Information about rabbit

Name: Anakata
Nick name:
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: Manteltecknad järngrå
Birthday: 8/20/2022
Age: 1 year, 9 month and 8 days
Mother: Ciro´s Never Enough
Father: Björklövets Champagne & Gold
Borrower: -
Handler: -
Owner: (not registered in Skuttli)
Farm - Other union: (Skogsbackens)
Farm name code: -
Union: -
Country Finland
RegNr: -
Straight: Easy
Crooked: Easy
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


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Cup results

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Competition statistics

Personal recordHigh0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

Family tree

(Skogsbackens) Anakata Björklövets Champagne & Gold Taken out of breeding
Mangolds Russian Roulette Tomorrows Black Bust Grenens Gt Ch Flight At Night of Vallmon Mellangårdens Ch Exotic Lasting Have given bite defect
Vallmons Gt Ch Cardinal Activity of Laylock
Trombens Ch Beauty Concrete Trombens All Rise
Ch Hilda Zonett
Mangolds Gt Ch Ljuset i Stormen Stjärnan´s S Ch Caramel Chew Chew Diamonds S Ch Born With Pride
Snöflingans Gt Ch Meet the Feebles
Grenens Enchanted Fairytale Flamencos Gt Ch Ametist
Arrows Queen Divatrix
Björklövets Unbelievable memories of April violets Taken out of breeding
Björklövets Rainbow Dash Silverados Boundin Glädjens Gåtfull
Vargmyrans Taiga
Furans Little Cheerilee Paradisets Cuvée Paradis
Furans Black Arrow of Sylvanas
Regnbågens Fairy Dust Taken out of breeding
Khaos Gt Ch Diamond Blackfan Regnbågens Gt Ch Power of Love
Diamonds S Ch Cherub Of The Mist
Stjärnan´s Radisson Stjärnan´s S Ch Wellington
Trombens Russian Lullaby
Ciro´s Never Enough Løbergs Ch Love Spell Eikhaugen's Gt Ch The Final Detail Gd Ch Jean Paul ?
(Neshagens) Gt Ch Xenta Diamonds Gd Ch Unlimited Talent
(Kløverdalens) Gt Ch In Praise of You
(Fjordgløtts) S Ch Nikosia Av Økdalen (Økdalens) Det Umulige E Mulig Økdalens Bondeknøl
(Fjordgløtts) Fantastic ?
Ciro´s Winner of Eternity Mellangårdens Gt Ch Echo of a Winner Stjärnan´s Ch Spitfire E Nuffe's Gd Ch Lord of the Ring Have given bite defect
Snöflingans Extra Eucalyptus
Tabbens Gt Ch Minas Anor Flamencos Gt Ch Golden Jubilee
S Ch Ecko Red
Snöflingans Ch Filippa K Snöflingans Sebastian K (Backens) Justin Have given bite defect
Stjärnan´s Cherry Garcia
Starlights Barbabelle Starlights State of Play


RabbitBreeding informationSexColorBirthday
(Skogsbackens) Cult of the Dead CowFemaleJärnzobel8/20/2022
(Skogsbackens) Ricochet ChollimaMaleManteltecknad järngrå8/20/2022
(Skogsbackens) TurlaFemaleManteltecknad järngrå8/20/2022
(Skogsbackens) W00w00MaleViltsiames8/20/2022