SE*Bergkristallens Twice In A Blue Moon

Information about rabbit

Name: SE*Bergkristallens Twice In A Blue Moon
Nick name: Abbe
Sex: Male
Breeding information:
Color: Blå
Birthday: 8/2/2021
Age: 2 year, 8 month and 23 days
Mother: SE*Hallontassens Dark Sea
Father: SE*Kings Freeride
Borrower: -
Handler: Sara Moström
Owner: Sara Moström
Farm - SKHRF: Bergkristallens
Farm name code: SE* - Sveriges Kaninhoppares Riksförbund
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-17751
Straight: Difficult
Crooked: Moderate - 2 Advancement points
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Crooked Moderate - 2 st


Straight Moderate - 3 st


Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Agnes Bergman 2/22/2022
Luna Lundqvist7/8/2022

Results in course

4/6/2024AKHArjeplogStraight Difficult4 of 6Sara Moström4+5188.88
3/10/2024UKHUmeå - Umåkers TotohallCrooked Moderate 18 of 9Sara Moström690.66
3/10/2024UKHUmeå - Umåkers TotohallCrooked Moderate 26 of 8Sara Moström872.37
3/9/2024ACKHSkellefteåCrooked Moderate8 of 14Sara Moström2+1128.47
2/18/2024BDKHÄlvsbyn - Älvsby RyttarföreningStraight Difficult 117 of 20Sara Moström6114.28
2/18/2024BDKHÄlvsbyn - Älvsby RyttarföreningStraight Difficult 217 of 20Sara Moström6103.81
2/17/2024BDKHÄlvsbyn - Älvsby RyttarföreningCrooked Moderate 17 of 15Sara Moström371.66
2/17/2024BDKHÄlvsbyn - Älvsby RyttarföreningCrooked Moderate 29 of 15Sara Moström379.75
2/10/2024ACKHLövångerStraight Difficult 211 of 14Sara Moström681.40
2/10/2024ACKHLövångerStraight Difficult 113 of 15Sara Moström691.19
2/3/2024AKHArjeplogStraight Difficult 15 of 7Sara Moström6110.41
2/3/2024AKHArjeplogStraight Difficult 24 of 7Sara Moström4+4185.79
12/28/2023ACKHSkelleftehamn - RotanCrooked Moderate3 of 15Sara Moström5+2165.57 Prize
12/9/2023ACKHLövångerStraight DifficultOPLSara MoströmNIT0
11/18/2023BDKHÄlvsbyn - Älvsby RyttarföreningStraight Difficult 1OPLSara MoströmNIT0
11/18/2023BDKHÄlvsbyn - Älvsby RyttarföreningStraight Difficult 2OPLSara MoströmNIT0
11/11/2023AKHArjeplog - RidhusetStraight Difficult3 of 3Sara Moström8+5236.89
11/5/2023AKHArjeplog - RidhusetStraight Difficult 1OPLSara MoströmNIT0
11/5/2023AKHArjeplog - RidhusetStraight Difficult 2OPLSara MoströmNIT0
11/4/2023AKHArjeplog - RidhusetCrooked Moderate 110 of 24Sara Moström1+3152.84
11/4/2023AKHArjeplog - RidhusetCrooked Moderate 2OPLSara MoströmNIT0
10/28/2023ACKHSkellefteåStraight Moderate 21 of 15Sara Moström1+0129.75 Prize Point Advancement
10/28/2023ACKHSkellefteåStraight Moderate 14 of 17Sara Moström3+2122.28 Prize
10/15/2023ACKHSkellefteåCrooked Moderate5 of 14Sara Moström3+4164.15
10/14/2023UKHUmeåStraight Moderate6 of 10Sara Moström6115.22
10/14/2023UKHUmeåStraight Moderate 26 of 9Sara Moström673.85
10/1/2023ACKHSkellefteåCrooked Moderate5 of 13Sara Moström2+399.10
9/23/2023UKHUmeåCrooked Moderate 18 of 14Sara Moström459.37
9/23/2023UKHUmeåCrooked Moderate 210 of 13Sara Moström6103.16
9/17/2023ACKHSkellefteåStraight Moderate1 of 13Sara Moström0+159.28 Prize Point
9/2/2023ACKHSkellefteåCrooked Moderate 117 of 27Sara Moström376.53
9/2/2023ACKHSkellefteåCrooked Moderate 222 of 25Sara Moström693.34
8/10/2023ACKHSkellefteåCrooked Moderate5 of 22Sara Moström3+0122.15 Prize Point
7/30/2023AKHArjeplog - Arjeplog, KrajabadetStraight Moderate 12 of 9Sara Moström1+185.50 Prize Point
7/30/2023AKHArjeplog - Arjeplog, KrajabadetStraight Moderate 26 of 9Sara Moström242.78
7/23/2023ACKHSkellefteåStraight Moderate6 of 13Sara Moström2+2137.53
7/22/2023UKHUmeå - MSK GrusplanenStraight Moderate 13 of 5Sara Moström3+261.11
7/22/2023UKHUmeå - MSK GrusplanenStraight Moderate 24 of 5Sara Moström5+281.25
7/12/2023AKHArjeplog - Arjeplog Crooked Moderate3 of 6Sara Moström1+182.62
6/25/2023UKHUmeå - Gamla Ersbodavägen Crooked Moderate5 of 21Sara Moström2+187.06 Prize Point
6/6/2023UKHUmeå - MSK grusplanStraight Moderate 15 of 13Sara Moström2+4134.56
6/6/2023UKHUmeå - MSK grusplanStraight Moderate 27 of 13Sara Moström496.56
5/27/2023AKHArjeplog - IdrottsplatsenCrooked Moderate8 of 8Sara Moström671.59
5/27/2023AKHArjeplog - IdrottsplatsenCrooked Moderate 25 of 7Sara Moström351.63
5/7/2023BDKHGammelstad, LuleåStraight Moderate 15 of 20Sara Moström1+191.56
5/7/2023BDKHGammelstad, LuleåStraight Moderate 215 of 20Sara Moström260.35
5/6/2023ACKHSkellefteåStraight Moderate6 of 14Sara Moström6+384.34
4/29/2023ACKHSkellefteå - LövångerStraight Moderate 112 of 18Sara Moström379.25
4/29/2023ACKHSkellefteå - LövångerStraight Moderate 211 of 18Sara Moström1+283.03
3/26/2023AKHArjeplog - RidhusetStraight Moderate 12 of 5Sara Moström1+1112.28
3/26/2023AKHArjeplog - RidhusetStraight Moderate 23 of 5Sara Moström4111.85
3/25/2023ACKHSkellefteå - LövångerCrooked Moderate10 of 11Sara Moström6109.50
2/18/2023ACKHSkellefteå - LövångerStraight Easy 211 of 31Sara Moström0+179.69 *Only Cup
2/18/2023ACKHSkellefteå - LövångerStraight Easy 17 of 31Sara Moström0+155.46 Prize Point Advancement
2/4/2023ACKHSkellefteå - LövångerCrooked Easy2 of 9Sara Moström1+166.96 Prize Point Advancement
1/22/2023AKHArjeplog - RidhusetCrooked Easy9 of 12Sara Moström2115.22
1/22/2023AKHArjeplog - RidhusetStraight Easy2 of 11Sara Moström0+057.56 Prize Point
10/30/2022AKHArjeplog - RidhusetStraight Easy 111 of 23Sara Moström119.91
10/30/2022AKHArjeplog - RidhusetStraight Easy 216 of 23Sara Moström1+233.64
10/29/2022AKHArjeplog - RidhusetCrooked Easy 111 of 25Sara Moström2+1134.09
10/29/2022AKHArjeplog - RidhusetCrooked Easy 211 of 23Sara Moström142.44
10/23/2022UKHUmeåStraight Easy 14 of 13Sara Moström0+3100.56
10/23/2022UKHUmeåStraight Easy 23 of 13Sara Moström1+162.51 Prize Point
10/2/2022UKHUmeå - Umeå MSKStraight Easy 15 of 15Sara Moström0+255.94
9/11/2022NNKHHaparandaStraight Easy 14 of 14Sara Moström2+1148.63
9/10/2022NNKHHaparandaCrooked Easy 14 of 8Sara Moström4+2107.34
9/10/2022NNKHHaparandaCrooked Easy 22 of 8Sara Moström1+161.82 Prize Point
8/21/2022UKHUmeåCrooked Easy9 of 13Sara Moström268.19
8/21/2022UKHUmeåCrooked Easy 21 of 12Sara Moström0+0118.25 Prize Point
7/23/2022AKHArjeplog - Kraja CampingStraight Easy7 of 11Sara Moström384.11
1/29/2022ÖLKHÖrebro - Vittvångs Ridhus Straight Mini12 of 22Agnes Bergman 1+2101.94
1/22/2022MKHKöping - Stenvad 201Straight Mini8 of 9Agnes Bergman 473.50
1/8/2022ÖKHMotala - BoulehallenCrooked MiniOPLJohanna LehtonenNIT0

