Enduring Effort

Information about rabbit

Name: Enduring Effort
Nick name: Märta
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: Svart
Birthday: 5/8/2021
Age: 2 year, 4 month and 19 days
Mother: SE*Valentinos Marvel Ruby
Father: Evening Bonfire
Borrower: -
Handler: Maria Groth
Owner: Maria Groth
Farm name code: -
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-17723
Straight: Difficult
Crooked: Difficult
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Crooked Moderate - 3 st


Straight Moderate - 3 st


Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Malin Berglund8/26/2021
Emilia Bergström5/8/2022
Isabella Fors8/2/2021
Malin Berglund8/2/2021

Results in course

9/9/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Difficult 1OPLMaria GrothNIT0
9/9/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Difficult 222 of 26Maria Groth5115.22
8/12/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Difficult21 of 23Maria Groth458.75
8/6/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Moderate 121 of 29Maria Groth339.50
8/6/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Moderate 28 of 29Maria Groth1+171.34 Point Advancement
8/2/2023MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumCrooked Difficult19 of 23Maria Groth589.12
7/23/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Moderate7 of 15Maria Groth2+4238.05
7/22/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked DifficultOPLMaria GrothNIT0
7/15/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Difficult14 of 39Maria Groth2+261.72
2/18/2023MKHKöping - Åsta 231Straight Moderate14 of 28Maria Groth235.06
2/4/2023BLKHAvesta - Stall GröntjärnaStraight Moderate8 of 42Maria Groth1+264.59 Prize Point
1/21/2023BLKHAvesta - Stall GröntjärnaCrooked Moderate1 of 40Maria Groth0+073.79 Prize Point Advancement
1/7/2023GKHTGävle - Boulehallen Crooked Moderate18 of 38Maria Groth345.97
12/11/2022BLKHAvesta - Stall GröntjärnaStraight Moderate 113 of 23Maria Groth237.22
12/11/2022BLKHAvesta - Stall GröntjärnaStraight Moderate 212 of 23Maria Groth250.90
11/26/2022BLKHAvesta - Stall GröntjärnaCrooked Moderate4 of 20Maria Groth3+0112.31 Prize Point
11/12/2022BLKHAvesta - Stall GröntjärnaCrooked Moderate8 of 25Maria Groth1+287.56
10/29/2022BLKHAvesta - Stall GröntjärnaStraight Moderate - New2 of 23Maria Groth0+252.49 Prize Point
10/8/2022BLKHAvesta - AvestavallenCrooked Moderate13 of 29Maria Groth2+388.62
9/24/2022BLKHAvesta - Västansjö 120Straight Moderate 126 of 44Maria Groth255.87
9/24/2022BLKHAvesta - Västansjö 120Straight Moderate 214 of 44Maria Groth129.81
9/11/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Moderate 125 of 40Maria Groth330.06
9/11/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Moderate 224 of 34Maria Groth331.60
8/27/2022BLKHAvestaStraight Easy8 of 33Maria Groth0+0121.13 Point Advancement
8/13/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Moderate4 of 29Maria Groth1+157.68 Prize Point
7/24/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Moderate 132 of 44Maria Groth350.28
7/24/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Moderate 213 of 43Maria Groth1+176.88
7/10/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Easy8 of 35Maria Groth1+049.34
7/9/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Moderate 115 of 19Maria Groth336.97
7/9/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Moderate 210 of 18Simona Nilsson 1+3116.21
7/3/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Moderate31 of 33Maria Groth678.03
6/18/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Easy 110 of 26Maria Groth2+099.13
6/18/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Easy 215 of 27Maria Groth1+1167.88
6/4/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Moderate44 of 48Maria Groth766.84
5/21/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Easy26 of 33Maria Groth399.63
5/14/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked Easy3 of 21Maria Groth1+0145.83 Prize Point Advancement
4/9/2022ACKHLövånger - Lövångers ridhusCrooked Easy 12 of 6Malin Berglund0+078.31 Prize Point
4/9/2022ACKHLövånger - Lövångers ridhusCrooked Easy 27 of 12Malin Berglund1+175.50
3/6/2022BDKHBoden - Studiefrämjandets HundhallCrooked Easy 210 of 37Emilia Bergström3+1117.82
3/6/2022BDKHBoden - Studiefrämjandets HundhallCrooked Easy 12 of 38Emilia Bergström1+098.87 Prize Point
3/5/2022BDKHBoden - Studiefrämjandets HundhallStraight Easy 2 - Rule A4 of 37Emilia Bergström120.25 Prize Point
3/5/2022BDKHBoden - Studiefrämjandets HundhallStraight Easy 15 of 38Emilia Bergström1+249.22 Prize Point
2/19/2022BDKHBoden - Studiefrämjandets hundhallStraight Easy 25 of 16Ingrid Burstedt2+272.63
2/19/2022BDKHBoden - Studiefrämjandets hundhallStraight Easy 18 of 16Ingrid Burstedt568.75
2/12/2022ACKHLövånger - Lövångers ridhusCrooked Easy 113 of 28Astrid Holmqvist233.84
2/12/2022ACKHLövånger - Lövångers ridhusCrooked Easy 217 of 27Emilia Bergström264.47
1/8/2022BDKHÄlvsbyn - Älvsby RyttarföreningCrooked Easy 215 of 25Emilia Bergström354.00
1/8/2022BDKHÄlvsbyn - Älvsby RyttarföreningCrooked Easy 115 of 25Emilia Bergström359.78
12/18/2021BDKHÄlvsbyn - Älvsby RyttarföreningStraight Easy 19 of 12Emilia Bergström394.50
12/18/2021BDKHÄlvsbyn - Älvsby RyttarföreningStraight Easy 28 of 12Emilia Bergström164.54
11/27/2021ACKHLövånger - Lövångers ridhusCrooked Easy8 of 23Emilia Bergström277.98
11/13/2021ACKHSkellefteå - Gummarks ridhusStraight Easy 114 of 31Emilia Bergström453.78
11/13/2021ACKHSkellefteå - Gummarks ridhusStraight Easy 221 of 29Emilia Bergström451.61
10/31/2021NNKHHaparanda - Haparanda stallområdeStraight Easy 1OPLEmilia BergströmNIT0
10/31/2021NNKHHaparanda - Haparanda stallområdeStraight Easy 24 of 10Emilia Bergström1+189.38
10/30/2021NNKHHaparanda - Haparanda stallområdeCrooked Easy 1OPLEmilia BergströmNIT0
10/30/2021NNKHHaparanda - Haparanda stallområdeCrooked Easy 212 of 15Emilia Bergström768.07

Results in hight jump and long jump


Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing
8/6/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboLilla Space CupenModerate7 of 16Maria Groth298,21
12/11/2022BLKHAvesta - Stall GröntjärnaKnäckcupenModerate12 of 23Maria Groth2512,13
6/18/2022BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboLilla KM RakbanaEasy13 of 24Maria Groth2510,15
3/5/2022BDKHBoden - Studiefrämjandets HundhallGlädjeEasy1 of 26Emilia Bergström212,4,5,10
1/8/2022BDKHÄlvsbyn - Älvsby RyttarföreningKonfetticupenEasy14 of 22Emilia Bergström3015,15
12/18/2021BDKHÄlvsbyn - Älvsby RyttarföreningTomtenissenEasy7 of 9Emilia Bergström178,9
10/31/2021NNKHHaparanda - Haparanda stallområdeSpindelEasyUPLEmilia Bergström94,UPL(5)

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight12 of 57 (21.05 %)
Personal recordHigh0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

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