Bjørkhaugens Only When I Dream

Information about rabbit

Name: Bjørkhaugens Only When I Dream
Nick name: Måne
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: Svart
Birthday: 4/30/2020
Age: 3 year, 11 month and 20 days
Mother: Haugen`s she loves countrol
Father: Præstegravs Cape Caution
Borrower: -
Handler: Tone Lillebudal
Owner: Tone Lillebudal
Farm - NKHF: Bjørkhaugens
Farm name code: -
Union: NKHF
Country Norway
RegNr: NO-2364
Straight: Difficult - 2 Advancement points
Crooked: Difficult
High: Elite - 1 Certificate
Long: Elite - 1 Certificate
Title: -


High Elite - 1 st

18/7/2022TBHGNKHFFree certificate

Long Elite - 1 st


Advancement points

Straight Difficult - 2 st


Crooked Moderate - 3 st


Straight Moderate - 3 st


Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


High Not elite - 3 st


Long Not elite - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Tone Lillebudal10/4/2021
Helle Lillebudal Risstad8/3/2021
Tone Lillebudal7/29/2021
Helle Lillebudal Risstad4/2/2022
Helle Lillebudal Risstad10/14/2021
Tone Lillebudal3/26/2022

Results in course

4/13/2024STKKSteinkjer - Mære Landbruksskole, Ridehallen.Crooked Difficult - Rule B7 of 17Tone Lillebudal594.17
3/30/2024TBHGTønsberg/vestfold - Jarlsberg Hall EStraight Difficult - Rule B2 of 12Tone Lillebudal3+274.88 Prize
3/29/2024TBHGTønsberg/vestfold - Jarlsberg Hall ECrooked Difficult - Rule B9 of 13Tone Lillebudal793.09
3/23/2024GDHKLeinstrandCrooked Difficult - Rule B6 of 13Tone Lillebudal3+4159.95
3/23/2024GDHKLeinstrandStraight Difficult - Rule B7 of 16Tone Lillebudal4+573.97
3/9/2024GDHKTrondheim - SkjetleinStraight Difficult - Rule B11 of 13Tone Lillebudal663.60
3/3/2024STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32, RidehallenCrooked Difficult - Rule BUPHelle Lillebudal RisstadNIT0
2/24/2024STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32Straight Difficult - Rule B9 of 17Tone Lillebudal689.53
11/25/2023GDHKTrøndelag - Flå Samfunnshus på LerStraight Difficult11 of 17Tone Lillebudal593.22
9/30/2023GDHKTrøndelag - Skjetlein Crooked Difficult - Rule B18 of 22Tone Lillebudal697.13
9/16/2023STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32, utebanenCrooked Difficult - Rule B19 of 24Tone Lillebudal7135.52
9/16/2023STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32, utebanenStraight Difficult - Rule B23 of 26Tone Lillebudal660.72
8/20/2023STKKSteinkjer - Friområdet, LøStraight Difficult - Rule B17 of 22Tone Lillebudal552.60
8/19/2023STKKSteinkjer - Friområdet, LøCrooked Difficult - Rule B24 of 24Tone Lillebudal8121.86
8/6/2023STKKSteinkjer - Friområdet, LøCrooked Difficult - Rule BUPTone LillebudalNIT0
8/6/2023STKKSteinkjer - Friområdet, LøStraight Difficult - Rule BUPTone LillebudalNIT0
7/29/2023GDHKMelhus - Vollamarka travparkStraight Difficult - Rule B8 of 16Tone Lillebudal3+5117.57
7/16/2023GDHKTrøndelag - Økdalen i HaukaStraight Difficult - Rule B11 of 16Tone Lillebudal3+5106.98
7/15/2023GDHKTrøndelag - Økdalen i HaukaCrooked Difficult - Rule B4 of 13Tone Lillebudal4+1216.42
7/1/2023STKKSteinkjer - Friområdet, LøCrooked Difficult - Rule BUPTone LillebudalNIT0
7/1/2023STKKSteinkjer - Friområdet, LøStraight Difficult - Rule BUPTone LillebudalNIT0
6/11/2023IØHGInnlandet - Engavegen 6, 2032 MauraCrooked Difficult - Rule BUPTone LillebudalNIT0
6/10/2023IØHGInnlandet - Engavegen 6, 2032 MauraStraight Difficult - Rule B25 of 27Tone Lillebudal6101.75
5/28/2023STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32, ridehallenStraight Difficult - Rule B12 of 17Tone Lillebudal484.54
5/27/2023STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32, ridehallenCrooked Difficult - Rule B13 of 21Tone Lillebudal3+4188.02
5/14/2023STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32, utebanenCrooked Difficult - Rule B11 of 16Tone Lillebudal467.56