Results in hight jump and long jump

11/11/2023AKHArjeplog - RidhusetLong Not eliteOPLSara Moström0 cm
9/17/2023ACKHSkellefteåLong Not elite - Class trial6 of 16Sara Moström100.0 cm
6/25/2023UKHUmeå - Gamla Ersbodavägen High Not elite - Class trial20 of 26Sara Moström50.0 cm
5/6/2023ACKHSkellefteåLong Not elite2 of 7Sara Moström100.0 cm Prize

Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing
2/10/2024ACKHLövångerValentincupenDifficult9 of 11Sara Moström2411,13
7/30/2023AKHArjeplog - Arjeplog, KrajabadetGlasscupenModerate4 of 9Sara Moström82,6
6/6/2023UKHUmeå - MSK grusplanKöttbullecupen Moderate5 of 11Sara Moström125,7
2/18/2023ACKHSkellefteå - LövångerLilla HjärtatEasy5 of 14Sara Moström187,11
10/30/2022AKHArjeplog - RidhusetBus-eller godiscupen Easy12 of 21Sara Moström2711,16
9/10/2022NNKHHaparandaLättmästareEasy3 of 7Sara Moström102,4,4
8/21/2022UKHUmeåSnottrencupenEasy2 of 11Sara Moström101,9

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight13 of 73 (17.81 %)
AwardsHigh/Long1 of 4 (25 %)
Personal recordHigh50.0 cm
Personal recordLong100.0 cm

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