Arrows Out of Control

Information about rabbit

Name: Arrows Out of Control
Nick name: Mick
Sex: Female
Breeding information:
Color: Viltgul
Birthday: 8/2/2011
Mother: Arrows Ch Graffiti With Stencil
Father: Flamencos Jaspis
Borrower: -
Handler: Jennifer Wiklund
Owner: Jennifer Wiklund
Farm - SKHRF: Arrows
Farm name code: -
Union: SKHRF
Country Sweden
Deceased: Yes
RegNr: S-9490
Straight: Difficult
Crooked: Moderate - 2 Advancement points
High: Not elite
Long: Not elite
Title: -


Advancement points

Crooked Moderate - 2 st


Straight Moderate - 2 st


Handler log

Previous handlerDate for change
Linnea Jansson5/2/2016

Results in course

12/10/2016Crooked Moderate5 of 12Jennifer Wiklund866.10HäKHIggesund Folkets hus i Hudiksvalls kommun
11/27/2016Crooked Moderate23 of 32Jennifer Wiklund692.56MKHAdventscupen, Ridhus Stora Norrskogen i Ärla i Ärla
11/27/2016Straight Difficult31 of 34Jennifer Wiklund643.50MKHAdventscupen, Ridhus Stora Norrskogen i Ärla i Ärla
7/31/2016Straight DifficultUPLLova MattssonNITULKHÅrsta i Uppsala
7/30/2016Crooked Moderate 1UPLJennifer WiklundNITMKHPensionat Udden, i Baggebro i Skinnskatteberg
7/30/2016Crooked Moderate 2UPLJennifer WiklundNITMKHPensionat Udden, i Baggebro i Skinnskatteberg
6/1/2016Straight Difficult7 of 8Jennifer Wiklund747.35GKHTDalen i Gävle
5/5/2016Crooked Moderate 1UPLJennifer WiklundNITGKHTHögbo bruk i Högbo
5/5/2016Crooked Moderate 2UPLJennifer WiklundNITGKHTHögbo bruk i Högbo
5/1/2016Straight Difficult21 of 24Jennifer Wiklund515.87ACKHStämmotävling, Umeå i Umeå
1/16/2016Crooked Moderate 113 of 31Linnea Jansson566.66ÖKHMotala
1/16/2016Crooked Moderate 216 of 29Linnea Jansson436.53ÖKHMotala
9/13/2015Straight Difficult 19 of 11Linnea Jansson454.81WKHKlubbmästerskap, Sellnäs IP i Borlänge
9/13/2015Straight Difficult 211 of 11Linnea Jansson628.31WKHKlubbmästerskap, Sellnäs IP i Borlänge
9/12/2015Crooked Moderate 17 of 9Linnea Jansson441.78WKHKlubbmästerskap, Sellnäs IP i Borlänge
9/12/2015Crooked Moderate 23 of 8Linnea Jansson2+178.22 Point WKHKlubbmästerskap, Sellnäs IP i Borlänge
8/29/2015Crooked Moderate6 of 18Sandra Eriksson1+258.69MKHÄrla, Eskilstuna
8/23/2015Crooked Moderate3 of 18Linnea Jansson2+295.92 Prize Point VKHGrava, Hynboholm
8/22/2015Straight Difficult-Linnea JanssonÖLKHÖrebro i Örebro
8/1/2015Crooked Moderate7 of 14Linnea Jansson2+282.34ULKHUppsala Län i Uppsala Län
7/30/2015Straight Moderate2 of 16Linnea Jansson0+230.65 Prize Point MKHHallstahammar
7/4/2015Straight Moderate 11 of 11Linnea Jansson0+128.22 Prize Point ÖKHPetersburg i Söderköpring
7/4/2015Straight Moderate 23 of 10Linnea Jansson1+232.38ÖKHPetersburg i Söderköpring
12/20/2014Straight Moderate 110 of 26Linnea Jansson219.94WKHRättvik, Stiernhööksgymnasiets Körhall, KM rakbana
12/20/2014Straight Moderate 212 of 24Linnea Jansson220.46WKHRättvik, Stiernhööksgymnasiets Körhall, KM rakbana
8/17/2014Straight Moderate 111 of 14Linnea Jansson237.78WKHNya Dala Expo - Rommehedslägret, Borlänge
8/17/2014Straight Moderate 210 of 14Linnea Jansson324.88WKHNya Dala Expo - Rommehedslägret, Borlänge
8/16/2014Crooked Easy7 of 17Linnea Jansson0+361.56WKHNya Dala Expo - Rommehedslägret, Borlänge

Results in hight jump and long jump


Cup results

DateClubLocationCupClass typePlacingHandlerPointsPlacing

Competition statistics

AwardsCrooked/Straight4 of 28 (14.29 %)
Personal recordHigh0 cm
Personal recordLong0 cm

Family tree