5/13/2023GDHKTrøndelag - Skjetlein vgsCrooked Difficult - Rule B10 of 11Tone Lillebudal492.40
4/23/2023STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32, ridehallenStraight Difficult - Rule B14 of 21Tone Lillebudal589.98
4/22/2023STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32, ridehallenCrooked Difficult - Rule B11 of 16Tone Lillebudal476.38
4/15/2023STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32, ridehallenStraight Difficult - Rule B17 of 18Tone Lillebudal569.47
4/15/2023STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32, ridehallenCrooked Moderate - Rule B4 of 21Tone Lillebudal1+0137.06 Prize Point Advancement
4/2/2023GDHKTrøndelag - Skjetlein videregående skoleStraight Difficult - Rule B7 of 20Tone Lillebudal4+065.27
4/2/2023GDHKTrøndelag - Skjetlein videregående skoleCrooked Moderate - Rule B7 of 15Tone Lillebudal3+1103.20
4/1/2023STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32, ridehallenStraight Difficult - Rule B3 of 16Tone Lillebudal1+376.72 Prize Point
3/12/2023STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32, ridehallenStraight Difficult - Rule B4 of 17Helle Lillebudal Risstad2+263.38 Prize Point
1/29/2023GDHKNorge - SkjetleinCrooked Moderate - Rule B2 of 12Tone Lillebudal0+358.77 Prize Point
12/18/2022GDHKSkjetleinStraight Difficult - Rule B11 of 14Tone Lillebudal544.38
12/3/2022STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32, utebanenCrooked Moderate - Rule B8 of 18Helle Lillebudal Risstad2+2127.20
11/26/2022GDHKMelhus - Flå samfunnshusStraight Difficult - Rule B11 of 16Tone Lillebudal437.21
10/22/2022STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32 Straight Difficult - Rule BUPTone LillebudalNIT0
10/1/2022GDHKTrøndelag - SkjetleinStraight Difficult - Rule B11 of 15Tone Lillebudal561.44
9/25/2022STKKSteinkjer/Trøndelag - Kanefartsvegen 32, utebanenStraight Difficult 2 - Rule B16 of 24Tone Lillebudal345.40
9/24/2022STKKSteinkjer/Trøndelag - Kanefartsvegen 32, utebanenStraight Difficult 1 - Rule B15 of 24Tone Lillebudal442.20
8/14/2022GDHKTrøndelag - Skjetlein vgsStraight Difficult - Rule B7 of 14Tone Lillebudal2+282.35
8/13/2022GDHKTrøndelag - Skjetlein vgsCrooked Moderate - Rule B7 of 14Tone Lillebudal1+4116.14
8/7/2022TBHGTønsberg/vestfold - Jarlsberg utenfor hall EStraight Difficult - Rule B18 of 38Tone Lillebudal221.41
8/6/2022TBHGTønsberg/vestfold - Jarlsberg utenfor hall ECrooked Moderate - Rule B20 of 28Tone Lillebudal348.28
8/5/2022TBHGTønsberg/vestfold - Jarlsberg utenfor hall EStraight Difficult - Rule B26 of 37Tone Lillebudal428.85
8/4/2022TBHGTønsberg/vestfold - Jarlsberg utenfor hall ECrooked Moderate - Rule B11 of 25Tone Lillebudal2+371.88
7/23/2022STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Kanefartvegen 32Straight Difficult - Rule B12 of 19Tone Lillebudal559.83
7/17/2022GDHKMidtre Gauldal Trøndelag - ØkdalenStraight Difficult - Rule B9 of 16Tone Lillebudal2+370.35
7/16/2022GDHKMidtre Gauldal Trøndelag - ØkdalenCrooked Moderate - Rule B5 of 19Tone Lillebudal1+288.72
6/26/2022STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Friområdet ved LøhaugvegenStraight Difficult 2 - Rule B12 of 27Tone Lillebudal3+486.18
6/25/2022STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Friområdet ved LøhaugvegenCrooked Moderate 2 - Rule B15 of 31Tone Lillebudal328.78
6/25/2022STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Friområdet ved LøhaugvegenStraight Difficult 1 - Rule B19 of 26Tone Lillebudal332.13
6/24/2022STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Friområdet ved LøhaugvegenCrooked Moderate 1 - Rule B12 of 27Tone Lillebudal2+349.23
6/6/2022GDHKMidtre Gauldal - ØkdalenStraight Difficult - Rule B11 of 18Tone Lillebudal3+3102.88
5/26/2022GDHKTrondheim - Skjetlein VGSCrooked Moderate - Rule B12 of 20Tone Lillebudal1+NIT114.61
