/2021BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Moderate7 of 13Rebecka Bruvik231.19
7/21/2021MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Difficult15 of 36Maria Groth2+336.19
7/17/2021BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Moderate1 of 17Maria Groth0+026.56 Prize Point Advancement
7/14/2021BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Easy1 of 18Maria Groth0+047.51 Prize Point Advancement
7/10/2021BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Easy 123 of 37Maria Groth322.25
7/10/2021BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Easy 23 of 30Maria Groth1+028.84 Prize Point
7/3/2021BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Moderate 116 of 20Maria Groth340.62
7/3/2021BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Moderate 21 of 18Maria Groth0+024.41 Prize Point
6/30/2021MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Moderate1 of 41Maria Groth0+028.03 Prize Point
6/27/2021BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Easy7 of 13Maria Groth1+140.87
6/19/2021BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Easy3 of 13Maria Groth0+021.41 Prize Point Advancement
6/12/2021BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Easy - New6 of 26Maria Groth1+139.13 Prize Point
6/5/2021BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Easy7 of 9Maria Groth0+324.41
11/7/2020BLKHAvesta - AvestavallenStraight Easy2 of 7Maria Groth1+034.78 Prize Point
10/24/2020BLKHAvesta - AvestavallenCrooked Easy - New8 of 19Maria Groth141.00
10/10/2020BLKHAvesta - AvestavallenCrooked Easy - New11 of 30Maria Groth250.50
9/26/2020BLKHAvesta - AvestavallenStraight Easy - New2 of 8Maria Groth0+128.23 Prize Point
9/19/2020WKHLudvika - SockenstugeparkenStraight Easy6 of 19Maria Groth0+135.85
9/12/2020BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Easy - New12 of 22Maria Groth223.31

Results in hight jump and long jump


Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing
8/12/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboKlubbmästerskap KrokbanaElite10 of 16Maria Groth218,13
6/10/2023BLKHAvesta - Västansjö 120Klubbmästare rakbana 2023Elite13 of 20Maria Groth2811,17
12/11/2022BLKHAvesta - Stall GröntjärnaPepparkakscupenEliteUPLMaria Groth3413,UPL(21)
8/13/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboKlubbmästerskap KrokbanaElite8 of 13Maria Groth3717,20
6/18/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboKlubbmästerskap RakbanaElite3 of 13Maria Groth104,6
10/30/2021BLKHAvesta - AvestavallenSpökcupenDifficult5 of 16Maria Groth134,9
9/18/2021MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumChili-cupenDifficult4 of 38Maria Groth162,14
8/7/2021BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboV1a-cupenModerate1 of 26Maria Groth21,1

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight23 of 87 (26.44 %)
Personal recordHigh0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

Family tree

SE*Gyllengårdens Dressed to Kill SE*Regnbågens Addicted To You Gt Ch Edge of Sanity Grenens S Ch Stairway To Heaven Grenens Stairway To Fairyland Flamencos Fantastic Freedom
Grenens Ch Dreamer of Paradise
Mellangårdens Echo Of Stardom SE*Stjärnan´s Ch Spitfire
Tabbens Gt Ch Minas Anor
Regnbågens Angel Tears Taken out of breeding
Khaos Gt Ch Diamond Blackfan Regnbågens Gt Ch Power of Love
Diamonds S Ch Cherub Of The Mist
Silverados Sunshine of Erna Tassens Zell Dincht
Norrgårdens Erna
SE*Regnbågens Gt Ch Touch of Sensation Khaos Gt Ch Jade Dragon Stjärnan´s S Ch Caramel Chew Chew Diamonds S Ch Born With Pride
SE*Snöflingans Gt Ch Meet the Feebles
Diamonds S Ch Cherub Of The Mist Grenens S Ch Crimpson Cox
Imagination of Royality (NO)
Snöflingans Suddgummi Trombens Gt Ch Forever Wild S Ch Prins Elliot
Gt Ch Giant Diablo
Valentinos Tivoli Flamencos Fantastic Freedom
Night of Passion
SE*Ladingens Love Is An Open Door SE*Grenens Starlit Memory Grenens Starlit Eyes SE*Äppelbos Hawaii Mud Bomber Pikachu
Gt Ch Bright On The Sky
Laylock's Ch Öga För Öga Laylock's Egmont
Grenens Princess of Willpower
Lövets S Ch Sundance Kid Nonstops Gt Ch Cafe Au Lait E Nuffe's Gd Ch Lord of the Ring Have given bite defect
Nonstops Highness
SE*Snöflingans Ch Jenka Diamonds Ch Nyfiken av Onyx
Flamencos S Ch Safir
Drömsnö Kings Extender Taken out of breeding
Sävast Ch Livshunger Röstebos Eminem
Vargmyrans Frostens Dotter
Stjärnan´s Blackbird E Nuffe's Gd Ch Lord of the Ring Have given bite defect
Snöflingans Extra Eucalyptus
All Star Dreamy Blue Ch All Star ?
Dangerous Beat It Silfverdalens Datura
Magic's Rosmarin


RabbitBreeding informationSexColorBirthday
SE*Gyllengårdens Crazy NightsFemaleBlå4/6/2020
SE*Gyllengårdens Hot in the ShadeFemaleGul/blå japan4/6/2020
SE*Gyllengårdens Hotter than HellMaleBlåbrokad4/6/2020
SE*Gyllengårdens Sonic BoomFemaleBlåbrokad4/6/2020