Know Your Enemy

Information about rabbit

Name: Know Your Enemy
Nick name: Vittass
Sex: Male
Breeding information:
Color: Svart
Birthday: 6/10/2020
Mother: Salvatore
Father: Carambole
Borrower: -
Handler: Jeanett Nord
Owner: Robert Steen (not registered in Skuttli)
Farm name code: -
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
Deceased: Yes
RegNr: S-16788
Straight: Moderate
Crooked: Moderate
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change

Results in course

8/20/2023HäKHHudiksvall - Borgarparken Straight Moderate 19 of 11Jeanett Nord8119.41
8/20/2023HäKHHudiksvall - Borgarparken Straight Moderate 2OPLIda ÖstbergNIT0
8/19/2023HäKHHudiksvall - Borgarparken Crooked Moderate 111 of 12Jeanett Nord1096.06
8/19/2023HäKHHudiksvall - Borgarparken Crooked Moderate 2OPLJeanett NordNIT0
8/9/2023HäKHHudiksvallCrooked Moderate17 of 17Jeanett Nord788.41
7/30/2023HäKHIggesundCrooked ModerateOPLJeanett NordNIT0
7/29/2023HäKHIggesundStraight Moderate 129 of 33Jeanett Nord8103.90
7/29/2023HäKHIggesundStraight Moderate 228 of 32Jeanett Nord8104.56
7/1/2023HäKHHudiksvall - Skidstadion Crooked Moderate7 of 9Jeanett Nord689.62
6/28/2023HäKHHudiksvall - Skidstadion Straight Moderate5 of 9Jeanett Nord698.85
6/6/2023HäKHHudiksvallCrooked Moderate4 of 9Jeanett Nord3+488.73
4/23/2023HäKHIlsboStraight EasyUTJeanett Nord235.81
4/15/2023YKHNjurunda - Björkbacke gårdStraight Easy 1UTJeanett Nord236.91
4/15/2023YKHNjurunda - Björkbacke gårdStraight Easy 2UTJeanett Nord2+2142.51
1/7/2023GKHTGävle - Boulehallen Crooked Moderate33 of 38Jeanett Nord10115.57
11/20/2022HäKHVattlång Straight Moderate13 of 16Jeanett Nord872.90
9/18/2022HäKHHudiksvallStraight Moderate 112 of 13Jeanett Nord9118.84
9/18/2022HäKHHudiksvallStraight Moderate 212 of 13Jeanett Nord669.71
8/21/2022HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenCrooked Moderate 115 of 17Jeanett Nord694.40
8/21/2022HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenCrooked Moderate 210 of 14Jeanett Nord592.12
8/20/2022HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenStraight Moderate 1OPLJeanett NordNIT0
8/20/2022HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenStraight Moderate 25 of 8Jeanett Nord895.37
7/31/2022HäKHIggesund - Utanför badhusetCrooked Moderate 135 of 41Jeanett Nord558.06
7/31/2022HäKHIggesund - Utanför badhusetCrooked Moderate 235 of 38Jeanett Nord791.62
7/30/2022HäKHIggesund - Utanför badhusetStraight Moderate32 of 38Jeanett Nord1094.57
7/23/2022YKHSundsvallCrooked Moderate 111 of 12Jeanett Nord658.82
7/23/2022YKHSundsvallCrooked Moderate 210 of 11Jeanett Nord455.93
6/18/2022YKHSundsvallStraight Moderate 18 of 11Jeanett Nord8113.60
6/18/2022YKHSundsvallStraight Moderate 26 of 9Jeanett Nord1186.87
6/12/2022HäKHHudiksvallStraight Moderate 112 of 12Jeanett Nord586.84
6/12/2022HäKHHudiksvallStraight Moderate 211 of 11Jeanett Nord574.43
5/14/2022HäKHHudiksvall - Skidstadion, Hudiksvall Straight Moderate14 of 16Jeanett Nord467.79
4/9/2022HäKHEnånger - Vedmora ridhus Crooked Moderate 114 of 15Jeanett Nord8105.44
4/9/2022HäKHEnånger - Vedmora ridhus Crooked Moderate 2OPLJeanett NordNIT0
3/13/2022HäKHIlsbo - RS westernridningStraight Moderate19 of 22Jeanett Nord9102.98
1/16/2022HäKHVattlång - RidhusStraight Easy 1UTJeanett Nord146.19
1/16/2022HäKHVattlång - RidhusStraight Easy 2UTJeanett Nord139.53
1/8/2022YKHNjurundaStraight Easy 1UTJeanett Nord362.72
1/8/2022YKHNjurundaStraight Easy 2UTJeanett Nord1+055.71
12/11/2021HäKHLjusdal - Ljusdals ridhusCrooked ModerateOPLLivh PerssonNIT0
11/27/2021YKHNjurunda - Skrängsta GårdStraight Moderate 27 of 7Jeanett Nord7+4206.94
11/27/2021YKHNjurunda - Skrängsta GårdStraight Moderate 1OPLJeanett NordNIT0
11/20/2021HäKHLjusdal - Ljusdals ridhusStraight Moderate16 of 16Jeanett Nord676.72
10/30/2021HäKHEnånger - Vedmora ridhusCrooked Moderate 114 of 16Jeanett Nord6113.63
10/30/2021HäKHEnånger - Vedmora ridhusCrooked Moderate 214 of 15Jeanett Nord8105.53
10/24/2021YKHNjurundaCrooked Easy2 of 10Jeanett Nord2+091.00 Prize Point Advancement
10/10/2021HäKHEnånger - Vedmora ridhusStraight Moderate19 of 21Jeanett Nord9112.00
10/9/2021YKHNjurundaCrooked Easy 19 of 14Jeanett Nord368.66
10/9/2021YKHNjurundaCrooked Easy 23 of 12Jeanett Nord0+1136.91 Prize Point
9/26/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionCrooked Easy 113 of 20Jeanett Nord271.16
9/26/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionCrooked Easy 27 of 18Jeanett Nord1+199.31
9/18/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionStraight Easy 12 of 19Jeanett Nord0+056.31 Prize Point Advancement
9/18/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionStraight Easy 2UTJeanett Nord258.35
9/12/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionCrooked Easy 15 of 24Jeanett Nord0+155.07 Prize Point
9/12/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionCrooked Easy 215 of 22Jeanett Nord445.75
8/29/2021HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenCrooked Easy18 of 31Jeanett Nord280.88
8/28/2021HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenStraight Easy 122 of 30Jeanett Nord332.56
8/28/2021HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenStraight Easy 212 of 29Jeanett Nord1+157.13
8/15/2021HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenStraight Easy 13 of 24Jeanett Nord0+058.45 Prize Point
8/15/2021HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenStraight Easy 215 of 23Jeanett Nord258.50
8/14/2021YKHSundsvallStraight Easy 115 of 18Jeanett Nord330.35
8/14/2021YKHSundsvallStraight Easy 22 of 18Jeanett Nord1+035.01 Prize Point
8/7/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionCrooked Easy 112 of 21Jeanett Nord234.91
8/7/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionCrooked Easy 214 of 20Jeanett Nord334.00
7/28/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionStraight Easy15 of 21Jeanett Nord134.44
7/25/2021HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenStraight Easy26 of 31Jeanett Nord351.53
7/24/2021HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenCrooked Easy 127 of 33Jeanett Nord252.63
7/24/2021HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenCrooked Easy 221 of 33Jeanett Nord262.51
7/14/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionCrooked Easy18 of 20Jeanett Nord328.97
7/11/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionStraight Easy 117 of 27Jeanett Nord126.72
7/11/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionStraight Easy 221 of 27Jeanett Nord319.18
7/4/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionCrooked Easy8 of 27Jeanett Nord1+160.47
6/23/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionStraight Easy16 of 29Jeanett Nord151.72
6/19/2021HäKHGävleborg - Östra skidstadionCrooked Mini2 of 4Jeanett Nord1+098.28
6/9/2021HäKHHudiksvall - Östra skidstadionStraight Mini2 of 3Jeanett Nord0+065.25
6/6/2021HäKHHudiksvall - GrusplanenCrooked Mini1 of 4Jeanett Nord4+293.82 Prize

