Bjørkhaugens Tro på mirakler

Information about rabbit

Name: Bjørkhaugens Tro på mirakler
Nick name: Raya
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: Viltblå
Birthday: 11/26/2023
Age: 0 year, 3 month and 7 days
Mother: Germanica's Illianna
Father: Eikhaugen's Lille Mirakel
Borrower: -
Handler: Ronja Bjørnebo
Owner: Ronja Bjørnebo
Farm - NKHF: Bjørkhaugens
Farm name code: -
Union: -
Country Norway
Straight: Easy
Crooked: Easy
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


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Cup results

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Competition statistics

Personal recordHigh0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

Family tree

Bjørkhaugens Tro på mirakler Eikhaugen's Lille Mirakel Winter Soldiers Light Silver Winter Soldiers Paradiso Classico Flamencos Gt Ch Golden Whistler Flamencos Gt Ch Golden Jubilee
SE*Grenens Above The Law
Gt Ch Vinterstorm SE*Grenens Gt Ch Impression of Diamonds
Grenens S Ch Pacifica
Delfino Square Mangolds Ch Love On Line Stjärnan´s S Ch Caramel Chew Chew
Grenens Enchanted Fairytale
SE*Friscos Purley Oaks Major Flip
Regnbågens Gt Ch Dark Shadow
Furukollens Ch Sommeridyll Grenens S Ch Stairway To Heaven Grenens Stairway To Fairyland Flamencos Fantastic Freedom
Grenens Ch Dreamer of Paradise
Mellangårdens Echo Of Stardom SE*Stjärnan´s Ch Spitfire
Tabbens Gt Ch Minas Anor
Eikhaugen's Gd Ch Worth Dying For Grenens S Ch Stairway To Heaven Grenens Stairway To Fairyland
Mellangårdens Echo Of Stardom
Zincerellas S Ch Double Trouble Flamencos Gd Ch Lyckostjärna
Sjökullens Gt Ch Blåklint
Germanica's Illianna (Eikhaugens) Ch Lion King Furukollens S Ch Hakuna Matata. Haugens S Ch True Identity Grenens S Ch Stairway To Heaven
Flamencos Lyckospark
Furukollens Please Please Me Hompetitten's S Ch Magic Words
Regnbågens Angel Dust
Zincerellas S Ch Double Trouble Flamencos Gd Ch Lyckostjärna Silverados Try Me On
Glädjens Min Vilda Lycka
Sjökullens Gt Ch Blåklint SE*Premiärs Yalu
SE*Sjökullens Silent Twilight
Germanica's Gd Ch Lucrezia Skrettebergs Ch Abelone Lamondas S Ch Iota Tandbergs S Ch Fanta Exotic of Linea
Ørehavnas Lyn av Nobless
Snöflingans Flicka Snöflingans Ch Commander Crowe Have given bite defect
Valentinos Tivoli
Germanica's S Ch Rheia Lamondas S Ch Navarino Grenens Hungry For More
(Capios) Glød i Mørket
Skrettebergs No To Magic Mushrooms (Lineas) Noble Warrior
Hompetitten's Ch Key Of Magic


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