(Kyllesveien's) Sweet Revenge Av Lavella

Information about rabbit

Name: (Kyllesveien's) Sweet Revenge Av Lavella
Nick name: Mateo
Sex: Male
Breeding information:
Color: -
Birthday: 7/29/2021
Age: 2 year, 7 month and 4 days
Mother: Hompetitten's Electric Heart
Father: Lavella's Gd Ch Sounds Like Thunder
Borrower: -
Handler: Emma Lien Årnes
Owner: Camilla Årnes
Farm name code: -
Union: NKHLF
Country Norway
RegNr: N-2410
Straight: Easy - 1 Point
Crooked: Easy
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Straight Easy - 1 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Nikki Hudson11/17/2021
Camilla Årnes2/28/2023

Results in course

2/12/2023HKHHorten - Gressbanen på BorreStraight Easy 210 of 16Camilla Årnes2+260.47
2/12/2023HKHHorten - Gressbanen på BorreCrooked Easy 211 of 17Camilla Årnes2+181.73
2/11/2023HKHHorten - Gressbanen på BorreCrooked Easy 17 of 16Camilla Årnes0+2117.19
2/11/2023HKHHorten - Gressbanen på BorreStraight Easy 19 of 15Camilla Årnes227.56
12/17/2022MOKHSvelvik - Strømmveien 40Crooked Easy11 of 18Camilla Årnes364.65
12/17/2022MOKHSvelvik - Strømmveien 40Straight Easy1 of 19Camilla Årnes0+029.16 Prize Point
1/23/2022JOSKHHå kommune/Rogaland/Jæren - VarhaughallenCrooked Easy - Rule B12 of 21Lilly Sofie Eik Jonassen440.47
1/22/2022JOSKHHå kommune/Rogaland/Jæren - VarhaughallenCrooked Easy - Rule B16 of 22Lilly Sofie Eik Jonassen695.37
1/22/2022JOSKHHå kommune/Rogaland/Jæren - VarhaughallenStraight Easy - Rule B13 of 17Lilly Sofie Eik Jonassen646.12
1/9/2022JOSKHSola - Sola Rideskole, ridehallCrooked Easy - Rule BUPLilly Sofie Eik JonassenNIT0
12/30/2021JOSKHSola - Sola Rideskole, ridehallCrooked Easy - Rule BUPLilly Sofie Eik JonassenNIT0
12/30/2021JOSKHSola - Sola Rideskole, ridehallStraight Easy - Rule B21 of 21Lilly Sofie Eik Jonassen674.75
12/12/2021JOSKHNorge - Sola RideskoleCrooked Easy - Rule BUPLilly Sofie Eik JonassenNIT0

Results in hight jump and long jump


Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight1 of 13 (7.69 %)
Personal recordHigh0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

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