Aakebergs Almond

Information about rabbit

Name: Aakebergs Almond
Nick name: Ailo
Sex: Male
Breeding information:
Color: Viltgul
Birthday: 8/8/2022
Age: 1 year, 8 month and 13 days
Mother: Aakebergs Diamond Heart.
Father: Lineas Ch Snøfall
Borrower: -
Handler: Pia Amundsen
Owner: Irene Aakeberg Dahlby
Farm - NKHLF: Aakebergs
Farm name code: -
Union: NKHLF
Country Norway
RegNr: N-2415
Straight: Difficult
Crooked: Difficult
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Crooked Moderate - 3 st


Straight Moderate - 3 st


Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 3 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Irene Aakeberg Dahlby1/23/2023
Irene Aakeberg Dahlby8/6/2023
Irene Aakeberg Dahlby5/22/2023
Pia Amundsen5/6/2023
Pia Amundsen6/24/2023

Results in course

4/14/2024GKHTelemark - Løbergvegen 243Straight Difficult5 of 13Pia Amundsen1+354.47
4/13/2024GKHTelemark - Løbergvegen 243Crooked Difficult10 of 12Pia Amundsen759.88
3/16/2024MOKHVestfold - Bolstadgata 16Crooked Difficult9 of 10Pia Amundsen5116.21
3/10/2024GKHTelemark - Løbergvegen 243Crooked Difficult5 of 13Pia Amundsen2+178.91
3/9/2024HKHTønsberg - Sportsgården ASStraight Difficult5 of 11Pia Amundsen1+434.04
3/9/2024HKHTønsberg - Sportsgården ASCrooked DifficultUPPia AmundsenNIT0
12/2/2023HKHHorten - Sportsgården AS, Langemyrveien 31, 3157 BarkåkerCrooked Difficult14 of 16Pia Amundsen10103.56
12/2/2023HKHHorten - Sportsgården AS, Langemyrveien 31, 3157 BarkåkerStraight Difficult16 of 20Pia Amundsen779.28
10/29/2023GKHSkien - Løbergvegen 243Crooked Difficult13 of 14Irene Aakeberg Dahlby694.72
10/29/2023GKHSkien - Løbergvegen 243Straight Difficult15 of 16Irene Aakeberg Dahlby649.95
10/26/2023HKHHorten - Kjeldsberg plassCrooked DifficultUPIrene Aakeberg DahlbyNIT0
10/8/2023HKHTønsberg - Sportsgården AS / LangemyrveienStraight Difficult12 of 13Pia Amundsen882.64
10/7/2023HKHTønsberg - Sportsgården AS / LangemyrveienCrooked DifficultUPPia AmundsenNIT0
9/27/2023HKHHorten - Gressbanen på BorreCrooked Moderate1 of 7Pia Amundsen0+292.88 Prize Point Advancement
9/27/2023HKHHorten - Gressbanen på BorreStraight Difficult15 of 16Pia Amundsen579.97
9/20/2023HKHHorten - Gressbanen på BorreCrooked Moderate4 of 7Irene Aakeberg Dahlby1+256.88
9/18/2023HKHHorten - KjeldsbergStraight Moderate2 of 6Irene Aakeberg Dahlby1+264.96 Prize Point Advancement
9/16/2023MOKHØvre Eiker - Vestfossen barneskoleCrooked Moderate8 of 16Pia Amundsen385.48
9/16/2023MOKHØvre Eiker - Vestfossen barneskoleStraight Moderate7 of 14Pia Amundsen0+228.82
9/14/2023HKHHorten - KjeldsbergCrooked Moderate1 of 7Irene Aakeberg Dahlby1+089.09 Prize Point
9/14/2023HKHHorten - KjeldsbergStraight Moderate3 of 8Irene Aakeberg Dahlby2+154.76
9/10/2023GKHVestfold og Telemark - DyrskuplassenStraight Moderate 26 of 11Pia Amundsen2+339.13
9/9/2023GKHVestfold og Telemark - DyrskuplassenCrooked Moderate1 of 11Pia Amundsen1+097.88 Prize Point
9/9/2023GKHVestfold og Telemark - DyrskuplassenStraight Moderate 11 of 11Pia Amundsen0+042.38 Prize Point
9/8/2023GKHVestfold og Telemark - DyrskuplassenStraight Moderate2 of 11Pia Amundsen2+236.53 Prize Point
8/19/2023GKHPorsgrunn - Hovet Ring 7Straight Moderate7 of 23Irene Aakeberg Dahlby1+127.69
8/18/2023GKHPorsgrunn - Hovet Ring 7Crooked Moderate15 of 25Irene Aakeberg Dahlby239.22
7/1/2023MOKHRingerike, Viken fylke - Sokna stadion, 3534 SoknaCrooked Moderate13 of 23Irene Aakeberg Dahlby261.34
7/1/2023MOKHRingerike, Viken fylke - Sokna stadion, 3534 SoknaStraight Moderate22 of 23Irene Aakeberg Dahlby317.70
6/18/2023SKKTrondheim/Trøndelag - Vikåsenhallen, på kunstgressbanen Straight Moderate5 of 12Pia Amundsen0+333.25
6/17/2023SKKTrondheim/Trøndelag - Vikåsenhallen, på kunstgressbanen Crooked Moderate8 of 11Pia Amundsen336.53
6/11/2023HKHHorten - Borrehallen, Ynglingeveien 20, 3184 BorreStraight Moderate6 of 14Pia Amundsen0+430.52
6/10/2023HKHHorten - Borrehallen, Ynglingeveien 20, 3184 BorreCrooked Moderate6 of 9Pia Amundsen440.03
5/21/2023GKHVestfold og Telemark - Rustadveien 111Straight Moderate5 of 6Irene Aakeberg Dahlby328.25
5/20/2023GKHVestfold og Telemark - Rustadveien 111Crooked Moderate6 of 8Irene Aakeberg Dahlby640.28
5/6/2023MOKHModum kommune/Viken fylke - Sysle skole, Røsteveien 85, 3370 VikersundCrooked Easy1 of 22Pia Amundsen0+037.64 Prize Point Advancement
5/6/2023MOKHModum kommune/Viken fylke - Sysle skole, Røsteveien 85, 3370 VikersundStraight Easy1 of 23Pia Amundsen0+045.02 Prize Point Advancement
4/23/2023HKHTønsberg - Sportsgården RidesenterCrooked Easy1 of 19Pia Amundsen0+048.35 Prize Point
4/22/2023HKHTønsberg - Sportsgården RidesenterStraight Easy6 of 16Pia Amundsen1+120.50
4/16/2023GKHVestfold og Telemark - Løbergsvegen 243Straight Easy1 of 20Pia Amundsen0+024.62 Prize Point
3/26/2023MOKHViken - Strømmveien 40 i SvelvikStraight Easy5 of 26Pia Amundsen0+044.70 Prize Point
3/26/2023MOKHViken - Strømmveien 40 i SvelvikCrooked Easy 23 of 22Pia Amundsen0+067.38 Prize Point
3/25/2023MOKHViken - Strømmveien 40 i SvelvikCrooked Easy 113 of 24Pia Amundsen2+183.69
3/18/2023GKHVestfold og Telemark - Løbergvegen 243Crooked Easy16 of 20Pia Amundsen380.94
3/18/2023GKHVestfold og Telemark - Løbergvegen 243Straight Easy13 of 20Pia Amundsen237.56
2/12/2023HKHHorten - Gressbanen på BorreStraight Easy 26 of 16Pia Amundsen1+049.47
2/12/2023HKHHorten - Gressbanen på BorreCrooked Easy 210 of 17Pia Amundsen2+160.66
2/11/2023HKHHorten - Gressbanen på BorreCrooked Easy 110 of 16Pia Amundsen0+4110.41
2/11/2023HKHHorten - Gressbanen på BorreStraight Easy 112 of 15Pia Amundsen464.00

