Amazing Jade

Information about rabbit

Name: Amazing Jade
Nick name: Wilton
Sex: Male
Breeding information:
Color: -
Birthday: 7/5/2022
Age: 1 year, 5 month and 3 days
Mother: Linnea1
Father: SE*Väsbyvikens Amazing Pouilly Farmé
Borrower: -
Handler: Michelle Backlund Pikki
Owner: Michelle Backlund Pikki
Farm name code: -
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
RegNr: S-19027
Straight: Easy - 1 Point
Crooked: Moderate
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Crooked Easy - 3 st


Straight Easy - 1 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change

Results in course

10/29/2023MKHKöping - Åsta 231Crooked Easy 1UTRakel Pettersson285.25
10/29/2023MKHKöping - Åsta 231Crooked Easy 2UTRakel Pettersson147.78
10/1/2023MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Easy9 of 12Stina Pettersson257.22
9/23/2023ULKHUppsala - UppsalaStraight Easy4 of 8Stina Pettersson2+039.75
9/9/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboCrooked ModerateOPLStina PetterssonNIT0
9/2/2023WKHRättvik - Stiernhööksgymnasiet körhallCrooked Moderate24 of 26Stina Pettersson8116.78
8/20/2023MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Easy 19 of 23Stina Pettersson1+139.00
8/20/2023MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Easy 210 of 23Stina Pettersson0+132.94
8/12/2023ULKHUppsala - UppsalaCrooked Easy 16 of 35Stina Pettersson1+0105.03 Prize Point
8/12/2023ULKHUppsala - UppsalaCrooked Easy 27 of 34Stina Pettersson1+182.38 Prize Point Advancement
8/6/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Easy 113 of 39Stina Pettersson0+165.68
8/6/2023BLKHAvesta - Grusplanen i SkogsboStraight Easy 215 of 38Stina Pettersson120.16
8/2/2023MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumCrooked Easy13 of 14Stina Pettersson349.35
7/29/2023GKHTÄlvkarlebyCrooked Easy - New3 of 12Stina Pettersson1+187.98 Prize Point
7/28/2023MKHEskilstuna - Sundbyholm TravbanaStraight Easy4 of 15Stina Pettersson0+181.75
7/23/2023MKHEskilstuna - Klippbergens koloniområdeStraight Easy 114 of 20Stina Pettersson337.06
7/23/2023MKHEskilstuna - Klippbergens koloniområdeStraight Easy 25 of 18Stina Pettersson1+058.41
7/22/2023MKHEskilstuna - Klippbergens koloniområdeCrooked Easy 116 of 27Stina Pettersson340.69
7/22/2023MKHEskilstuna - Klippbergens koloniområdeCrooked Easy 28 of 25Stina Pettersson130.19
7/11/2023MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Easy8 of 30Stina Pettersson0+140.09
7/6/2023GKTGotland - Hos Elin och LeoStraight Easy8 of 9Stina Pettersson1+050.03
7/5/2023GOKHVäskinde - Hos Monica och OttiliaCrooked Easy4 of 14Stina Pettersson0+1103.63
7/2/2023GKTGotland - Hos Elin och LeoStraight Easy 18 of 11Stina Pettersson1+150.91
7/2/2023GKTGotland - Hos Elin och LeoStraight Easy 23 of 11Stina Pettersson0+041.81 Prize Point
7/1/2023GKTGotland - Hos Elin och LeoCrooked Easy 15 of 11Stina Pettersson2+088.00
7/1/2023GKTGotland - Hos Elin och LeoCrooked Easy 27 of 11Stina Pettersson1+1107.91
6/25/2023MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumCrooked Easy16 of 30Stina Pettersson254.50
6/20/2023MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Easy12 of 24Stina Pettersson2+1101.47
6/18/2023GKHTÄlvkarlebyCrooked Easy14 of 38Stina Pettersson1+194.56
6/17/2023ÖLKHLindesberg - Lindesberg Straight Easy 119 of 22Stina Pettersson530.34
6/17/2023ÖLKHLindesberg - Lindesberg Straight Easy 215 of 18Stina Pettersson435.03
6/11/2023MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumStraight Easy18 of 30Stina Pettersson252.37
6/4/2023MKHEskilstuna - Sundbyholms TravbanaStraight Easy12 of 30Stina Pettersson2+089.30
5/28/2023MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumCrooked Easy16 of 19Michelle Backlund Pikki2+283.56
4/15/2023MKHKöping - Åsta 231Straight Easy 126 of 27Michelle Backlund Pikki779.15
4/15/2023MKHKöping - Åsta 231Straight Easy 220 of 27Michelle Backlund Pikki1105.87

Results in hight jump and long jump


Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing
8/20/2023MKHHallstahammar - MotionscentrumSmultroncupenEasy9 of 18Stina Pettersson199,10

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight4 of 34 (11.76 %)
Personal recordHigh0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

Family tree