5/8/2022STKKSteinkjer/Trøndelag - Kanefartsvegen 32, UtebanenStraight Moderate - Rule B4 of 23Tone Lillebudal0+152.71 Prize Point Advancement
4/24/2022STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Kanefartvegen 32Straight Moderate10 of 22Tone Lillebudal1+254.82
4/23/2022STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Kanefartvegen 32Crooked Moderate - Rule B15 of 26Tone Lillebudal3+365.08
4/14/2022STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Kanefartvegen 32Straight Moderate - Rule B4 of 28Tone Lillebudal0+335.20 Prize Point
4/10/2022GDHKTrondheim - SkjetleinStraight Moderate - Rule B8 of 21Tone Lillebudal2+1165.58
4/4/2022GDHKTrondheim - Søravegen 67Straight Moderate 1 - Rule B4 of 20Tone Lillebudal2+162.47 Prize Point
4/2/2022STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Kanefartvegen 32Crooked Moderate - Rule B2 of 21Helle Lillebudal Risstad0+149.81 Prize Point
1/15/2022STKKSteinkjer/Trøndelag - Kanefartsvegen 32, RidehallenStraight Easy - Rule B4 of 25Tone Lillebudal0+061.50 Prize Point Advancement
11/27/2021GDHKTrondheim - Skjetlein VGS ( ridehall)Crooked Moderate - Rule B9 of 20Tone Lillebudal2+2135.89
11/27/2021GDHKTrondheim - Skjetlein VGS ( ridehall)Straight Easy10 of 22Tone Lillebudal1+059.47
10/10/2021GDHKTrondheim - SkjetleinCrooked Moderate - Rule B12 of 22Helle Lillebudal Risstad2+3123.66
10/10/2021GDHKTrondheim - SkjetleinStraight Easy8 of 23Helle Lillebudal Risstad1+029.50
9/4/2021GDHKSkjetlein - Skjetlein videregående skoleCrooked Easy - Rule B1 of 20Tone Lillebudal0+061.59 Prize Point Advancement
9/4/2021GDHKSkjetlein - Skjetlein videregående skoleStraight Easy - Rule B8 of 22Tone Lillebudal1+149.43
8/22/2021STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Friområdet ved LøhaugvegenStraight Easy - Rule B5 of 25Tone Lillebudal0+127.32 Prize Point
8/21/2021STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Friområdet ved LøhaugvegenCrooked Easy - Rule B11 of 36Tone Lillebudal2+160.72
8/3/2021STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Friområdet, LøhaugvegenStraight Easy - Rule B10 of 28Tone Lillebudal0+1162.21
8/2/2021STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Friområdet, LøhaugvegenCrooked Easy - Rule B8 of 26Helle Lillebudal Risstad1+275.33
7/25/2021JOSKHRandaberg - RandaberghallenCrooked Easy - Rule B5 of 17Tone Lillebudal1+052.25
7/25/2021JOSKHRandaberg - RandaberghallenStraight Easy - Rule B5 of 18Tone Lillebudal0+129.13
7/24/2021JOSKHRandaberg - RandaberghallenCrooked Easy - Rule B10 of 22Tone Lillebudal0+444.60
7/24/2021JOSKHRandaberg - RandaberghallenStraight Easy - Rule B13 of 22Tone Lillebudal0+557.68
7/11/2021GDHKTrøndelag - Økdalen Straight Easy - Rule B3 of 32Tone Lillebudal0+124.80 Prize Point
7/10/2021GDHKTrøndelag - Økdalen Crooked Easy - Rule B15 of 34Tone Lillebudal0+271.89
6/27/2021STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Kanefartvegen 32Crooked Easy - Rule B4 of 36Tone Lillebudal0+040.03 Prize Point
6/26/2021STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Kanefartvegen 32Straight Easy - Rule B22 of 35Tone Lillebudal138.32
6/12/2021STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Kanefartvegen 32Straight Easy - Rule B12 of 24Tone Lillebudal1+024.32
5/29/2021STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Kanefartvegen 32Crooked Easy - Rule B11 of 40Tone Lillebudal0+148.97
5/22/2021GDHKTrondheim - Skjetlein videregående skoleCrooked Easy - Rule B9 of 23Tone Lillebudal1+0117.11
5/22/2021GDHKTrondheim - Skjetlein videregående skoleStraight Easy - Rule B12 of 23Tone Lillebudal1+137.49
1/31/2021GDHKMidtre Gauldal - HaukaCrooked Easy - Rule B2 of 13Tone Lillebudal1+0137.78 Prize Point
1/23/2021STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Lø SkoleStraight Easy - Rule B16 of 34Tone Lillebudal432.25

