SE*Miss Pinky's Ba Ba Lou

Information about rabbit

Name: SE*Miss Pinky's Ba Ba Lou
Nick name: Hayal
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: Svart
Birthday: 5/16/2020
Age: 3 year, 6 month and 19 days
Mother: Miss Pinky's Hippalop
Father: Solrosens Guld Golden Vanilla
Borrower: -
Handler: Hendrike Palm
Owner: Hendrike Palm
Farm - SKHRF: Miss Pinky's
Farm name code: SE* - Sveriges Kaninhoppares Riksförbund
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-16438
Straight: Difficult
Crooked: Difficult
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Crooked Moderate - 3 st


Straight Moderate - 3 st


Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change

Results in course

11/19/2023STKHSödertälje - ViksbergCrooked Difficult15 of 20Hendrike Palm899.88
11/5/2023STKHSödertälje - ViksbergStraight Difficult15 of 26Hendrike Palm756.00
10/15/2023RoKHNorrtälje/riala - RialaCrooked Difficult8 of 17Hendrike Palm3+380.85
10/14/2023STKHJärfälla - FastebolskolanCrooked Difficult21 of 24Hendrike Palm768.19
9/16/2023HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenStraight Difficult29 of 31Jennie Svensk8100.37
4/23/2023HäKHIlsboStraight Difficult 114 of 17Melina Svensk Larm539.94
4/23/2023HäKHIlsboStraight Difficult 212 of 17Jennie Svensk233.06
2/18/2023HäKHLjusdal - Ljusdals ridhusStraight Difficult15 of 18Jennie Svensk643.69
11/20/2022HäKHVattlång Straight ModerateUTJennie Svensk655.62
11/12/2022BLKHAvesta - Stall GröntjärnaCrooked Difficult26 of 29Jennie Svensk9113.43
10/8/2022YKHSundsvallCrooked Difficult 1OPLJennie SvenskNIT0
10/8/2022YKHSundsvallCrooked Difficult 210 of 11Jennie Svensk7116.22
9/18/2022HäKHHudiksvallStraight Difficult 116 of 18Melina Svensk Larm665.09
9/18/2022HäKHHudiksvallStraight Difficult 218 of 18Melina Svensk Larm678.91
8/21/2022HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenCrooked Difficult 120 of 21Jennie Svensk789.19
8/21/2022HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenCrooked Difficult 218 of 21Jennie Svensk561.31
8/20/2022HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenStraight Difficult 115 of 17Jennie Svensk953.21
8/20/2022HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenStraight Difficult 215 of 17Jennie Svensk540.62
8/17/2022HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionStraight Difficult13 of 14Jennie Svensk768.13
8/13/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Difficult30 of 32Jennie Svensk666.94
7/31/2022HäKHIggesund - Utanför badhusetCrooked Moderate 110 of 41Jennie Svensk0+199.00
7/31/2022HäKHIggesund - Utanför badhusetCrooked Moderate 26 of 38Jennie Svensk1+2137.85 Prize Point Advancement
7/30/2022HäKHIggesund - Utanför badhusetStraight Difficult 142 of 53Jennie Svensk782.47
7/30/2022HäKHIggesund - Utanför badhusetStraight Difficult 224 of 53Jennie Svensk347.25
7/15/2022HäKHNordanstig - BergsjöCrooked Moderate9 of 11Jennie Svensk570.00
7/10/2022HäKHLjusdal - En parkStraight Difficult13 of 16Jennie Svensk747.85
7/3/2022ACKHÖsterjörn - Österjörns camping Straight Difficult29 of 35Jennie Svensk878.78
7/2/2022ACKHÖsterjörn - Österjörns camping Crooked Moderate20 of 34Jennie Svensk263.98
6/22/2022HäKHHudiksvall - Skidstadion på öster Crooked Moderate10 of 11Tove Svensk769.16
4/9/2022HäKHEnånger - Vedmora ridhus Crooked Moderate 1OPLTove SvenskNIT0
4/9/2022HäKHEnånger - Vedmora ridhus Crooked Moderate 28 of 15Tove Svensk461.00
3/13/2022HäKHIlsbo - RS westernridningStraight Difficult 115 of 16Tove Svensk6106.66
3/13/2022HäKHIlsbo - RS westernridningStraight Difficult 210 of 15Tove Svensk333.03
2/26/2022YKHNjurundaCrooked ModerateOPLTove SvenskNIT0
1/30/202208KTSödertälje - ViksbergCrooked Moderate14 of 23Hendrike Palm444.00
1/22/2022MKHKöping - Stenvad 201Straight Difficult28 of 32Hendrike Palm650.16
1/8/2022YKHNjurundaStraight Difficult15 of 19Hendrike Palm429.75