Results in hight jump and long jump

8/20/2023HäKHHudiksvall - Borgarparken Long Not eliteOPLJeanett Nord0 cm
8/19/2023HäKHHudiksvall - Borgarparken High Not eliteOPLJeanett Nord0 cm
6/28/2023HäKHHudiksvall - Skidstadion High Not eliteOPLMalvina Grufberg 0 cm

Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing
8/19/2023HäKHHudiksvall - Borgarparken Lilla klubbmästare höjdNot eliteUPLJeanett Nord14UPL(14)
8/20/2023HäKHHudiksvall - Borgarparken Lilla klubbmästare längdNot eliteUPLJeanett Nord9UPL(9)
7/29/2023HäKHIggesundSlagugglanModerate15 of 19Jeanett Nord8928,29,UPL(32)
9/18/2022HäKHHudiksvallPompizcupenModerate12 of 13Jeanett Nord2412,12
7/30/2022HäKHIggesund - Utanför badhusetSlagugglanModerate15 of 17Jeanett Nord10232,35,35
8/28/2021HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenBreavens lilla cup Easy12 of 22Jeanett Nord5212,18,22
8/14/2021YKHSundsvallGröna cupenEasy8 of 16Jeanett Nord172,15
7/24/2021HäKHHudiksvall - BorgarparkenLinblommanEasy19 of 23Jeanett Nord7421,26,27

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight7 of 68 (10.29 %)
AwardsHigh/Long0 of 3
Personal recordHigh0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

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