Results in hight jump and long jump

4/13/2024STKKSteinkjer - Mære Landbruksskole, Ridehallen.High Elite21 of 23Tone Lillebudal50.0 cm
3/30/2024TBHGTønsberg/vestfold - Jarlsberg Hall EHigh EliteUPTone Lillebudal0 cm
3/29/2024TBHGTønsberg/vestfold - Jarlsberg Hall ELong EliteUPTone Lillebudal0 cm
3/3/2024STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32, RidehallenHigh Elite20 of 21Helle Lillebudal Risstad50.0 cm
2/24/2024STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32Long Elite14 of 20Tone Lillebudal120.0 cm
8/20/2023STKKSteinkjer - Friområdet, LøHigh EliteUPTone Lillebudal0 cm
8/19/2023STKKSteinkjer - Friområdet, LøLong Elite22 of 26Tone Lillebudal120.0 cm
7/16/2023GDHKTrøndelag - Økdalen i HaukaHigh EliteUPTone Lillebudal0 cm
7/15/2023GDHKTrøndelag - Økdalen i HaukaLong Elite3 of 14Tone Lillebudal200.0 cm Prize
7/1/2023STKKSteinkjer - Friområdet, LøHigh EliteUPTone Lillebudal0 cm
6/11/2023IØHGInnlandet - Engavegen 6, 2032 MauraLong Elite22 of 29Tone Lillebudal140.0 cm
6/10/2023IØHGInnlandet - Engavegen 6, 2032 MauraHigh EliteUPTone Lillebudal0 cm
5/28/2023STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32, ridehallenHigh Elite20 of 21Tone Lillebudal55.0 cm
5/27/2023STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32, ridehallenLong Elite18 of 22Tone Lillebudal160.0 cm
5/14/2023STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32, utebanenLong Elite10 of 20Tone Lillebudal160.0 cm
5/13/2023GDHKTrøndelag - Skjetlein vgsHigh Elite13 of 22Tone Lillebudal60.0 cm
4/23/2023STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32, ridehallenLong Elite23 of 31Tone Lillebudal160.0 cm
4/22/2023STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32, ridehallenHigh Elite17 of 31Tone Lillebudal65.0 cm
4/1/2023STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32, ridehallenHigh Elite8 of 20Tone Lillebudal65.0 cm
3/12/2023STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32, ridehallenLong Elite3 of 20Helle Lillebudal Risstad200.0 cm Prize
2/25/2023TBHGViken - RakkestadhallenHigh Elite43 of 60Tone Lillebudal55.0 cm
1/29/2023GDHKNorge - SkjetleinHigh Elite8 of 23Tone Lillebudal65.0 cm
12/3/2022STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32, utebanenHigh Elite16 of 21Helle Lillebudal Risstad65.0 cm
11/12/2022JOSKHHå - VarhaughallenLong Elite12 of 61Tone Lillebudal180.0 cm Prize
10/22/2022STKKSteinkjer - Kanefartsvegen 32 High Elite9 of 21Tone Lillebudal50.0 cm
9/25/2022STKKSteinkjer/Trøndelag - Kanefartsvegen 32, utebanenLong Elite17 of 25Tone Lillebudal160.0 cm
8/14/2022GDHKTrøndelag - Skjetlein vgsHigh EliteUPTone Lillebudal0 cm
8/13/2022GDHKTrøndelag - Skjetlein vgsLong Elite5 of 17Tone Lillebudal180.0 cm
8/7/2022TBHGTønsberg/vestfold - Jarlsberg utenfor hall EHigh Elite3 of 53Tone Lillebudal75.0 cm Prize Free cert
8/6/2022TBHGTønsberg/vestfold - Jarlsberg utenfor hall ELong Elite20 of 52Tone Lillebudal170.0 cm
7/17/2022GDHKMidtre Gauldal Trøndelag - ØkdalenHigh Elite3 of 15Tone Lillebudal75.0 cm Prize
7/16/2022GDHKMidtre Gauldal Trøndelag - ØkdalenLong Elite4 of 20Tone Lillebudal220.0 cm Prize Cert
6/26/2022STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Friområdet ved LøhaugvegenHigh Elite9 of 22Tone Lillebudal60.0 cm
6/25/2022STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Friområdet ved LøhaugvegenLong Elite5 of 30Tone Lillebudal200.0 cm Prize
6/19/2022GDHKLEINSTRAND - SkjetleinLong Elite8 of 16Tone Lillebudal180.0 cm
5/8/2022STKKSteinkjer/Trøndelag - Kanefartsvegen 32, UtebanenLong EliteUPTone Lillebudal0 cm
4/24/2022STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Kanefartvegen 32Long Elite5 of 22Tone Lillebudal200.0 cm Prize
4/23/2022STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Kanefartvegen 32High Elite8 of 27Tone Lillebudal75.0 cm
4/2/2022STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Kanefartvegen 32High Elite17 of 20Helle Lillebudal Risstad50.0 cm
9/4/2021GDHKSkjetlein - Skjetlein videregående skoleLong Not elite2 of 21Tone Lillebudal160.0 cm Prize Point Advancement
8/22/2021STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Friområdet ved LøhaugvegenHigh Elite4 of 30Tone Lillebudal70.0 cm Prize
8/21/2021STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Friområdet ved LøhaugvegenLong Not elite4 of 29Tone Lillebudal180.0 cm Prize Point
8/2/2021STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Friområdet, LøhaugvegenLong Not elite12 of 26Helle Lillebudal Risstad140.0 cm
7/25/2021JOSKHRandaberg - RandaberghallenHigh Not elite5 of 16Tone Lillebudal60.0 cm Point Advancement
7/24/2021JOSKHRandaberg - RandaberghallenLong Not elite15 of 26Tone Lillebudal140.0 cm
7/11/2021GDHKTrøndelag - Økdalen High Not elite15 of 36Tone Lillebudal60.0 cm Point
7/10/2021GDHKTrøndelag - Økdalen Long Not elite16 of 39Tone Lillebudal140.0 cm
6/27/2021STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Kanefartvegen 32Long Not elite1 of 40Tone Lillebudal210.0 cm Prize Point
6/26/2021STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Kanefartvegen 32High Not elite24 of 43Tone Lillebudal50.0 cm
6/12/2021STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Kanefartvegen 32High Not elite6 of 22Tone Lillebudal60.0 cm Point
5/29/2021STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Kanefartvegen 32Long Not elite22 of 34Tone Lillebudal120.0 cm
1/31/2021GDHKMidtre Gauldal - HaukaHigh Not elite6 of 15Tone Lillebudal50.0 cm

Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing
3/29/2024TBHGTønsberg/vestfold - Jarlsberg Hall EÅrets påskelamDifficult3 of 6Tone Lillebudal112,9
8/19/2023STKKSteinkjer - Friområdet, LøMidt-norsk mester 202340 of 41Tone Lillebudal9417,22,24,UPL(31)
7/15/2023GDHKTrøndelag - Økdalen i HaukaØkdalens Cup 202319 of 52Tone Lillebudal154,11
8/13/2022GDHKTrøndelag - Skjetlein vgsMidtnorsk mester20 of 24Tone Lillebudal315,7,7,UPL(12)
7/16/2022GDHKMidtre Gauldal Trøndelag - ØkdalenØkdalens cup 14 of 51Tone Lillebudal145,9
6/24/2022STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Friområdet ved LøhaugvegenLille Pridecup 202221 of 40Tone Lillebudal5812,12,15,19
8/21/2021STKKSteinkjer / Trøndelag - Friområdet ved LøhaugvegenSammenlagt Midt - Norsk Mester5 of 57Tone Lillebudal244,4,5,11
7/24/2021JOSKHRandaberg - RandaberghallenBaby Angel 2021Easy6 of 10Tone Lillebudal335,5,10,13
7/10/2021GDHKTrøndelag - Økdalen Vinner cup24 of 47Tone Lillebudal183,15

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight15 of 90 (16.67 %)
AwardsHigh/Long15 of 52 (28.85 %)
Personal recordHigh75.0 cm
Personal recordLong220.0 cm

Family tree


RabbitBreeding informationSexColorBirthday
Bjørkhaugens Only When CloseFemaleSvart 4/30/2020
Bjørkhaugens Only When I TouchFemaleSvart4/30/2020