Results in hight jump and long jump

10/8/2023HKHTønsberg - Sportsgården AS / LangemyrveienLong Not elite2 of 7Pia Amundsen100.0 cm Prize
10/7/2023HKHTønsberg - Sportsgården AS / LangemyrveienHigh Not elite11 of 11Pia Amundsen50.0 cm
9/8/2023GKHVestfold og Telemark - DyrskuplassenHigh Not elite4 of 5Pia Amundsen50.0 cm

Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing
4/13/2024GKHTelemark - Løbergvegen 243Store Vårtegn 20249 of 11Pia Amundsen155,10
12/2/2023HKHHorten - Sportsgården AS, Langemyrveien 31, 3157 BarkåkerÅrets SnøballDifficult7 of 10Pia Amundsen3014,16
10/7/2023HKHTønsberg - Sportsgården AS / LangemyrveienHorten Rosetten12 of 12Pia Amundsen452,11,12,UPL(20)
9/16/2023MOKHØvre Eiker - Vestfossen barneskoleLille Viking 20238 of 16Pia Amundsen157,8
4/22/2023HKHTønsberg - Sportsgården RidesenterEarth Beginners Cup4 of 24Pia Amundsen71,6
3/18/2023GKHVestfold og Telemark - Løbergvegen 243Lille Vårtegn14 of 16Pia Amundsen2913,16

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight12 of 49 (24.49 %)
AwardsHigh/Long1 of 3 (33.33 %)
Personal recordHigh50.0 cm
Personal recordLong100.0 cm

Family tree


RabbitBreeding informationSexColorBirthday
Aakebergs AmberFemaleViltgul8/8/2022
Aakebergs ApricotFemaleViltgul8/8/2022