12/12/2021STKHEnhörnaCrooked Moderate11 of 12Hendrike Palm586.90
12/12/2021STKHEnhörnaStraight Difficult11 of 12Hendrike Palm666.79
12/4/2021ULKHUppsala - UppsalaStraight Difficult17 of 18Hendrike Palm689.90
11/27/2021STKHSödertäljeCrooked Moderate18 of 21Hendrike Palm685.81
11/13/2021STKHStockholm - JärfällaStraight Difficult25 of 27Hendrike Palm890.56
10/31/2021ULKHUppsala - UppsalaStraight Moderate5 of 26Hendrike Palm2+050.00 Prize Point Advancement
10/30/2021STKHStockholm - JärfällaCrooked Moderate4 of 20Hendrike Palm3+199.35 Prize Point
10/30/2021STKHStockholm - JärfällaStraight Moderate13 of 21Hendrike Palm237.79
10/10/202108KTJärfälla - ViksjöStraight Moderate14 of 24Hendrike Palm341.72
10/9/2021BLKHAvesta - AvestavallenStraight Moderate 116 of 28Hendrike Palm351.69
10/9/2021BLKHAvesta - AvestavallenStraight Moderate 219 of 25Hendrike Palm239.91
9/26/2021STKHStockholm - RådsparkenStraight Moderate13 of 25Hendrike Palm239.62
9/11/2021STKHStockholmCrooked Moderate7 of 20Hendrike Palm1+158.97
9/4/2021ULKHUppsala - UppsalaCrooked Moderate10 of 26Hendrike Palm1+265.09
8/28/2021STKHHuddinge - RådsparkenStraight Moderate 19 of 11Hendrike Palm546.32
8/28/2021STKHHuddinge - RådsparkenStraight Moderate 27 of 9Hendrike Palm540.16
8/21/2021RoKHNorrtälje kommun - RialaCrooked Moderate5 of 30Hendrike Palm1+070.00 Prize Point
8/14/2021STKHHuddinge - RådsparkenStraight Moderate5 of 23Hendrike Palm2+035.31 Prize Point
8/7/2021RoKHNorrtälje kommun Straight Moderate1 of 22Hendrike Palm1+031.65 Prize Point
8/4/2021ULKHUppsalaStraight Moderate7 of 26Hendrike Palm2+053.75
8/1/2021STKHJärfällaCrooked Moderate 115 of 20Hendrike Palm335.94
8/1/2021STKHJärfällaCrooked Moderate 211 of 17Hendrike Palm148.12
7/31/202108KTJärfälla - ViksjöStraight Moderate22 of 27Hendrike Palm343.41
7/28/2021MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Moderate33 of 34Tindra Rosén450.28
7/27/2021ULKHUppsalaStraight Moderate9 of 16Hendrike Palm1+150.78
7/25/202108KTJärfälla - ViksjöCrooked Moderate21 of 23Hendrike Palm648.12
7/17/2021JKHBergs Kommun - ÅsarnaStraight Easy1 of 16Hendrike Palm0+023.59 Prize Point Advancement
7/4/2021JKHBergs Kommun - ÅsarnaStraight Easy 115 of 24Hendrike Palm1+354.69
7/4/2021JKHBergs Kommun - ÅsarnaStraight Easy 210 of 20Hendrike Palm1+149.44
7/3/2021JKHBergs Kommun - ÅsarnaCrooked Easy2 of 19Hendrike Palm0+155.15 Prize Point Advancement
6/19/2021JKHÖstersund - ÄngsmonCrooked Easy 12 of 13Hendrike Palm0+047.74 Prize Point
6/19/2021JKHÖstersund - ÄngsmonCrooked Easy 28 of 12Hendrike Palm223.76
6/12/2021JKHÖstersund - ÄngsmonCrooked Easy3 of 16Hendrike Palm1+049.95 Prize Point
6/6/2021JKHÅsarna - StorhallenStraight Easy 28 of 14Tindra Rosén0+056.00 Point
6/6/2021JKHÅsarna - StorhallenStraight Easy - New 13 of 16Hendrike Palm0+066.28 Prize Point
11/21/2020JKHMarieby - Överbyn StuteriCrooked Easy - New13 of 16Hendrike Palm7108.20
11/8/2020JKHDvärsätt - Hägra HästgårdStraight Easy - New8 of 12Hendrike Palm583.47

Results in hight jump and long jump

8/28/2021STKHHuddinge - RådsparkenHigh Not elite - Class trial10 of 13Matilda Röckner50.0 cm

Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing
10/30/2021STKHStockholm - JärfällaSkriande Gastars CupModerate5 of 10Hendrike Palm174,13
7/3/2021JKHBergs Kommun - ÅsarnaLilla StorsjöodjurscupenEasy7 of 10Hendrike Palm272,10,15

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight12 of 73 (16.44 %)
AwardsHigh/Long0 of 1
Personal recordHigh50.0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

Family tree


RabbitBreeding informationSexColorBirthday
Miss Pinky's Captain CuddlesMaleSvart brokad5/16/2020
Miss Pinky's Nutmeg DashMaleSvart övermanteltecknad5/16/2020
Miss Pinky's Sweet ChecksFemaleSvart övermanteltecknad5/16/2020
SE*Miss Pinky's Sugar SprinklesFemaleSvart5/16/2020