A Fantasy of Eternity

Information about rabbit

Name: A Fantasy of Eternity
Nick name: Spira
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: Zobel brun
Birthday: 10/15/2022
Age: 1 year, 7 month and 12 days
Mother: Kyrkeliden's Lurig Lycka
Father: As The World Caves In
Borrower: -
Handler: Rebecka Kieding
Owner: Rebecka Kieding
Farm name code: -
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-18945
Straight: Moderate
Crooked: Moderate
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -
Comment: (Kiedings) A Fantasy of Eternity - Uppfödd hos Kiedings Kaniner


Advancement points

Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change

Results in course

12/2/2023Straight Moderate6 of 9Rebecka Kieding466.34WKHSmedjebackens Ryttarsällskap i Smedjebacken
11/26/2023Crooked Moderate 16 of 10Rebecka Kieding1+6167.12YKHBjörkbacke gård i Njurunda
11/26/2023Crooked Moderate 27 of 10Rebecka Kieding471.38YKHBjörkbacke gård i Njurunda
11/19/2023Straight Moderate6 of 9Rebecka Kieding7+2148.66HäKHLjusdal
11/11/2023Straight Moderate 113 of 21Rebecka Kieding477.91MKHHöstcuperna, Lilla Lundbyskog i Vingåker
11/11/2023Straight Moderate 216 of 21Rebecka Kieding659.41MKHHöstcuperna, Lilla Lundbyskog i Vingåker
11/4/2023Crooked Moderate 1UPLRebecka KiedingNITWKHSmedjebackens Ryttarsällskap i Smedjebacken
11/4/2023Crooked Moderate 218 of 19Rebecka Kieding8110.56WKHSmedjebackens Ryttarsällskap i Smedjebacken
10/29/2023Straight Moderate9 of 15Rebecka Kieding496.06BLKHStall Gröntjärna i Avesta
10/14/2023Crooked Moderate 19 of 9Rebecka Kieding590.97YKHBjörkbacke gård i Njurunda
10/14/2023Crooked Moderate 27 of 7Rebecka Kieding3100.22YKHBjörkbacke gård i Njurunda
9/30/2023Straight Easy5 of 48Rebecka Kieding0+132.50 Prize Point Advancement BLKHGrusplanen i Skogsbo i Avesta
9/16/2023Straight Easy13 of 40Rebecka Kieding120.50HäKHRIP cuperna , Borgarparken i Hudiksvall
9/9/2023Crooked Moderate16 of 19Rebecka Kieding7111.59BLKHGrusplanen i Skogsbo i Avesta
9/2/2023Crooked Moderate25 of 26Rebecka Kieding8117.90WKHStiernhööksgymnasiet körhall i Rättvik
8/26/2023Straight Easy 116 of 33Rebecka Kieding226.12ULKHUppfödarcuper, Ångelstaskolans konstgräsplan i Uppsala
8/26/2023Straight Easy 211 of 30Rebecka Kieding1+166.35ULKHUppfödarcuper, Ångelstaskolans konstgräsplan i Uppsala
8/20/2023Straight Easy 112 of 23Rebecka Kieding1+261.81MKHSkördecuperna del 1, Motionscentrum i Hallstahammar
8/20/2023Straight Easy 214 of 23Rebecka Kieding127.07MKHSkördecuperna del 1, Motionscentrum i Hallstahammar
8/12/2023Crooked Easy 14 of 35Rebecka Kieding1+074.13 Prize Point ULKHUppsala i Uppsala
8/12/2023Crooked Easy 28 of 34Rebecka Kieding1+183.97 Point Advancement ULKHUppsala i Uppsala
8/9/2023Crooked Easy6 of 16Rebecka Kieding0+266.16HäKHHudiksvall
8/6/2023Straight Easy 110 of 39Rebecka Kieding0+147.03BLKHGrusplanen i Skogsbo i Avesta
8/6/2023Straight Easy 29 of 38Rebecka Kieding0+249.59BLKHGrusplanen i Skogsbo i Avesta
7/29/2023Straight Easy5 of 10Rebecka Kieding3+072.37WKHDisponentparken i Grängesberg
7/23/2023Straight Easy1 of 20Rebecka Kieding0+070.91 Prize Point ULKHUppsala i Uppsala
7/15/2023Crooked Easy 115 of 22Rebecka Kieding141.41BLKHGrusplanen i Skogsbo i Avesta
7/15/2023Crooked Easy 211 of 25Rebecka Kieding0+288.00BLKHGrusplanen i Skogsbo i Avesta
7/11/2023Straight Easy14 of 30Rebecka Kieding0+3125.75MKHEftermiddagstävling, Motionscentrum i Hallstahammar
6/24/2023Crooked Easy9 of 20Rebecka Kieding1+2127.40WKHLorensbergaskolans fotbollsplan i Ludvika
6/18/2023Crooked Easy19 of 38Rebecka Kieding235.25GKHTÄlvkarleby
6/10/2023Crooked Easy 14 of 4Rebecka Kieding2+1130.65YKHSundsvall
6/10/2023Crooked Easy 21 of 4Rebecka Kieding0+066.69 Prize Point YKHSundsvall
5/31/2023Straight Easy1 of 14Rebecka Kieding0+043.45 Prize Point HäKHKvällstävling , Skidstadion i Hudiksvall
5/28/2023Crooked Easy27 of 42Rebecka Kieding356.60BLKHGrusplanen i Skogsbo i Avesta
5/20/2023Straight Easy9 of 19Rebecka Kieding222.38WKHLorensbergaskolans fotbollsplan i Ludvika
5/7/2023Straight Easy 110 of 12Rebecka Kieding332.00YKHKvissleby i Sundsvall
5/7/2023Straight Easy 211 of 12Rebecka Kieding1+255.15YKHKvissleby i Sundsvall
4/30/2023Straight Easy20 of 24Rebecka Kieding457.53MKHMotionscentrum i Hallstahammar
4/23/2023Straight Easy15 of 16Rebecka Kieding244.44HäKHIlsbo
4/15/2023Straight Easy25 of 28Rebecka Kieding8101.44BLKHStall Gröntjärna i Avesta

Results in hight jump and long jump


Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight6 of 41 (14.63 %)
Personal recordHigh0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

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